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Hilarious Cat Fails (July 2018)

by MoBro94 Production1.087.326 views

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  • Jazlyn Ponce
    Jazlyn Ponce7 months agoMe: (is laying on my bed) My cat: jump's on my stomach Me: *IM STUCK HERE FOREVER NOW*
  • AgentMinor ReligionBrigade
    AgentMinor ReligionBrigade2 months ago7:53 That was the most suspenseful game of patty cake ive ever seen
  • MulleDK19
    MulleDK197 months ago9:41 The cat with the Christmas hat 😂
  • Kate Bliss
    Kate Bliss3 months ago4:52 to 4:55 When i see a spider
  • Semper Fidelis
    Semper Fidelis3 months ago7:02 My cat would totally do that. 9:55 *FAT* cat!
  • Absolute Dakota
    Absolute Dakota3 months ago9:28 couple goals
  • Cassy Nosbisch
    Cassy Nosbisch1 months ago4:43 I do that to my dog sometimes lol I know it’s mean but it’s funny 😂❤️
  • SirCub Fredericks
    SirCub Fredericks7 months agoOh long Johnson, how i ahs ya
  • CountingStrides
    CountingStrides6 months agoCats sound so hilarious and honestly creepy when they make that weird growling sound it’s like a person
  • Synq Gaming
    Synq Gaming7 months agoJuly 2018 really? these look like they are from 1998
  • Dingleberry Handpump
    Dingleberry Handpump7 months ago7:15 Catnip is a hell of a drug...
  • Wynter Mccastle
    Wynter Mccastle3 months agoR the cats on 7:58 identical twins cuz they think alike look alike and look the same age ???
  • Sarah Deshong-Moody
    Sarah Deshong-Moody7 months agohaha got a school laptop, this is the first thing ive ever done on it xD
  • Absolute Dakota
    Absolute Dakota3 months ago7:40 proper fight they banned out each other
  • Syper The Rival
    Syper The Rival6 months ago9:29 Crap! We caught
  • Warrior Cats
    Warrior Cats3 months agolong john silvers needs that long john cat for a ad rn xd edit : 1:08 title *2018* when video was made *07* .-.
  • Weegee Fischer
    Weegee Fischer3 months ago7:14 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)
  • Melynda Dunn
    Melynda Dunn1 days agomy stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!
  • kit kat
    kit kat7 months agoThat's a katastrophe
  • Michelle Arabo
    Michelle Arabo8 days ago6:42 my favorite 😂😂
  • Tinalouise H
    Tinalouise H1 months ago3:40 am I the only one who was MUCH more upset about the cat knocking down the little weenie dog than all the cats that knocked down human babies?!
  • jaspersureshot
    jaspersureshot2 months agoA mysterious cat ritual, this needs further study 7:20
  • Pixie
    Pixie2 months agoThere was a cat stuck on my roof XD Dont worry I helped it
  • AgentMinor ReligionBrigade
    AgentMinor ReligionBrigade2 months agoCat 1: "watch me ninja kick this baby." Cat 2: "dude dont. Seriously." Cat 1: "why not? Everyones doing it."
  • _-Dark-_
    _-Dark-_2 months agoThis video uploaded on July 2018. Not the cat videos.
  • RansomeStoddard
    RansomeStoddard13 days ago7:25 The most polite cat fight ever. Obviously these are Canadian cats. Cat 1: I must say, I am not terribly fond of you being in my home. Cat 2: I am sorry to hear that. But now I feel offended and must respond in kind. I hold you in low regard. Cat 1: Is that so? Now I feel the only solution is a bit of fisticuffs. Cat 2: Very well, as long as no one gets hurt. Cat 1: Perish the though!
  • Technic Phoenix
    Technic Phoenix3 months agomess with the kitten your tombstone Is written
  • Technic Phoenix
    Technic Phoenix3 months agomess with the kitten your tombstone Is written
  • raincloud360
    raincloud3603 months agoAlright... all the cat jumps had me dying, my jaw was actually hurting!
  • ChrisLuvsSheep
    ChrisLuvsSheep7 months agoBruh some these aren't even from 2018. But still funny lol
  • Farny Fun
    Farny Fun7 months ago2:00 John Cena
  • A&S Video Channel
    A&S Video Channel7 days ago9:15 Tom trying to cut the roof before falling 😂
  • Cian Rooney
    Cian Rooney3 months agoThis cat has a no sound when it's saying oh John very compilation
  • Just Think About It
    Just Think About It7 months ago9:29 crap! We’re being watched! Don’t intrude on our private fun time! Not cool! 😹
  • Bennet Fox
    Bennet Fox3 months agoAt 6:08 my kitty cat started looking around going "what the hell?"
  • That_Gai Overwatch_girl
    That_Gai Overwatch_girl1 months agoI have that exact spongebob blanket Literally 😂 Not my house But I have the same exact blanket
  • Kareem Mohamed
    Kareem Mohamed7 months agoMy favorite 5:55
  • Lola's Art
    Lola's Art7 months ago5:25 My personal favorite 6:19 this one too
  • SpyroBoss777
    SpyroBoss7774 months agoLol this video was so funny I love cats
  • Sarcastic slob
    Sarcastic slob4 months agoPeople: if a cat sleeps on you, you cant move what so ever until it moves Me: *lifts cat out of the way*
  • MMOJunkie
    MMOJunkie8 days ago1:15 you know that cat has already planned 117054 ways to kill you in your sleep
  • r
    r5 months ago3:00 evil
  • Psychic Chicken Isaac
    Psychic Chicken Isaac4 months ago5:06 Best Parkour 10/10
  • damo169
    damo1694 months ago7:26 Literally the most half arse'd fight in the universe.
  • Michael Walter
    Michael Walter4 months ago9:56 : When you know you absolutely NEED to go on a diet.
  • Aaron Robles
    Aaron Robles1 months agoBro I had the SpongeBob blenkit
  • F&T Animal
    F&T Animal8 days ago2:09 *The cat knocks out the budgie 😮*
  • Heidi Bevan
    Heidi Bevan6 months agoCat's are sooooo funny! 👍😄
  • Evan Batsel
    Evan Batsel15 days ago5:55 Basically my brother as cat and me da vacume
  • mrRodtaku
    mrRodtaku4 months agoseriously? 2018? you stoled clips even from nineties...