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Funny Vines Viral Challenge Video Fails Compilation | May & June 2018

by Dumb Genius9.836.985 views

Dumb Genius (we used to be The Best Vines!) Presents the funniest viral challenges and viral fails compilation featuring the best viral Instagram & Facebook Videos of the week from May and June 2018! Check out more Try Not To Laugh Compilations ► Check out more Beyond The Vine Compilations ► Subscribe for more Dumb Genius ►

  • Dragon Inserts
    Dragon Inserts5 days agoAt 1:20 no one told me it was sleepy time
  • Steve Hurley
    Steve Hurley10 hours agoI'm loving how smart that chimp is, I mean I know they're smart but that's crazy. Obviously learned the pointing from human behaviour but just the fact man..
  • Nevaeh Gardner
    Nevaeh Gardner1 months ago2:04 ThIs DuDe iS wEaRiNg a FloAtEr WhEn IcE iS gOiNg On tOp Of YoU
  • GurraXD XD
    GurraXD XD11 months agoLike=respect for this Guy 1:16
  • Victoria Le
  • Eevee Player girl
    Eevee Player girl6 days ago1:16 OML THAT S NOT EVEN FUNNY Hope he is ok 4:32 HOW IS THAT FUNNY?! ;/
  • Landan Pruitt
    Landan Pruitt2 days ago2:14 why does the girl have floaty‘s on
  • Manuela Ramirez
    Manuela Ramirez1 year ago8:10 when we have school. Like if you agree
  • Carlos Alvarez
    Carlos Alvarez2 months ago1:15 is super scary. Like if you are worried about this guy I hope HE'S OK
  • Yechan Jeong
    Yechan Jeong1 year agoWell Genius is spelled wrong...... 4:29 What an a**hole. Does he not know the dangers of pushing a car which is at high speeds? No, I guess not. And he didn't even stop, just kept on going.
  • Jt Francisco
    Jt Francisco21 days ago{\_/} (●×●) / >🍌\
  • Supreme Trapz
    Supreme Trapz1 year ago3:40 omg the baby
  • Carlos Manuel Urbina Villanueva
    Carlos Manuel Urbina Villanueva2 days agoAmi did not give me laughter the video
  • Christopher Astle
    Christopher Astle2 days agoGrranny the first to know that the new one of those things, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will
  • Cami Free Fire
    Cami Free Fire1 months ago1:16 I'm cry😫
  • Marius Aur
    Marius Aur1 months agoThat guy does not know how to drive like he hit the motorcycle and then flipped a expensive car and his was like 2 💷
  • EliteAnton TV Ff
    EliteAnton TV Ff8 days agoThe best video was at 2:10
  • Manuela Ramirez
    Manuela Ramirez1 year ago5:30 when teacher said there is no school. Like if you agree
  • demons corner
    demons corner1 year ago6:15 that's how lonely he was
  • Niki-lemon juicy
    Niki-lemon juicy3 days ago1:17 I KNEW IT
  • Miles Z
    Miles Z4 months agoThis is click bait, this video was made in 2017
  • Mario Fan2018
    Mario Fan20185 months ago0:07 The Girl With Chair: Bart Boy: Homer
  • lexie_starlight the Abby Golden heart
    lexie_starlight the Abby Golden heart1 year ago3:20 I laughed while crying with onions being cut
  • true ArcticWolf
    true ArcticWolf1 year ago4:38 the biker just pulled a hit and run
  • Grayon Claiborne
    Grayon Claiborne7 months ago1:51 why is she wearing floaties
  • XxXmillieXxX MSP
    XxXmillieXxX MSP17 days agoU said funny viral How is it funny that the man got hit by a giant shovel
  • Challenge Hero
    Challenge Hero11 months agoYou should try doing challenges in LIVE streaming with our new app CHALLENGE HERO
  • Yt Raff
    Yt Raff2 months ago6:27 hahahaha
  • Nate A
    Nate A1 year ago6:31 LITERALLY THE BEST SUPER HERO EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sarita la loca del coño XD
    Sarita la loca del coño XD1 days ago18:44
  • Julieta Diaz Garcia barrio
    Julieta Diaz Garcia barrio1 year agoWe need you Mark 😭
    BACON FOR LIFE YO DAB22 days ago2:08 she got knocked the f out
  • Jay_96
    Jay_963 months ago0:20 Sooo were gonna ignore him getting eaten.
  • LOL__ wolfy
    LOL__ wolfy1 year ago1:10 OMG IS HE OKAY 😫😱😱BUT ITS KIND OF FUNNY THO....😯
  • Mia Salgado
    Mia Salgado8 days ago6:29 OH MAH GOD I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Liquid Demonz13
    Liquid Demonz137 months agoMay & June 2018 Published date: 2017 What kind of shittery is dis
  • Toy Mangle
    Toy Mangle1 months ago1:10 o my gash Ughhh Ahhhh Awwww A you okay?
  • Gåchå Sweetpea
    Gåchå Sweetpea1 months ago1:15 when the scooper gets you If you watch fnaf then u would know
  • Anneh Anneh
    Anneh Anneh1 year agoI feel so bad for the chimp xD He seems so friendly ;-; Poor chimp 1 like= 1 dew
  • Chromatic Element
    Chromatic Element1 year agoOh, Mr. Darwin, if only your evolutionary theory applied today.
  • Marie_The_Raccon
    Marie_The_Raccon6 months agoI'm dead 🤣🤣🤣
  • Neptune Flower
    Neptune Flower1 months agoLegend says shes still stuck to this day 9:17
  • Pastel Unicorn
    Pastel Unicorn23 days ago{\_/} ( ●×●) / >🍡\
    MEL INA1 year ago6:22 best dab ever xD
    BLAZE LET2 months ago9.03 they sound like a clock ticking😂
  • Cassandra Rivera69
    Cassandra Rivera697 months agowhen u see Michael Jackson 10:21 XD saying oh hell na
  • Christian Banks
    Christian Banks7 days ago9:30 you know his head heart😂😂😂
  • David Gibson
    David Gibson1 year agoThe first video of this made me laugh sooo hard.😂😂
  • The Alixer
    The Alixer5 months agoTo much ice bucket and floor is lava.
  • I'mstuckinlastyear
    I'mstuckinlastyear1 year ago7:16 "Look at all this water" Kinda reminds me of that kid sayin' "Look at all those CHICKENS ;D"