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  • Spor Delisi HD
    Spor Delisi HD1 months agoSometimes, it takes hours and even days to complete this kind of videos. So please, turn notifications on and make sure you don't miss an upload from Spor Delisi HD.
  • DriverOp Oremor
    DriverOp Oremor6 months ago11:24 You get to do that to me and we're done.
  • JG11 Plays
    JG11 Plays6 months ago3:53 *lmao*
  • Babanymous
    Babanymous6 months agoTürk Futbolundanda gelsin :D +1
  • JG11 Plays
    JG11 Plays6 months ago0:18 *can we please have an oof in chat*
  • Squishygurl 101 -xela 208
    Squishygurl 101 -xela 2083 months ago12:45 everyone does it
  • Snooby66
    Snooby666 months agoSomeone needs to look up the definition of "funny"
  • Jamie Travis
    Jamie Travis6 months ago2:23 That sneak bastard Edit: time
  • David
    David6 months ago@5:51 Car 69, haha
  • Jørgen
    Jørgen6 months ago2:25 Made you look ;-)
  • Don
    Don5 months agoOn exactly 2 minutes 24 seconds you'll see the man got out 666 ok sign tell me about wasn't planned
  • Patrick Hermle
    Patrick Hermle4 months agoill never understand why ppl in basketball need to sit so close to the field XD
  • Rip Sumrall
    Rip Sumrall6 months agoOk, mostly not funny but the 2 cars stacked was awesome.
  • Esther Joseph
    Esther Joseph3 months agoexcellent one..thank you so much. 😂😂😂
  • Lauren McLarty
    Lauren McLarty6 months ago6:20 talk about Ghost Rider
  • Joniah Demarco
    Joniah Demarco6 months ago6:15 Who taught John Cena how to ride a sport bike?
  • Stephen Hawking's Football Boots
    Stephen Hawking's Football Boots6 months agoWho knew Franck Ribéry was such a cut-up?
  • yeri Ruiz El wason
    yeri Ruiz El wason6 months ago5:30 hahahaha
  • Abdullah Aftab
    Abdullah Aftab6 months agoRobben and ribery 😂😂
  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez5 months agoROTFL 11:24 friend zoned him real quick gold digger right there
  • AskingForAFriend
    AskingForAFriend1 months agoVideo would only be 5 mins long if they didn’t replay every single video 5 times in super slo-mo.
  • kiikaapoa neniya
    kiikaapoa neniya6 months agoProbably would've been funnier without the music
  • Asif Hossain
    Asif Hossain1 months agoMusic is awesome
  • Grizz C
    Grizz C6 months agoEither he must be brave or insane to play a sport with no Cup on
  • Nurlan Huseynov
    Nurlan Huseynov6 months agoSeverek izliyoruz.çok teşekkür ederim yüzümüzde gülüş yaratdığınız için
  • Mücahit Kaplan
    Mücahit Kaplan3 months agoÖlüm neden Türk yok la yorumlarda
  • bkokohut1980
    bkokohut19806 months agoSo, they show a guys nuts sack fall out of his shorts twice from two separate angles. But they only show a car stopping on top of another car once.... wtf?!?!?
  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning3 months agoStopped watching...the music ruined it + it wasn't funny
  • Revan Cebrayilzade
    Revan Cebrayilzade6 months agoAzərbaycandan salamlar
  • TokinSmurf
    TokinSmurf6 months agoGotta love clickbait videos
  • Ana 2703
    Ana 27035 months ago1:19 That's the best one!
  • G1K777
    G1K7776 months ago4:02 She cute tho, i would be like "i'm sorry, can i invite you to a dinner to make it good again." #NUMBAAAHHHizMINE
  • Galaxy Godz
    Galaxy Godz3 months agoWhat’s the music background called.
  • Face Facts
    Face Facts6 months ago12:14 I spit on my laptop! The funniest moment ever!
  • sccrdude22
    sccrdude225 months agoTennis players are definitely the most passive aggressive athletes
  • adam stull
    adam stull5 months ago2:23 according to the FAKE NEWS this black guy must be a white supremacist for flashing and OK sign.
  • scambodia147
    scambodia1475 months agoDirge in the background
  • Rabbi Sudheer Zacharias
    Rabbi Sudheer Zacharias10 days ago2:24😉 Sorry
  • Emirhan yediyıldız
    Emirhan yediyıldız6 months agodaha yolun başındayken takip ediyordum baya büyümüş bu kanal. başarılarının devamını dilerim
  • Nekeisha KHY
    Nekeisha KHY1 months agoSong 1❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hanson Wang
    Hanson Wang2 months agowhat's the name of the background music? the girl sings
  • StepByStep Draws
  • mürvet ile el sanatları
    mürvet ile el sanatları3 months ago😊takip başladı teşekkürler video larınızı beyendim içeriklerini 🔔🔔🔔🔔🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
    GAME TESTER6 months ago
  • James Page
    James Page10 days agoyour music is bad and you should feel bad
  • Table Tennis Manager
    Table Tennis Manager5 months agoThe one you knocks his head against the ellbow of the other!!!
  • Patrick Fuller
    Patrick Fuller5 months agohow do you put the same clips in different order and call it a new video ?
  • İsmail Anıl SÜDER
    İsmail Anıl SÜDER6 months ago5:31 heykelini yapsak beton yetmez :DDD
  • Floordford
    Floordford6 months ago2:24 ahh, you got me.
  • Vaghani Divyang
    Vaghani Divyang4 months ago3:44 Bayern which match I don't remember???