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Funny Kpop Idols "Impersonating" Other Idols

by Knet Entertainment50.343 views

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  • Bangtwice But not a bangtwice shipper
    Bangtwice But not a bangtwice shipper6 months agoI click this because i know jungkook will be here😂 **idk if my grammar is correct but.....argh! Nevermind**
  • 에 넘나 누나
    에 넘나 누나6 months agoI Click This Because Dora Is On The Thumbnail
  • 멜로디Melody
    멜로디Melody6 months agoI'm so done with these fools😂😂😂😂
  • i'd like a huang renjun for my birthday please
    i'd like a huang renjun for my birthday please6 months ago-youtube is my best friend-
    OPPAJIMINANDVFROMBTS BANGTANSONYEONDAN6 months agoHaha seulgi imitating Onew hahaha & heechul sarang Hahah so funny lmao xD 😂😂
  • Kawaii-chan
    Kawaii-chan6 months agoU posted this on my birthday!!!
    iKONs TRASH6 months agoAs expected jungkook will be here and of course heechul😂😂😂
  • Face Less
    Face Less5 months ago0:53 wtf jimin
  • trash ambkansol
    trash ambkansol5 months agoi'm not a bts fan but taehyung is sooo funny
  • trash ambkansol
    trash ambkansol5 months ago*_heechul- the ultimate god of entertaining shows_*
  • Crystal J
    Crystal J6 months ago1:27 💙💙
  • Danna the Pandicorn
    Danna the Pandicorn6 months agoI really like the part 3:38 hahahaha that is so funny
  • KeilyMaguire
    KeilyMaguire5 months ago10:00 this came on and I wasn’t watching so I thought it was a real girl 😂😂😂😂
  • JJk
    JJk5 months ago7:10 who is that pretty girll?? i need to know asap 😍
  • Asim Tair
    Asim Tair6 months agoFunny ❤❤
  • Tzuyu Twice
    Tzuyu Twice5 months agoMy audio got the girls had a boys’ audio when they were introducing there group
  • chill just blink, army
    chill just blink, army6 months agoJISOO HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Christian ChimChim's wife
    Christian ChimChim's wife2 months ago7:57 what group is this?
  • Everydxyy
    Everydxyy6 months ago0:47 why are they so cute my god
  • Jimin's Small Hands
    Jimin's Small Hands6 months agoWoah woah woah someone tell me who are these handsome looking fellas @ 5:11
  • Gian Cañasa
    Gian Cañasa6 months ago0 dislikes!?
  • stream solo by Jennie from BLACKPINK
    stream solo by Jennie from BLACKPINK6 months agoIf you added all clips of BTS imitating each other this video would be like 2 years long
  • Zarqa Naveed
    Zarqa Naveed6 months agorude crayon pop
  • Boba Bun
    Boba Bun6 months ago😅
  • may cmh
    may cmh5 months agoWho is that boy in 7:02
  • Cyber-Chan The Loli
    Cyber-Chan The Loli5 months ago3:39 what song is this
  • piece of k-pop
    piece of k-pop5 months agowhat is this on 3:48 send me a video plz
  • Δέσποινα Παλιαχάνη
    Δέσποινα Παλιαχάνη5 months ago5.17 who is he?
  • Igotnctzenarmy
    Igotnctzenarmy5 months agoWhos the Group at 3:50?
  • Two face Bitch Jendeuk
    Two face Bitch Jendeuk6 months agoWho is he?? 9:04
  • light :3
    light :35 months agowhat group 3:13 ?
  • Houeida Mrabet
    Houeida Mrabet6 months agoWho is the group in 0:21
  • Pame AHoran
    Pame AHoran5 months agoWho is she? 8:20 she's cute 😊
  • Lộc Đặng Bá
    Lộc Đặng Bá6 months agoI dont like AKB48
  • SO WHATT??Life is a bitch mine is a movie BTS BP
    SO WHATT??Life is a bitch mine is a movie BTS BP6 months agoWho is he at 5:12??