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Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails Compilation November 2018 #1 - Co Vines✔

by Co Vines6.271.705 views

Try Not To Laugh Watching the best Animal Fails Compilation of America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV) November 2018 Part 1. Enjoy!!! Please SUBSCRIBE For More Funny Vines Best Vines Playlist Solo vine compilation Facebook Twitter

  • Sophie Wooldridge
    Sophie Wooldridge3 months agoThe Pitbull on the stairs is me on Monday mornings.
  • Dad ّ
    Dad ّ2 days ago4:49 was that the dog screaming or the guy laughing?
  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon3 months ago0:34 Good girl!! Bad girl!! 😂😅😅
    A.B. BACILIO2 months ago4:47 I thought when the girl fell on top of the dog I thought that the dog was screaming but it was just a laugh that can formt he cameraman Edit: omg thanks for the likes I never get anything more than 1 with is myself
  • loveliii gacha cookie
    loveliii gacha cookie4 months agothat was the first time I saw a donkey stand up 😐😮
  • janie lou johnson
    janie lou johnson3 months agobest part is rooster playing with ball
  • David Jett
    David Jett3 months agoThe squirrel at the end was like: "dude, you need an education."
  • MayTheGamer 12
    MayTheGamer 121 days ago0:35 why does she look worried when she hears “good girl”?
  • bose johnson
    bose johnson3 months agothat chicken plays ball quite well..
  • Nathalie Desrosiers
    Nathalie Desrosiers3 days agoIt's not "a chicken having fun kicking a ball", it's a ROOSTER trying to get rid of the ENEMY!
    SHA- ANGEL7 days ago1:53 Dog: Not only humans we can be lazy as well😆😂
  • Ujjwal Sinha
    Ujjwal Sinha1 days agoBlack dogs??!!.. it may be a doberman,, no.. and white one on the back may be a labrador or an golden retriever one..??!!
  • Dylan's World
    Dylan's World3 days agoLove your video my new friend. Awesome 👍🏼🔔❤️
  • Pinksarjohn307 success2win
    Pinksarjohn307 success2win1 days agoAhhh...I love tat blonde ;)
  • Gleb
    Gleb4 months ago1:53 Me going to work in the morning. 6:26 Me at work trying to meet the deadline.
  • XxxMusicLoverAndMaker xxX
    XxxMusicLoverAndMaker xxX4 months ago4:47-4:53 did you see after the girl tripped and the guy left she put up the middle finger right before the clip finished? Classic 😂
  • kitty62862
    kitty628622 months agoThe squirrel 😂 Backwards up the stairs 😂😂 Stealing Grandma’s wig 😂😂😂😂❤️
  • Jacob Lobato
    Jacob Lobato2 days ago4:30 (dogs)we must dunk the human in the water to test if it's safe to go in jumps on humans back (human)get off my back I'm gonna fall in (dog)That's the point now fall human (human)ah! I'm slipping off the diving board (dog)come on walks more to the edge of the board fall human (human)falls face first into the water
  • Shanice Menye
    Shanice Menye2 days ago5;40 classic cat taking a bath 😂😂
  • easytoslip
    easytoslip4 months ago5:56 H E L P H I M
  • A i
    A i3 months ago3:46 that chicken is an athlete for sure 😂😂😂
  • Moanastasia Zaifan
    Moanastasia Zaifan23 days ago5:21 me when I'm trying to do my handstand but then I just go everywhere.
  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost3 months ago4:30 - *_nOt ClIcKbAiT._*
  • Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts
    Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts4 months agoThat squirrel though. Fearless!
  • Greta Marchese
    Greta Marchese1 days ago5:52 Me on Monday morning
  • Tiffany Benson
    Tiffany Benson3 months agoI do not like cats at all...but that was pretty wicked to laugh while it fell down 2 flights of stairs with its head stuck in a box! Funny video otherwise 🤣
  • froggirl101640 Magic
    froggirl101640 Magic3 months ago8:55 tho XD the stick toooooo big
  • Tanya Spence
    Tanya Spence26 days agothe dog at 1:17, holly shit :-D 8:05, hey he found a better way up, no one ever said you needed to go up head first.
  • Josh Gardie
    Josh Gardie1 months agoThat chicken kicking the ball has better skills than Adam Lallana lol
  • Elias Kühnert
    Elias Kühnert2 months agoYou should name it "funny animal fails (99% dogs)"
  • Keely Ford-Blackwell
    Keely Ford-Blackwell2 months agoChallenge definitely failed. I'm crying 😂😂
  • Jay T
    Jay T17 days ago8:20 "you might SMOTHERCATE!" that made me laugh the hardest in this video
  • freshencounter
    freshencounter1 months agoThe chicken!! 🐓 ❤️
  • Camila Serafim Costa
    Camila Serafim Costa1 months agoNossa mais eles vê que vai da merda e da..... Que do neném o do gato.
  • franta smutny
    franta smutny9 hours agoUmíte se také radovat ze života jako ta zvířátka?
  • *.*Gacha Toast*.*
    *.*Gacha Toast*.*1 months ago2:03 How I feel on a Monday morning 😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣
  • Jollibee Delivery
    Jollibee Delivery3 days agocheers to animal lover
  • Jenna Parker
    Jenna Parker3 months agoI'm crying🤣🤣 but only at like two or three of them
  • Pusheen cokie cat
    Pusheen cokie cat2 months ago1:56 when you don't want to go school
  • Julie Kruger
    Julie Kruger6 days agoWhat a great video. Very funny. Made my day
  • Luke L
    Luke L2 hours ago2:31 “Side control.” - Joe Rogan
  • lORREIGN365
    lORREIGN36512 hours agoDarn I am laughing... I don't laugh at funny human disaster videos
  • F&T Animal
    F&T Animal11 days ago*This dunky is just phenomenal! I'm laughing myself silly 😆*
  • Jaycee plays
    Jaycee plays7 days ago1.00 OMG THE DOG SNACHED HER WEAVE LMAO
  • AH #horselover101
    AH #horselover1013 months agothe cats r the funniest
  • the twins
    the twins4 months agoPuppy: it smelled bad in there😐 0:21
  • Nabre Labre
    Nabre Labre12 days agoI bet those dogs with their heads in the pipes think they're running down a never ending hallway
  • Asutosh ray
    Asutosh ray3 months ago10:14 The squirrel is actually having fun byvm seeing the dog make a fool of himself
  • Elder Legends
    Elder Legends2 months ago8:24 Don't stay in there to long you might smothercate? LOL!!!
  • Maria Santina Barros
    Maria Santina Barros3 months agoQue delicia ne? Poderiamos todos viver assim felizes com.o.pouco q tem...brincando e respeitando os nossos animais q sao fantasticos. 💕💕💕