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  • Funny Moovy Clips
    Funny Moovy Clips2 year agohe'd take her panties but she's not wearing any
  • Hadi EL sebai
    Hadi EL sebai1 year agoRoses are red Violets are blue I fell for clickbait And so did you
  • E drop
    E drop1 year agoThat balloon hat is AWESOME
  • Clashverse Royale
    Clashverse Royale10 months agoTry to take Simon's undies.... And I'll give u a golden buzzer
  • Moonzy Wolf
    Moonzy Wolf1 year agoDid he also take her virginity?
  • The Future Belongs the Science
    The Future Belongs the Science1 year agoIf I had the nerve of this man I would be very rich and famous.
  • bella mendez
    bella mendez1 year agoHello person watching this and reading the comments have a good day
  • Gaming with CP gamer
    Gaming with CP gamer7 months agoHope his wife is not watching
  • Sir Pranks a lot
    Sir Pranks a lot1 year agoU know what's funny? American idols scripted -.-
  • Grace Cusack
    Grace Cusack6 months agoThe titanic part tho lol 😂
  • Nabium
    Nabium1 year agoLol, next time you take a girls bra make sure you don't take that one girl who everyone can see isn't wearing a bra before the trick lol.
  • Kate Louise
    Kate Louise6 months agoShe wasn't even wearing a bra
  • SuperV
    SuperV1 months ago3:11 everybody obviously knows that he had that bra before in his sleeve😎
  • Becky Smeilus
    Becky Smeilus1 year agoHe should be a comedian
  • Xander Webb
    Xander Webb2 year agoI was dying at the part where he opened the balloon
  • Justin Brister
    Justin Brister10 months agoSimon poem: Roses are red Violets are blue If you got skills I can't do Then it's a no from me
  • Elle The Dancer
    Elle The Dancer3 months agoThe guy in the middle at 4:26 looked like Mr. Bean😂
  • Kristen Harris
    Kristen Harris11 months agoi love david😂 "she needs help getting up the stairs these days"😂
  • Aman Srivastava
    Aman Srivastava1 months ago3:03 MAN JUDGES LIKE : Imagining themselves
  • Bart MAN
    Bart MAN5 months agoAt 2:57 I died.
  • Ewww_it's Wolfie
    Ewww_it's Wolfie2 months agoA golden buzzer= A contestants biggest dream A janitors worst nightmare
  • Billy
    Billy10 months agoLiterary Airhead.
    KALAHASTIMATH S CREATIONS S1 days agoAsayya chee ashtu gottagangilla magic maadbeku isht asayya thooo
  • 身と肛門
    身と肛門1 year agoサムネに釣られてやって来たやつ正直に手をあげろ
  • Zubair Coorg
    Zubair Coorg1 days agoAlica smile oh my god
  • TheLassKing YT
    TheLassKing YT1 year agothe end is mad 😂😂😂😂
  • Mickey manohar
    Mickey manohar19 hours agowe copied this show very well.
  • Stewart Nicol
    Stewart Nicol2 year agoIf he had bought her a bottle of Cristal and a few lines, he could have removed her Knickers!
  • Hrisika loves 1D
    Hrisika loves 1D8 days ago2:57 lovely idea😋
  • Angel Marie Cabans
    Angel Marie Cabans5 months agoIts so amazing👏👏
  • ankul soni 'wizard'
    ankul soni 'wizard'1 year agobrilliant audition
  • Ali Bird
    Ali Bird1 year agoHe Should Of Switched The Judge’s Clothes XD (Mel And Simon Switched Clothes) (Amanda And David XD)
  • _MPX_
    _MPX_1 year agoHe was aiming for her viriginity but someone got there first
  • Grace Gendive
    Grace Gendive1 months ago*Amazing!* *_This is one of my favorite Auditions ever on BGT!_*
  • Weather Man
    Weather Man5 months agoHe just switch the cards
  • Daisy Spyer
    Daisy Spyer1 months agoOmg i was literally thinking 6 of hearts like wth
    VIKAS SONI1 year agoAmandra don't wear bra 😂😂...
  • Paxooo
    Paxooo2 year agoThe clickbait...
  • The Loyal Gamer
    The Loyal Gamer7 months agoHe really looks like the guy in Ghost Rider
  • Soulron c
    Soulron c1 months agoHe went for the part
  • Hi
    Hi1 year agoSimon : How did he do that? Next moment, Simon : I didn't think the trick was great or the magic was great.
  • YJX Is OP
    YJX Is OP6 months agoSimon never agrees Edit: sometimes
  • TheEarthis Flat
    TheEarthis Flat1 year agoI reseted my page ten times and this keeps popping up
  • micky08berlin
    micky08berlin1 months agoAmanda is a very pretty woman. I am secretly in love with her. 😍
  • 생맥주포도주
    생맥주포도주1 months agoIf u do that in korea. U will see the next sun in jail
  • Norry Tube
    Norry Tube6 months agoAmanda is just so beautiful
  • where is danny black
    where is danny black1 year agoIt was a good video but the title was complete click bait
  • Maly Pivo
    Maly Pivo1 year agoThat is nothing, I can take plastic implants like that:) btw. good show.
  • starhub tian
    starhub tian4 months agoDid Amanda even realize that?
  • Marcusdabeast clay.
    Marcusdabeast clay.1 months agoamazing T-pose Amanda lol