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Lioz Shem Tov: Comedy Magician 'Telekinesis' Auditions America's Got Talent 2018

by Len Ken2.474.558 views

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  • Cookie Sunbun
    Cookie Sunbun6 months agoHere's the twist: He is really using telekinetic powers but everybody thought its comedy.
  • S Y N T H /
    S Y N T H /3 months ago*the tissue part literally killed me*
  • MaxT
    MaxT5 months agoHeidi is from Germany and we Germans have no sense of humor. Laughing isn't allowed here. I travel every weekend to my neighbour country to make jokes because this isn't possible here in Germany.
  • fcking Winchester
    fcking Winchester5 months ago"Not my humor." must be really fun at parties
  • Nils Tasty
    Nils Tasty5 months agoHeidi stop making us germans look bad ffs
  • Anthony Yalon
    Anthony Yalon7 months agoThe ability to create humor through seriousness, never faltering or breaking character ...that’s the talent here. I like this guy
  • Ben Skywalker
    Ben Skywalker2 months agoHeidi made 649 fake accounts to dislike this Edit: it will break 1.5k within a decade roflmfao
  • NOTfromMARS
    NOTfromMARS4 months agoI dont get why the judges thought it is comedy... They didn't even talk about how good his telekinesis was...
  • Blastboy
    Blastboy5 months ago1:49 If you noticed, Howie was legitimately surprised that the bubble went missing
  • suga theassman
    suga theassman6 months ago*tHiS iS nOt cOmEdY* lmao bruh i love him 😂
  • Diy Yur
    Diy Yur9 months agoI now believe in magic...
  • Noob? Action!
    Noob? Action!1 months agoHeidi is the type of human which laughs at Minion Memes...
  • Sami
    Sami5 months agoIs the blonde woman paid to say no to every comedy act or something? It's like she has the shittiest humor in the entire crowd, fire her or something lmfao.
  • Klautsche
    Klautsche5 months agoIt'S jUsT nOt mY tYpE oF HuMoR
  • TheNameCannotBeFound
    TheNameCannotBeFound5 months agoThe black man in the back at 2:09 doing the ''Mind blown'' thing had me laughing until I had tears.
  • Jen Jeanmard
    Jen Jeanmard9 months agoThe tissue part is so funny!
  • Extrasy
    Extrasy4 months agoYou should have seen him enter the building, this man moves doors!
  • Cheesus Chrust
    Cheesus Chrust5 months agoOf course the German judge says NEIN to the Israeli act
  • Rio Agustian
    Rio Agustian4 months agoRemember guys, *THIS IS NOT A COMEDY !*
  • MarsLos10
    MarsLos105 months agoFrom the moment he stepped on stage he became an excellent, almost professional actor. He didn't break into laughing at all. Eh yeah that's a sort of talent. I laughed so hard with this guy:)
  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali18 days agoاكو عرب الي جاي من ارب كود تالنت لايك
  • Hashir it
    Hashir it4 months agoThe tissues were paid actors
  • monkeyweather
    monkeyweather5 months agoDang, Heidi has absolutely NO sense of humor (unsurprising). This guy is AWESOME! :D
  • thenobslol
    thenobslol1 months agowell, he didn't lie about moving objects with his mind 😂
  • lauboy de gamer
    lauboy de gamer6 months agoMan oh man i can watch dat Guy for 24 hours straight ahahah
  • WMMW i
    WMMW i19 days agoThis is the GREATEST magican EVER✨✨
  • Jakob Knaack
    Jakob Knaack1 months agoThis is not Comedy 😂😂😂
  • zuala hmangaih
    zuala hmangaih17 days agoThat serious face makes it more funny...
  • Ruud Omar
    Ruud Omar7 months agoHeidi is the pure definition of blonde
  • Alex Borges
    Alex Borges1 months agoHe is like Mr. Bean , too funny XD
  • asdfg hjkl
    asdfg hjkl5 months agoJudges should critique based on fact, not opinion. Shes dismissing it because its not HER kind of humor? Thats just an opinion. Judges should base their answer around actual critiques, like if midway in the performance he slips and falls, thatd be an actual critique, not "oh this wasnt funny to me personally".
  • Soubhadra Kayal
    Soubhadra Kayal5 months agoThis guy reminded me of tape face. Just the kind of originality. Loved it.
  • why am i alone
    why am i alone26 days agoThis is what you call," QUALITY CONTENT"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • YaboyDanny
    YaboyDanny6 months agoIf that's not Heidi's type of humor, wtf is her type of humor then? Literally she has no sense of humor lmao
  • M1 448
    M1 44821 hours agoI am crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣
  • Chounette
    Chounette3 months agoThe Bubble… And Howie's reaction XD I died lmao
  • Ali LRDI
    Ali LRDI2 months agoMagos vergas xdd Creo que soy la única que habla español .-.
  • Ludnasky
    Ludnasky3 months agoI'v seen this magic before, lemme recall Oh, everyday
  • Fuzzyballs01
    Fuzzyballs015 months agoit's good for one 5 minute joke who needs to see more of this a second time?
  • Silly Penguin
    Silly Penguin4 months agoMel B is really gorgeous.
    DEATHLY1 days agoHow does he keep a straight face 😂😂
  • Kingdom Of Games
    Kingdom Of Games2 days agoالتفاهة لو كان جا بنادم
  • Sydney Lewis
    Sydney Lewis8 months agoSimon: this is actually really funny Loiz: this is not comedy Howie and Mel B: laughing I loved this
    MOCH TEGUH3 months agoThe part when he said "it's not comedy" LOL 😂😂..
  • Bulut Saraç
    Bulut Saraç2 months agoI'm still crying omg! Funny as hell 🤣
  • Christiaan Derksen
    Christiaan Derksen23 hours agountill now i always tought telekenesis was fake
  • Vinicius
    Vinicius1 months agoThis show is amazing :v
  • Robbert Wu
    Robbert Wu9 months agoHeidi : not my humor. Wow nice judged based on her taste.. good judge
    NAVEEN KUMAR3 months agoI was feeling low so I decided to watch some comedy and now My stomach is aching 😂😂😁😁😁
  • ishraq hasin
    ishraq hasin2 months agoThis is what I call true magic