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Best Fails/Wins of March 2016

by MrMrMike13376.037.626 views

A compilation of fails and wins from last month. Enjoy. :) My Facebook Page: My second Youtube Channel:

  • MoSs
    MoSs2 year agoI completely lost it at 9:47 omg hahhahahahah
  • Sarah Barton
    Sarah Barton1 year agoThe lioness was telling the lion to stop it .
  • Moraren
    Moraren2 year agoThat lioness was like "Dude enough!"
  • Sjimmi Gill
    Sjimmi Gill2 year ago9:28 for an epic safety precaution win.
  • Rocko Majone
    Rocko Majone4 months agoAnyone else see the creepy face in the stones at 4:24
  • Gone Postal
    Gone Postal2 year agoIf I was in like 3rd grade, I'd totally take that cockatoo to show and tell lol!
  • Escape
    Escape2 year agoGuy with the new fence is the best "......damn it" ^^
  • 0=Axel=0
    0=Axel=07 months ago8:21 I just about had a heart attack.
  • ModerateGiant X
    ModerateGiant X2 year ago"just finished this fence, pretty proud of it" "damnit.."
  • Josh Stirrat
    Josh Stirrat2 year agothose two dudes and the lioness beast moded that lion!
  • jethro bestog
    jethro bestog9 months ago0:58 GEEZ Louis
  • Csárkó
    Csárkó2 year ago9:10 :DDDDDDDDDD
  • KlunkerRider
    KlunkerRider2 year ago9:10 What does the fox say???
  • Adde 1997
    Adde 19972 year ago2:50 only in Russia!!
  • philyfred
    philyfred1 year agoLions tigers and a fake bear, oh my.
  • Chmurion Chmurka
    Chmurion Chmurka4 months ago3:58 welcome to Poland ;)
  • LegendLength
    LegendLength2 year agoMuch better than the other fail channels, thank you.
  • Ooon
    Ooon4 months ago6:19 Wife:"hey honey calm down, I didn't sleep with him
  • Hero
    Hero3 months ago2:30 the Best 🤣🤣
  • MarthaStout0202
    MarthaStout02022 year agoGood stuff! Thank you!
  • Ryan McGrory
    Ryan McGrory3 months agoI totally recorded that
  • Patryk Fraszczyk
    Patryk Fraszczyk4 months ago4:02 Standardowo u Polaka :D
  • Fresh of Da Boat
    Fresh of Da Boat4 months ago🤣🤣🤣that fake bear doeee lost it when he started jumping🤣🤣
  • The Scribe
    The Scribe3 months ago8:00 something stan laurel and oliver hardy would do 😂
  • martin jeffery
    martin jeffery2 year agohooray fresh material well done great vid
  • Shonchita Jabin
    Shonchita Jabin3 months ago4:48 just a normal Saturday....
  • Gi0 Batt
    Gi0 Batt3 days ago0:55 Where tf did that long tower go after😂
  • Aidan Vorbeck
    Aidan Vorbeck2 year agoYour videos are legit the funniest fails I've seen hands down!
  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee2 year agoAwww man! its been ages since I've laughed at a compilation like this so much! ThanQ! :)
  • Th3p0lic3
    Th3p0lic32 year agolmao the dubstep marriage remix
  • Jerzy Kajmowicz
    Jerzy Kajmowicz4 months ago2:30 W....T.....F........ Hahahahahahha
  • ダークネス・井上
    ダークネス・井上1 months ago8:45 South Korean's life.
  • Frezi
    Frezi3 months ago0:00 ocean man take me by the hand br...
    DARK DARKNESS2 year ago1:05 NITRO SPEED :)
  • zzツᴋᴏɴᴏʙᴇᴇツ
    zzツᴋᴏɴᴏʙᴇᴇツ3 months ago6:23 in Romania anything can happen
  • Cheeta
    Cheeta4 months ago0:28 your'e welcome
  • skitzvitz
    skitzvitz2 year agotoo funny ! thank you :)
  • Mickey J. Duke Sr.
    Mickey J. Duke Sr.10 days agoHere comes the bride.. BIG FAT AND WIDE!
  • itsThorondil
    itsThorondil4 months ago9:04 What the heck did the drummer do to deserve that? Lmao
  • Brad
    Brad3 months ago6:05 it terrible and I don't like how you broke up 2 clips
  • Yeti_Clan
    Yeti_Clan2 year agoYour the best
  • Ma Nu
    Ma Nu2 year ago7:21 Älteres Baujahr noch mit Luftkühlung :D / Old Generation with Air cooler :D
  • Logan English
    Logan English3 months agoI love these videos! nothing where anyone gets too hurt! Subscribe!
  • EndoDivineMindz
    EndoDivineMindz2 year agoWell you can basically guarantee the panhandling situation at 4:46 is probably non existent. Haha
  • Romana Volny
    Romana Volny3 months agoThe very last clip with the ice drill had me laughing so hard I cried!
  • GermanGameAdviser
    GermanGameAdviser2 year ago6:02 tourette
  • Und3adPeace
    Und3adPeace2 year agoI laughed during a few clips nice job..  9:44 though I can't stop lol.  Subscribed.
  • Naked Eye
    Naked Eye5 months agoOMG!! On 4:20-4:25 where ppl jump in lake/little girl fail..the rock front on your right screen...the is an ancient a Native American...can anyone else see it?
  • Twotimer
    Twotimer4 months agoIf someone hits me, I won’t hit back. If they yell at me, I’d stay calm. If they threaten me, I’ll shrug it off. If they spit on me though...... oh boy. My sanity will go right out the window.
  • e2
    e26 months agoAnyone else notice the lioness trying to get the lion off the dude.