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  • James Milka
    James Milka1 months agoMost embarrassing thing here is the background song and the lack of actual embarrassing video content
  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales1 months agoI’m embarrassed after watching this
  • tirtha adhikary
    tirtha adhikary1 months agoClickbait. If you're here for that woman on the thumbnail, don't waste your time. Lol
  • Stephen Willard
    Stephen Willard1 months agoWhy did I fall for click bait? Oughta be a law
  • D J
    D J2 months agoDo you know the meaning of embarrassing?
  • Duncan Brier
    Duncan Brier1 months agoOmg did you see how embarrassing that drag car was when its skirt blew up and you could see what it was wearing underneath.
  • Quinten Kleinekoort
    Quinten Kleinekoort1 months agoThe drag car isnt emberassing, its quite a catch honestly, very skillful
  • JKeetleakaJK
    JKeetleakaJK1 months ago2:53 💩 nasty as hell who does that?
  • 1wor1d
    1wor1d1 months ago10 minutes of silence for all those that clicked on the sexy thumbnail!!
  • Uhmmm huh
    Uhmmm huh1 months agoThat little kid disgusted me... if i was his dad... i would have slapped him to tears, exorcism style. lol
  • Fedor Fox
    Fedor Fox1 months agoAlexa, define embarrassing for this kid
  • Fruitarian Minimalist
    Fruitarian Minimalist1 days agoWhat's the name of the background song?
  • The Double Champ
    The Double Champ1 months agoThe poor quality kills my eyes 👀
  • gavin prinsloo
    gavin prinsloo2 months agoWhat was embarrassing about any of those? Wrong title for vid.
  • You already Know who this is
    You already Know who this is1 months agoI applaud the first guy😂
  • darrkk starr
    darrkk starr1 months agothumbs down.... clickbait
  • Ashia
    Ashia1 months agoThe poor horse🤣🤣🤣it slipped
    EKTA MAHESHWARI1 months ago3:49 THE FUNNIEST 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
  • Fatman
    Fatman1 months agomore damn click bait
  • The Double Champ
    The Double Champ1 months ago1:05 That is straight up chicken dancing!!!!! 😂😂
  • Gus Goose
    Gus Goose1 months ago0:46... Embarrassing?? Nope. Bad Ass?? Yup.
  • ravinder kour
    ravinder kour1 months agoThe first background thing is inappropriate
  • doopy noo
    doopy noo1 months agoClick bait...
  • Ellan Sharrow
    Ellan Sharrow5 days agoI always wake up smiling. I think its your fault.
  • Sheila Boone
    Sheila Boone1 months agoNot The Most Embarrassing 🤣💖
  • Cecilia Kunimoto
    Cecilia Kunimoto1 months agoWhen the ice suddenly breaks and you fall in
  • Slow Mo
    Slow Mo1 months agoI remember that zab-kosta zyu fight. Good one.
    UNBOXING EVERYTHING1 months agoAnd the background music is also embarrassing for this video 👀👀
  • Rene Serpas
    Rene Serpas1 months agoBoxer: it’s not a knock out Referee: ok’s a TOTAL knock out!!!!
  • Zane1004
    Zane10041 months agoT H I C C
  • Bob IsHere
    Bob IsHere2 months agoYou should have left the word "MOST" out of the title.
  • Monte H.
    Monte H.1 months agoLAME CLICKBAIT
  • AndrewTheBooper
    AndrewTheBooper1 months agoD I S L I K E D
  • Matthew Millar
    Matthew Millar1 months agoThumbs down for click bait
  • Bruce Bane
    Bruce Bane1 months agoWho else came here to see Dortmund fan get trolled
  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones1 months ago0:45 - 0:56 oh my, thats embarrassing... I saw all up underneath that funny car as it won the race on it back wheels.... So embarrassing....😒 Edit: so many likes! Glad I'm not the only one who thought that was embarrassing😝
  • reyshon 2257
    reyshon 22571 months agothe one with the drag cars thats not embarasign thats just awesome
  • John-boy
    John-boy1 months agoShould have been double Tech.'s, Embiid was taunting the dude
  • Chuck Ragland
    Chuck Ragland1 months agoClickbait I didn't see what was in the picture.
  • Bear Blackhawk
    Bear Blackhawk1 months agoClickbait. Nothing too embarassing
  • Chhandak 97
    Chhandak 972 months agoClickbait
  • ravinder kour
    ravinder kour1 months agoO:05 watch it
  • Sergio Del Valle
    Sergio Del Valle1 months agoClickbait don't waste your time watching this
  • Kath Beck
    Kath Beck1 months agoAs a Farjestad fan, I hope that goalie swum.
  • Nap P
    Nap P1 months ago2:43 guy is a boss! Not embarrassing but a Bad ass!
  • Luke Griffith
    Luke Griffith1 months agoI was like, "Hmm, most embarrassing. This has better be GOOD." After watching: This is terrible.
  • Vinny 2yy
    Vinny 2yy1 months agoclick bate as usual
  • Janine Carson
    Janine Carson1 months agoA funny car doing a wheel stand. Happens all the time. So what?