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by Tawaumagic Alif5.427.100 views
  • Matt Shafik
    Matt Shafik4 months agoI never know johnny Depp can do cool magic trick like this
  • smokonlytree
    smokonlytree5 months agoI don't know why no one is the audience wasn't impressed with his performance. I enjoyed it and thought it was clever.
  • Spaide man
    Spaide man5 months agomom: Why are you smoking! son: Im just practising magic...
  • Markus Mäkelä
    Markus Mäkelä5 months agoWhen you're drunk and try to light a cigarette.
  • 1.000.000 Subs Without a video
    1.000.000 Subs Without a video5 months agoFor a smoker, this was really frustrating to watch.
  • Cristhian O
    Cristhian O5 months agoIm not a homo but this man is actually kinda attractive lol
  • Gold Silence
    Gold Silence4 months agohe looks like the post Malone of magicians
  • Floyd Foxler
    Floyd Foxler4 months agoCaptain Jack Sparrow is pretty good at magic !
  • ItchyPilauBoto808
    ItchyPilauBoto8081 days agoThank god I quit smoking!
  • Jonathan Aranki
    Jonathan Aranki5 months agoThe guy looks like a James Franco, and Orlando Bloom hybrid.
  • Cluckinwing
    Cluckinwing5 months agoI’ve never wanted a cigarette more than right now, and I’m not a smoker
  • ItchyPilauBoto808
    ItchyPilauBoto8081 days ago4:46 you can totally see him twisting it in both hands.. How he showed the stogie when he turned his head idk .25 speed
  • KonstantinGeist
    KonstantinGeist3 days agoHe looks like a Mexican Norman Reedus
  • Kryp X.
    Kryp X.5 months agoWhat is your talent? Me: *I CAN STEAL YOUR CIGARETTE*
  • Avinash Kumar
    Avinash Kumar5 months agoEverybody knows its a trick. But how much practice he do for this level. Its just wow 😍😍😍
  • ampon nuk
    ampon nuk4 months agoGive that man a Cancer award
  • Seth Gilliam
    Seth Gilliam5 months agoHe looks like Darryl from TWD mixed with Post Malone.
  • Zbang
    Zbang8 days ago4:24 the filter have a white part, but disappears in half of second,only in 0.25 speed you can see it...idk what's that
  • funky M0nk
    funky M0nk2 days agoI can see him flippin the cigarette so clearly
  • Betim Redzepi
    Betim Redzepi5 months agoWhen you see on 0:59 his vanished blue lighter on his neck! ahahahah
  • Amsyar Othman
    Amsyar Othman5 months agoI came here for the thumbnail....
  • ⃠
    4 days ago*changes music* *Gets 20x the views of the original video*
  • syfamn dick
    syfamn dick1 months agonohomo but hes hot af
  • JC Vainikka
    JC Vainikka4 months agoThe magician is handsome isnt he?
  • Simon S.
    Simon S.1 months agoEven the cigarette wants you to quit!
  • Adham Ahmad
    Adham Ahmad6 months agojohnny depp plus norman reedus
  • Jeopardy Professional
    Jeopardy Professional5 months agoThis guy is good some1 pay him very entertaining
  • kishor kumar
    kishor kumar3 months agoCute guy
  • Rane Ng
    Rane Ng3 months agowho are here to watch the slow motion speed video?
  • Anton Szandor
    Anton Szandor1 months agoAnyone here to see Slater?
  • Dmitry R
    Dmitry R5 days agoHi just rotate it, right?
  • Im Tazsa
    Im Tazsa24 days agoAnyone else from Instagram?
  • Brandon Wiebe
    Brandon Wiebe4 months agoIf James Franco and Eddie Furlong could have a kid, it'd look like this guy.
  • Jordan Herman
    Jordan Herman1 months agojust broke my cigarettes for no reason trying to do the same thing.... --_--
  • Vic Cypress
    Vic Cypress2 months ago0:58 Damn you Edward Furlong!..We needed​ you in *Terminator 3* ..But instead you were fckn around doing magic tricks with a pack of Marlboro lights!
  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts2 months agomy Cigar Smell Cafe book on Amazon, i make humor with smoke smells
  • Chill Lounge
    Chill Lounge2 months ago3:45 3:47
  • Ralf Bilkenbiel
    Ralf Bilkenbiel4 months agoParents weren't amused by this lmao
  • michael lennon
    michael lennon5 months agoShould do it with a joint
  • Swapnil Bankar
    Swapnil Bankar5 months ago1:57 childhood magic trick
  • Kiho Swu
    Kiho Swu3 months agoFucking awesome
  • kean diedrich
    kean diedrich2 months agoHey it's the friendly neighborhood cigarette magic bum XD
  • rabbit3828
    rabbit38281 days agoEveryone in here saying that both sides of the ciggarette has a filter on it and he is just flipping it around, explain this... when he turns his head left and right acting like hes getting frustrated, hes showing you that your theory is wrong, and that the way hes doong it is not the way you think it's happening. So explain where "both sides" have a filter on it... I'll wait
  • wiredwriter311
    wiredwriter3115 months agoAre we sure that isn't Edward Furlong?
  • j. garcia
    j. garcia3 months agoThis guy is a crossover between Johnny Depp and Edward Furlong.
  • Ninja Ctyle
    Ninja Ctyle4 months agothis kind of audience is piece of dhit why do they even buy ticket to go to his show for ffs
    MV JACKSON3 months agoHis hard work and lots of practicing hour shows up there.........good job dude.....🚭🚭👍👍👍
  • One Love Bob
    One Love Bob9 hours agoThis guy gets faded'
  • Pawan Gautam
    Pawan Gautam2 months agoWow😯😯😯
  • Godwin Mantilla
    Godwin Mantilla3 months agoWow so amazing