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1 HOUR of Funny Cat & Cute Kittens Fail Videos - Funny Kitty Cat Video April 2015

by 1HourCompilations9.025.123 views

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  • Dayhana
    Dayhana3 year agoIf my cat was in the snow just walking towards me extremly deep in the snow,I would pick her up,take her back inside and cuddle up in a blanket and watch cat videos
  • Gabriela Johnson
    Gabriela Johnson1 year agomy cat died today so plz like if u love cats
  • Kayte Omariez
    Kayte Omariez2 year agoSome of these were really good, others were a bit cruel towards the poor cat/s
  • Dat Cat
    Dat Cat2 year agoKitty's for LIFE. WHOS WITH ME!!!
  • Catscott 2920
    Catscott 29202 year agoMy least favorite part is the men laughing at the cat falling in the water
  • Simon Buckley
    Simon Buckley2 year ago3:56 why are they laughing? the cat is probably hurt and freezing, and they're just standing there laughing like idiots! I mean, everyone would at least chuckle at first, but then who wouldn't stop the cat from getting MORE wet and MORE hurt... I'm sorry I love animals XD
  • WiFi Warlock
    WiFi Warlock2 year agoI believe you owe me 7 minutes and 9 secomds of cat videos.
  • Rebecca Corley
    Rebecca Corley1 year agoKittens r the cutest!!!!!!! I'm not gonna get any likes so I'll like my own comment...
  • Taylor D
    Taylor D2 year agoThese cats are probably thinking u guys are asses
  • Pending Rebranding
    Pending Rebranding2 year agoLog 1: The victims appear to have been watching 3-4 hours of cat videos, Appears to be suffering from cuteness overload.
  • J S
    J S2 year agoA lot of it was cats being scared, which may be fun for some to watch, but stressful on the animal, which is a form of cruelty.
  • dolls forever 101 dolls forever 101
    dolls forever 101 dolls forever 1012 year agoThe one with the cat jumping and then falling in the warter those people should NOT! Be laughing they should help it! I'm veary sensitive about cats
  • xHwiyoungx
    xHwiyoungx1 year agowanna know what's sad. I watched the whole thing
  • Mangle The Fox
    Mangle The Fox2 year ago1 hour??? its 52 minutes! but very funny
  • Lazy Cxndy
    Lazy Cxndy2 year agoMost of this is animal abuse! >:(
  • Ashleyplays
    Ashleyplays1 year agoPoor black kitten 😖
    NICE TRY2 days agoyou have got to be kidding me.........a cat swimming??? my one never did that feat.
  • WøłfýĐřâğøňğıřł Hybridgirl
    WøłfýĐřâğøňğıřł Hybridgirl6 months ago∂σ уσυ ωαииα киσω ωнσ'ѕ вєαυтιfυℓ? яєα∂ тнє 2и∂ ℓєтттєя
  • XxJJ _WilliamsXx
    XxJJ _WilliamsXx2 year ago8:04 the poor cat is saying no and you still doing it
  • GlacialWolf
    GlacialWolf2 year agothe best part is when therr is the cat
  • TomGoGamer HD
    TomGoGamer HD1 year agoWhen the doctor Says you have only 1 hour left to live Me:.........
  • Carissa
    Carissa1 year agoOk spill it, what are you here to forget? Mine's Alan Rickman's death
  • Erasablemedal8
    Erasablemedal82 year agoAnyone else here after watching something really scary?
  • Eric Baronikian
    Eric Baronikian2 year ago2:37 mail yourself challenge
  • zeynep sorguc
    zeynep sorguc11 hours agoI love this thing❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰
  • Ghost in Pajamas
    Ghost in Pajamas2 year ago12:23 awwwwwwww! So cute!
  • Austin Bouliane
    Austin Bouliane1 year agoLimp Bizkit mad this 1000x times better.
  • Shyne Hickey
    Shyne Hickey1 year agoI'm sitting with my kitty and watching his sibling died
  • Joyce Veysey-Henderson
    Joyce Veysey-Henderson9 months agothis video is really funny this is the best video You Ever Had
  • Deborah Norris
    Deborah Norris3 days ago1:24 Please don't hair-dry your cats or kittens, the heat coming from them can cause the animal to overheat since it's fur is already warm, and it can cause them really bad stress. 3:49 That's just animal cruelty. These people can't even be bothered to help the poor cat, but instead get it on video for a few laughs. Definitely don't deserve to own a cat.
  • Chachi Roman
    Chachi Roman1 year agoThis is not an hour
  • Lol Lord Snot Head Kitten
    Lol Lord Snot Head Kitten2 year agoIt's cruel to laugh at a cat almost drowning in water
  • Gamma Light
    Gamma Light2 year agoWAY TOO MANY UPSET / MISTREATED CATS!!
  • jeff the mushroom im a cow
    jeff the mushroom im a cow2 year agoi like when the cats going to take a shower and he says no no no noo
  • A random Youtuber
    A random Youtuber1 year agoDoctor:you have exactly fifty minutes and 51 seconds to live. Me: watches this video
  • Celeste Barrett
    Celeste Barrett1 year agoYup. As always. Another compilation of funny cat videos gone viral.
  • Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor2 year ago2041 dislikes?! Is that possible?! What universe is this!!
  • felix markowski
    felix markowski1 year agowitam dziękuję za odcinek. super filmik o kociach: )
  • Ibrahim Farrukh
    Ibrahim Farrukh1 months ago2:50 let it do it's business 😂 Lol it's like "yea, get out"
  • Toaster Man studio
    Toaster Man studio1 months agoBlood is red Water is blue I like cats What about you?
  • Anna Marcil
    Anna Marcil2 year agoTHIS IS WHAT I CALL PERFECTION.......... cats ^_^
  • Shipping Miefwa
    Shipping Miefwa2 year ago#7: 11 tip number 1) PANIC
  • Parker The Potato
    Parker The Potato2 year agoI should be sleeping but instead I watched this,Glad I've got my life choices figured out 👍👍
  • ItzaG
    ItzaG2 year agoCats=lyfe Dogs=Nah fam
  • Chill Memes
    Chill Memes2 year agoWho else watched something super scary and now can only be cleansed by cat videos?
  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter
    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter2 year agoThat taxidermy cat scene, was so hilarious. Man them cat"s split, when he moved it. That scene was my favorite,
  • nib buy
    nib buy4 months ago7:44 cat:uhh...what ıs that? *somethıng lıke food comes out of nowhere* cat: *NANI*
  • Zidan Saleh
    Zidan Saleh2 year agoThe cat got lightsabers
  • BrambleTakato
    BrambleTakato2 year ago14:43 I thought this was Scourge from warriors for a second.
  • Anika
    Anika3 year agoThe one with the black cat falling in the tub of water im sorry but its NOT funny to me. I feel like the cat was drowning