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10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating!

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  • Trending 10
    Trending 102 year agoHey guys! be sure to drop a like if you enjoyed the video, and join the notification squad to NEVER miss another video from us :D thanks, love you all
  • gage bowen
    gage bowen2 year ago"cheating is never fun", did you not play san Andreas
  • Ash tray
    Ash tray1 year agoI honestly don't have a problem with cheating outside of online content. You should be able to enjoy the offline content however you wish
  • GieniuMen
    GieniuMen1 year agoWhy should I like the video before I watch it?
  • jay barbour
    jay barbour1 year agoThe god of cows looks suprisingly like a Death claw
  • Julian Uccetta
    Julian Uccetta1 year agoWhat the hell is wrong with cheating in a single player game?
  • ChainZ
    ChainZ1 year agoCheating in singleplayer mode shouldnยดt be punished, but cheaters in multiplayer games should be punished as if satan himself was the one who gives the penalty.
  • Caio Pontes
    Caio Pontes1 year agoHow exactly is "humiliating" a player in a single player game worthy of exposition?
  • Robert Flores
    Robert Flores1 year agoThese creators wanted some fun when dealing with cheaters.
  • Comrade Chiken
    Comrade Chiken1 year agoPeople in India would love to have a cow god
  • ninja of fire
    ninja of fire1 year agoCheating shouldn't be Punished for single player, but multiplayer games make sense .
  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh2 year agoi don't mind single player cheats when people take stuff online though that's where its bs
  • Oldtimer Powers
    Oldtimer Powers1 year ago"Before we begin, make sure to like the video." No, that's not how liking something works.
  • Sikossu Mad
    Sikossu Mad1 year agoI think in single player cheating is k.once you buy the game you should can play how you wish...
  • Jude Austine
    Jude Austine7 months agoTo me cheating in singleplayer adds the fun especially if you already beat the game without cheating in the first hand ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Keve Teller
    Keve Teller7 months agoYou barely show any of the things you're talking about. Is it that hard to get some real footage?
  • Petter Eliseussen
    Petter Eliseussen1 year ago"But before we begin, make sure to like the video" Should we not watch the video FIRST before we decide if we like it? If we have any integrity at all i mean..
  • Yarmoth
    Yarmoth7 months ago"Cheating isn't so much fun when EVERYONE you're playing with is doing it" mmmmm.....I actually think that's tons of fun xD
  • Nicolas GGEZ
    Nicolas GGEZ6 months agoI now farm the cow King ty developers
  • Admin Uptonco
    Admin Uptonco1 year agoI honestly do not see the problem with it as long as it is in single player mode. It's your game so play however you want! if you buy a book and what to skip a few pages then you do.
  • Furryfreedomgaming 2018
    Furryfreedomgaming 201810 hours agoGuys... I saw a company symbol that was two Legend Of Zelda triangle symbol things.
  • Hal Effect
    Hal Effect2 year ago"playing only with other cheaters" that's not a punishment. that's Bloody amazing!
  • Soyyz
    Soyyz7 months agoHow is blowing up cars in gta consider cheating?!?!
  • Twisted World
    Twisted World1 year agoEhm, wait... what? "BEFORE we begin, like the video"? Why the F would I "like a video" I haven't even watched yet?! You know what's going to happen now, right?
  • Hunt3r12
    Hunt3r123 days agocongrats on 10 mill vids ... Everyone sub!
  • Evortus
    Evortus6 months agoTitanfall was released in 2014, not 2011.
  • Dan Petsch
    Dan Petsch1 year agoEncountered the cow king while getting a trophy in Hearts of Stone dlc. He met the same fate as the cows before him
  • ProwTheGamer
    ProwTheGamer7 months agoI saw a person with a Dunce Cap and it made me laugh. (8/5/18)
  • Lego Man
    Lego Man1 year agoFirst one was the best xD
  • clinton sherry
    clinton sherry13 days agoFor witcher I was just trying to get food lol and here comes this monster. Lol
  • Tanizakii
    Tanizakii6 months agoSuper Monkey Ball Super Nice Try My life explained.
  • Ric M
    Ric M2 year agoI'm gonna try and summon the cow god now
  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams1 year agoidk why people care so much about single player cheating.
  • Manny Davis
    Manny Davis3 days agoRobot rock in the background ๐Ÿ™
  • Lord Scats
    Lord Scats1 year agoExcuse me but, is that robot rock im hearing in the background? Thats fantastic
  • Ed Shaw
    Ed Shaw7 months agoPlease pay ยฃ79.99 to feel the wrath of EA
  • celeste821
    celeste8214 months agoPeople talking about the dev's feelings smh sounds like a god complex if they are concerned what you do when you buy it. Imagine Chevrolet hunting you down because you supped up a truck after you brought it, its called aftermarket items smh
  • itz Bear
    itz Bear5 months agoCome on gta BADSPORT has to do with tryhards
  • Blackfalk
    Blackfalk1 year agolol @ Slenderman breaking the 4th wall brilliant
  • Sparky
    Sparky7 months agoquality content with 8 bit robot rock heres a subbage
  • Rimantas Dulka
    Rimantas Dulka1 year agoW8 dude what's the point o fhumiliating cheaters in CAMPAIGN SINGLEPLAYER games ._.
  • Kent Karlstrom
    Kent Karlstrom8 months agoHey man, love this video and love your voice. Keep up the good work!
  • Anol Kar
    Anol Kar7 months ago*UR VOICE IS DEEEEP*
  • Desiree Kabwe
    Desiree Kabwe2 months agoWho's here before 10M
  • Tran Quoc Hoi
    Tran Quoc Hoi1 year agothat actually not that true because some is very entertaining for some game
  • Sterling Wilson
    Sterling Wilson1 year agopaying to win also kills the fun.
  • 666 Noel
    666 Noel3 months ago*Litterly Just Exploited In ROBLOX*
  • Afun Bunny
    Afun Bunny3 days agoI was accused of cheating/hacking/quitting etc. from nothing and saying it was players when the hardware was giving them up. No apology for liars! memory is memory and is not on any computer or system.
  • Anthony Harness
    Anthony Harness1 months agodunce caps really not for cheating though.
  • Dronzee Fpv
    Dronzee Fpv1 year agoDunce cap//lobby isnt just for cheaters