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Funniest Gold Digger Prank - Girl Fail

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  • Beowulf9000 x
    Beowulf9000 x3 year agoSince when is a V6 Camaro a nice car?
  • 5POINT0
    5POINT03 year agoAm I the only one who laughed when they saw the camaro? Like that's supposed to be a fancy exotic car? Hahahahahaa!!!
  • King Xa
    King Xa3 year agoImagine if the boyfriend saw all that
  • BuldoGG
    BuldoGG3 year agoAm I the only one Who think that girl looks like Ariana Grande?
  • Sam
    Sam3 year agoThat girl looks kinda like Ariana grande on victorious.. But i think without blurried face she would probably look good i guess
  • James
    James3 year agolmao the funny part is that it's not even a nice car! I can't believe she would actually go after that.
  • Matty Cake Rides
    Matty Cake Rides3 year agoReally a CAMERO? I thought it would've been a lambo or Ferrari.
  • Xplisit
    Xplisit3 year agoMy shit looks better then that Camaro
  • Erick
    Erick3 year agowhy you asking for kisses?
  • AkilaDJ
    AkilaDJ3 year agoSilver Digger :p
  • Engi drake
    Engi drake3 year agoevery Body Hate the Camaro as they Drive Bugatti those days
  • Jada Renee
    Jada Renee3 year agoThese Hoes Ain't Loyal 😂😂✌✌💕💕
  • Kremlin Bot#33
    Kremlin Bot#333 year agoThis basic camaro doesnt cost more than hookers that you are buying for pranks.
  • Novakills
    Novakills3 year agoLOL its a V6 Base Model Camaro
  • David TenderNuts
    David TenderNuts2 year agoher boyfriend must drive a honda for her to be impressed by a camero my dude
  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller3 year agoShe sees your car and salivates at the resource potential, i don't know why but I don't like whores, never have, just a personal preference i guess.
  • black06spec
    black06spec3 year agohad me rollin when I saw the CAMERO SMFH!
  • Kakarot
    Kakarot3 year agoThese hoes ain't loyal.
  • Darcy Carey
    Darcy Carey2 year agoHAHAHAH Camaro XDDD why not have like a skyline or 370Z???
  • Tyrone Johnson
    Tyrone Johnson3 year agoThis guy thinks he's rich and that with his v6 camero, who ELSE THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE A FERRARI OR LAMBO??
  • Kevitokuru
    Kevitokuru2 year agoAnother savage prank "I don't kiss gold diggers." omfg yes
  • Mr. Realistic
    Mr. Realistic2 year agoI know the Camaro isn't what we're all used to seeing on pranks but i have to disagree when you guys in the comments say it's not a nice car
  • Amy Street Gayhart
    Amy Street Gayhart3 year agoomg that was hella funny he said "these hoes aint loyal." lol
  • Danny
    Danny3 year agoWho else cringed when they saw the car
  • Harkaran Singh
    Harkaran Singh10 months agoI wonder what car he's going to show off??... hops into a fukkin Camaro!!😂😂
  • 5POINT0
    5POINT03 year agoHe should have used a pagani zonda cinque
  • xBananaSwag
    xBananaSwag3 year agoLMAO😂😂😂He said 'these hoes ain't loyal😂😂
  • Chloe walton
    Chloe walton3 year agoGirl,s theses day,s even thoe im a girl to lol but im not like that
  • Mikesamill
    Mikesamill3 year ago"These hoes ain't loyal "😂 hilarious
  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous3 year ago"You have a really nice car" "Thanks, it's not like you see camaros here and there"
  • Wyatt Is The Best
    Wyatt Is The Best3 year agoi was hoping either Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati or McLaren
  • friendskittles
    friendskittles2 year agoEven if he did have a nice car, I'm not getting in a closed space with a stranger.
  • Broly TheLegend
    Broly TheLegend10 months agoLove these vids, exposing them chicks 😂
  • AHsisKH
    AHsisKH2 year agowhat did he say from 2:19 to 2:21? And what did he give her?
  • vanish
    vanish3 year agorly I would of kissed her first Not say "i dont kiss gold diggers"
  • Arasile
    Arasile3 year agothose mags ain't loyal brah XD
  • Liliana Zatarain
    Liliana Zatarain3 year agoLike a BO$$
  • Zrox Joker
    Zrox Joker3 year agoI'm guessing the Camero was the fail..
  • Bravely Forward
    Bravely Forward3 year agosomehow all these pranks seem to be "the funniest"
  • Josh never lose
    Josh never lose2 year agohe said dez hoes ain't loyal 😂
  • Naif alsolami
    Naif alsolami3 year agoChevy digger!!
  • El Chapo Guzmán
    El Chapo Guzmán3 year agou should have banged her first tho i love redheads :D
  • DackJazy
    DackJazy3 year agoCamaro? And she said it was a really nice car xD smh that's not a nice car
  • Joseph Lemon
    Joseph Lemon3 year agoAtleast it was not a mustang.
  • Gerson Sint Jago
    Gerson Sint Jago3 year agoall the haters saying ''its just a camaro'' .. like they own ferraris and mclarens themselves XD camaro is a really nice looking car
  • young savage82
    young savage823 year agoOml i laughed too hard when i saw the camaro 😂 cant be a gold digger prank if he dont have gold !💀😭 i see at least 25 camaros everyday
  • Vio
    Vio3 year agoA Camero dam never mind on the laferrai 😂
  • PeaheadTV
    PeaheadTV3 year agoi still would've taken her idc lmaoo
  • Khakonov
    Khakonov3 year agoObama's uncle in Kenya drives a Camaro in his village, It's not the luxury type car
  • Zenmate
    Zenmate3 year agothere like 50 thousand dollar or pounds