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PUBG: Top 20 LONG SHOT Moments

by Dusty Battlegrounds142.535 views

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  • Aaron Cha
    Aaron Cha6 months ago01:46 If an intense shot was presented by Shroud, then that’s kind of a normal thing since we all know there’s aimbot built-in when God create Shroud.
  • Josef Janhuba
    Josef Janhuba5 months ago3:03 you killed chocotaco ...!!!
    PUBG THE SUBG4 months agoWhy bro why the hell did u put the video in the center couldn't see the last does not make any sense.i disliked.
  • Gaming Warehouse
    Gaming Warehouse6 months agoWhy would you put the video right on top of the screen we couldn't see the last shot.....😐😐
  • Kibik
    Kibik1 months ago2:36 *Shroud makes an headshot of like 700m in one single shot* *Shroud* : "He's dead."
  • Rainbo W ghost
    Rainbo W ghost4 months ago6:46 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Marek Holotňák
    Marek Holotňák24 days ago7:03 NO WAY! this will be allways my favourite (sorry for my trash english im from slovakia)
  • F23 HeaDShoT Jor ForPUBG-ի մոդերատոր
    F23 HeaDShoT Jor ForPUBG-ի մոդերատոր4 days agoYeah!!HeaDShoT!!
  • Hey Yatno
    Hey Yatno2 months ago7:04 Wow best q like plz if u read it
  • Player dz
    Player dz6 months agoI'm the #1
  • Warning Laz
    Warning Laz2 months agomy profile awm show #pubgmobile
  • Muhammad Syauqi
    Muhammad Syauqi3 months agoIf you wonder the song: Lost Sky - Dreams
    SUPER HACKERS6 months agoI 'm the 3
  • EarlGaming
    EarlGaming3 months ago3:43 Song name?
    GOUDRU KOTRA GOUD4 months ago7:05 The most legendary shot till now in PUBG !
  • nain agarwal
    nain agarwal3 months agoBrother give me the background song link
  • karre khan gamer
    karre khan gamer6 months agoBro can tell me the name of tha 1st song plz
  • Green Beast
    Green Beast15 minutes agoHACKO MODE
  • EarlGaming
    EarlGaming3 months ago3:43 Song Name?
  • Jackson Larson
    Jackson Larson1 months agoFor the love of god put a shot meter in this game for each kill at a distance..
  • MartinX_
    MartinX_11 days ago3:21 i dont see the guy
  • Kristian Thorsen
    Kristian Thorsen1 months agoI CANT SEE THE LAST SHOT
  • Andreas Eleftheriou
    Andreas Eleftheriou6 months agoNice video bro
  • PUBG best movements
    PUBG best movements2 months ago7.04 is awsome
  • Abdul Kalam
    Abdul Kalam6 months agoWere is shroud's channel of gameplay?
  • Felipe SALVO
    Felipe SALVO3 months ago4:20 was easy, anybody could have...
  • Pardo 1317
    Pardo 13171 months agoNice vid but wtf with that awful music
  • Moon Light
    Moon Light1 months agoมีคนไทยด้วยไอสัส
  • r Early
    r Early6 months agoWhat is name background sound..can you tell me..please
  • Kevin Diaz Pramono
    Kevin Diaz Pramono5 months agoShroud is so calmm
  • PUBG best movements
    PUBG best movements2 months ago8:00 nice
  • SA Gamer
    SA Gamer2 months ago1:50 see why shrould is god of pubg
  • Muhterem Erdoğan
    Muhterem Erdoğan6 months ago05:34 Twitch channel wtcN
    HAMWAN PEKAWAIN1 months ago#1:51 naic kill
  • no name
    no name2 months agoIntro song
  • Nika Afakidze
    Nika Afakidze3 months agowhat woloand pc ?
  • random thing
    random thing6 months agoFirst
  • J Paul Bismarck
    J Paul Bismarck6 months agoI am 2
  • Mel Gar
    Mel Gar6 months agochoco taco,ninja and shroud are the best
  • pubg pakiju
    pubg pakiju2 months agoThis is nothing
  • plkyv
    plkyv6 months agoThis just encouraged me to upload my long shot. None of these are as difficult as mines.
  • Göksu Deniz
    Göksu Deniz10 days agoWhat
  • hemn king
    hemn king2 months agoكورد
  • Gergi NightHawk
    Gergi NightHawk6 months ago10
  • chase pomeroy
    chase pomeroy6 months agohi
  • MB&LB Brothers
    MB&LB Brothers6 months agoPlease whats name of a song
  • KacchaN Aquarius
    KacchaN Aquarius4 months agoWhat is name this music?
  • Green Blood
    Green Blood6 months agosiiiiiii p0meeelooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Jonathan Becerra
    Jonathan Becerra6 months ago00:37 best one don’t even try to @ me
  • Raşit Reş
    Raşit Reş3 months agoağla oç