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Fat People Funny Fail Compilation

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Funny fat people fail compilation video, best of funny fat people --------------- If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email "[email protected]" or the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! ☎ CONTACT US: #fatpeople #fatfail #fails

  • Just Funny Videos
    Just Funny Videos1 year ago*NEW Video Is Up !!* Enjoy :D
  • Sacred Sin
    Sacred Sin1 year agoMost of these just make me sad. To be so overweight that performing a simple task like getting out of a car is that difficult, it's just very depressing. I hope these people find healthier methods of living. P.S. The only thing that made me angry was that guy trying to mount the horse. The poor thing was obviously struggling under his weight. Its legs looked like they were about to give out. Don't get on a horse if you're that heavy. It's cruel.
  • Brianna Sowells
    Brianna Sowells2 months agoI felt bad for the horse and not the guy. He deserved to be thrown off
  • Abowyer640
    Abowyer6403 months agoThe horse one isn't funny because horses can feel every movement you make on them, and if you pull on the saddle or put to much weight on one side, it twists their back. He should have had a horse big enough to carry him, and he should have used a mounting stand around the same height of the horse. I don't blame the horse for throwing him off.
  • V M
    V M4 months agoJump off a roof, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Old _Fools _Gold
    Old _Fools _Gold4 months ago7:05 I’m dead 😂
  • king Reyes
    king Reyes2 year agoThe poor horse was terrified with all that weight, arrest him for animal cruelty....
  • Urban Arielle
    Urban Arielle1 months agoAmerica in a nutshell
  • Jaylai Johnson
    Jaylai Johnson3 months ago0:10 her wig hahah I’m weak 😂
  • Rhyzan 04
    Rhyzan 044 months ago0:17 wig SNATCHED
  • RobloxFanDude
    RobloxFanDude2 months ago1:45 I heard the bone crack
  • Far Kit
    Far Kit2 year agowhy would one record themselves trying to sing on a table
  • Flat Cat
    Flat Cat3 months agoSerious question- How does one manage to break a trampoline?
  • cleanview70
    cleanview703 months ago8:08 the two ( e-scooter & wheelchair ) giving the middle finger priceless
  • okay marylou
    okay marylou4 months agoPoor horse :(
  • Ivan Chino
    Ivan Chino3 months ago7:04 I was dying🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
    VICTORIA ZINCZUK1 year agoI think it would be safer if the horse got on his back
  • Madison Zelin
    Madison Zelin4 months agoBy watching these types of video, I just realize that wow people r rllyy fricking dumb.
  • Dana Elona
    Dana Elona2 months ago7:32 animal abuse
  • lit chris
    lit chris4 months agoI feel bad for the horse
  • Crispy Skeleton
    Crispy Skeleton2 months agoWhy you shouldn't underestimate gravity
  • Yzzami
    Yzzami1 year agoIf you weigh so much that you break things like chairs, trampolines, and even beds so easily ; then that needs to be a sign
  • Tyflow
    Tyflow3 months agoYou know what they say, the fatter you are, the harder you fall
    MAZIA FLIPS3 months ago3:01 WTF was you thinkin???
  • tubez4321
    tubez43213 months agoSome people are so fat, they: 1) Literally cannot fit through "normal" sized spaces, like that dude on the boat. 2) Accidentally break and bend things which would be OK if a non-fat person handled it, like trampolines, chairs, beds and fences 3) Need electric wheelchairs to go even short distances 4) Get winded going up one flight of stairs 5) Have a lot more health problems which would go away if they just lost some weight. Not trying to be mean here, but what is there to gain by being obese? Why not just work towards shedding it? It's helpful to the fat person and inspirational to others when it happens.
  • Trina Lopez
    Trina Lopez3 months agoThat's a cheapass bed if it broke like that😂😂😂
  • Night Raven
    Night Raven1 year agoI'm overweight and I find this to be absolutely hilarious! I'm aware of what I can and cannot do because of my weight. These people obviously don't...
  • Phoenix Grimm
    Phoenix Grimm3 months agoMan when you can't do just..normal being a human things. Like hopping over something below knee level, getting onto a boat, using common objects without risking destroying them if it doesn't go great. Weirdly it takes far less physical effort to NOT eat, but people would rather get a very brief 20 second long dopamine rush several times a day and buy pre-cooked food that takes far less effort than cope with anxiety, depression, or not admitting there is an underlying serious life problem.
    BLTNBROS2 months ago8:55 definitely the funniest
  • Ginger Tea
    Ginger Tea2 months agoYep I’m going to go run for half an hour now and diet.
  • Janelle Gallegos
    Janelle Gallegos4 months ago0:16 *IF U NEVER LEAP U WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO FLY*
  • Maria Gabrielle B M Barcelos.
    Maria Gabrielle B M Barcelos.2 year ago7:34 poor horse
  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour3 months ago2:43 F
  • LiquidGaming Wazzup
    LiquidGaming Wazzup4 months ago7:05.... i am terrified
  • Dimitrije04
    Dimitrije042 months agoGuys guys Japan gets enough earthquakes as it is they don't need more!!!
  • ffairlane57
    ffairlane574 months agoFat and dumb is no way to go through life.
  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy2 year agolol that dude didn't go over the fence he made the fence go under him
  • Silverado4x4
    Silverado4x43 days agoThat womans mating call was scary
  • I'll see you In Disneyland!
    I'll see you In Disneyland!1 days agoHands that rocks the cradle...HA-HA!!
    NARWA13 hours agoI propose a bill to be passed into Law enforcing mandatory physics classes for all persons 200lbs or more.
  • Demarcus Baldwin
    Demarcus Baldwin1 months agoHow dumb are you to jump into a fire?
  • sonic20681
    sonic206811 year agoI'm fat too and watch these to feel good about myself
  • Lemondude Doge
    Lemondude Doge1 months ago2019 anyone also 0:10 she crashed like a meteor
  • vybez Yt
    vybez Yt3 days agoThe 2nd one had me dying🤣
  • Its Bionikal
    Its Bionikal2 months ago2:30 Fortnite Creative mode death rails
  • loukia994
    loukia9944 months agoΑυτό ο χοντρομπαλάς που πάει να ανέβει πάνω στο καημένο το άλογο δεν το λυπάται ? Αλλά καλά του εκανε στο τέλος του βλάκα
  • Talha K
    Talha K2 year agoThat guy trying to get on the horse really pissed me off. Don't let an innocent animal suffer because you're too lazy to take care of yourself. I'm glad it threw him off.
  • Unknown Terror48
    Unknown Terror482 months agoWhen u get punched really hard 0:15
  • Bryla Elliott
    Bryla Elliott3 months agoAt 3:15 I was like wtf!!!!!!!!
  • Giovanni Bazan 44
    Giovanni Bazan 443 months ago0:12 ANAANANANANANA *procides to get launched*