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EPIC CAT FAILS ★ Try Not to Laugh! (HD) [Epic Laughs]

by Epic Laughs3.718.196 views

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  • Redd Kraken
    Redd Kraken1 year ago99% of comments: THAT FIRST ONE WAS MEAN!!
  • Spoken Word97
    Spoken Word971 year ago2:04 "Slowly shutting the drawer" xD
  • Camen Productions
    Camen Productions2 year agoThe first one was just SO PLAIN OUT RUDE! Seriously, your laughing while he's scared and not happy, so cruel
  • Gazalle Moraveji
    Gazalle Moraveji2 year agoI think the first one is awful , it's not funny at all.
  • Aaron Houston
    Aaron Houston2 year agoThat first one isn't funny, the cat was terrified.
  • Sophie Turner
    Sophie Turner2 year agothe first video where the cat's terrified i wonder if the person behind the camera is the reason. Are they terrorizing animals just for a funny video?
  • Zoey Anne
    Zoey Anne1 year agookay what? seriously the first one isn't funny it's torturing. .
  • IzzyWooxo
    IzzyWooxo2 year agoThe very first was not funny, it was terrifying for the cat
  • Br0wnie
    Br0wnie2 year ago1:54 its that a dolphin?xD
  • poppunkrock141 -
    poppunkrock141 -2 year agoThis is adorable but some of these are so mean, for example the first one, COME ON PEOPLE THAT CAT WAS SO SCARED AND YOU LAUGHED AND KEPT INSTIGATING IT!!!
  • ItsAnessa 8888
    ItsAnessa 88881 year agoThe first one is horrible the cat was terrified
  • Panda Gaming89
    Panda Gaming892 year agoAt 5:41 it got me it was hilarious 😂 especially 'cause the cat pooped and smelled his own poop 💩 Comment or like if you agree
  • Candyheart girl
    Candyheart girl1 year agoThis is not funny this is torcher.. well for the cats...
  • Taylor Quinn
    Taylor Quinn2 year agoDancing cats Scaredy cats Talking cats Playful cats Just plain funny And falling cats
  • __ itz.missy __
    __ itz.missy __2 year agoLook at 4:10 so cute
  • Mysterious Moon
    Mysterious Moon2 year agoi did not laugh
  • FreakingLEM
    FreakingLEM2 year agothat moment when the cat hates your music and uses a potted plant to hit you
  • FreakingLEM
    FreakingLEM2 year agothat moment when the cat steals a hot dog so fast
  • Maria Robotnik
    Maria Robotnik2 year agoThat moment when a cat is better at Fruit Ninja than you are...
  • Sarah Haines
    Sarah Haines6 months agoThe first one made me want to go and hit that person
  • McKinna Greenlay
    McKinna Greenlay2 year agoI somehow managed to not laugh!!!
  • Wiola Wojtowicz
    Wiola Wojtowicz1 year agoAt 4:09 The cat said bro i dont know illuminati confirmed 🤥
  • Justin Megarry
    Justin Megarry3 year ago3:33 like if sorry for bear
  • Titanic
  • XxGamerPlaysxX1
    XxGamerPlaysxX12 year ago3:56 xD
  • The Toxic Backseat Gamer
    The Toxic Backseat Gamer2 year ago3:27 Meanwhile in Russia 😂
  • Alise Dupane
    Alise Dupane1 year ago2:12 Aww cute guilty cat!
  • Pearl Hewlett
    Pearl Hewlett2 year agothe first 1 is mean!
  • Star Charmed
    Star Charmed2 year ago0:41 WHAT IS YOUR OWNER FEEDING YOU!!!!!!!
  • Swift Sins
    Swift Sins2 year agoThe only thing i do not like about these vids is that people do not differentiate between fun and clumsy or terrorrising a cat.
  • Rob Christian
    Rob Christian5 days agoThe first one besides being mean...clean up you're place
  • Skout N Belle
    Skout N Belle2 year ago4:06 HAHAHA 😂😂😂😂
  • BobbyB Quick
    BobbyB Quick1 year ago5:16 I love how it is the center one that falls XD
  • Alivia Sweeney
    Alivia Sweeney2 year agoI think that video was the best way of describing the cat's moves
  • The Chaotic Rainbow
    The Chaotic Rainbow1 year ago*Warning: high Levels of Salt*
  • Alivia Sweeney
    Alivia Sweeney2 year agothis is the most funniest part of the video
  • Pete Inglis
    Pete Inglis1 year agothe cat saw a live chicken and thought... DINNER
  • Nils Franzmann
    Nils Franzmann2 year agoXD
  • Lola Morales
    Lola Morales2 year agoI laughed so hard when the cats poop fell LOL!!!!!😆😅😂😝
  • Linda Martinez
    Linda Martinez1 year agothis is the best because I have a cat that os do gunny because he fell down the stare cace it was so funny but i was a little worried about that😂😂😂😂😂at the same time😥😥😥😣
  • aqua cat
    aqua cat16 days ago*when someone scares animal* People:how dare *when someone scares a person* People:hahahah!
  • Shiv_a_ In_u
    Shiv_a_ In_u1 year ago2:02 Um... i thought you were coming home late?
  • The Annalise
    The Annalise2 year agoI didn't laugh
  • OverLord DeviLuke
    OverLord DeviLuke9 months ago4:07 meow..i don't know😂😂😂😂....Really?😂😂😂😂
  • Eevee evolution
    Eevee evolution2 year agocats can open drawers now people! Cats can open drawers!!😰
  • da kitten master
    da kitten master1 year agoAY AT LEAST IT WASN'T ME!
  • Desir??e Alwali
    Desir??e Alwali2 year ago6:11 the cat: im chilling😎😺
  • LoonaShadow
    LoonaShadow2 year ago7:40 and i thought my mom is mean when she tries to quit smoking xD
  • Triple A DRS
    Triple A DRS2 year agoCats at 06:55 soo cute
  • Red Cardinal1
    Red Cardinal12 year agoDog fell asleep! Cat used cat punch! Dog woke up and fainted