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  • STRELKA - Street Fight Championship
    STRELKA - Street Fight Championship1 months agoBLACK PANTHER vs RUGBY Player and Monster MMA !!!! 1 vs 2 !!! VIKING vs MMA MONSTER of Brazil !!! Crazy Fight !!!
  • spitzndtruth 1
    spitzndtruth 11 months agoYou thought pastie chubby guy was going down didn't you?
  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith1 days agoI’m tired of America always losing. Nice win! 🇺🇸
  • CJ Sandoval Jr.
    CJ Sandoval Jr.1 months agoTill this day they say the villagers of the local area hear "hands up Joe"
  • EnterNameHere
    EnterNameHere20 days agoDude in the blue is a laid off father of three trying to pay bills out here. lol
  • Jason Booher
    Jason Booher21 days agoLegend has it, Joe still has his hands up.
  • Errick Flesch
    Errick Flesch1 months agoYou ever try fighting in sand? No traction or push off. Hard to take off. Good fight guys. Good sportsmanship. NEVER judge a fighter on muscles.
  • Stargate
    Stargate14 days ago18:33 is that Johnny Walker the UFC fighter?
  • pranpisit rittirong
    pranpisit rittirong1 days agoMy ancestor will proud for this fight! and Bless you fighter!
  • Nick LM
    Nick LM1 months agodid joe forget to put his hands up
  • Tom Goffnett
    Tom Goffnett1 months agoThat was a good fight. Fighting in the sand has to be so very exhausting. Both fighters did great.
  • Persona X
    Persona X4 days agoBUEN VIDEO Y ARRIBA ESPAÑA Aunque no viene a cuento XD
  • victor arthur
    victor arthur3 days agoThe brasilians dominante the internet lol:v🇧🇷✌️
  • Leonel Sanchez
    Leonel Sanchez5 hours agoBuena pelea tuvo más condición el blanco...y ganó....
  • todd toler
    todd toler1 months agoA fight on youtube worth watching. Thanks guys. Good job. Keep it up.
  • J O
    J O1 months ago9:44 gay boy touching himself when he sees men in embrace
  • Lucas Soares
    Lucas Soares1 months ago2 mi só de Brasileiros 😂😂😂 Slvv
  • Gustavo Ulloa
    Gustavo Ulloa8 days agoGreat actitud of bouts fighters... Nice fight!
  • Steve B053
    Steve B0531 days agosome weak, out of shape dude against some muscular, in shape dude..and we're supposed to watch the video to the end to find the outcome?
  • Jonathan Orellana
    Jonathan Orellana2 days agothe fight is good, but I can't take that breathing sound any longer!!
  • Sherxan
    Sherxan1 months agoОбоих бы ушатал,но с дивана не хочу вставать)!Да ребята молодцы
  • Mantas Šneideris
    Mantas Šneideris1 months agoFight lasted so long the brazilian man got an even bigger tan
    NOTMYNAME1 months ago@ 9:36 the Brazilian guy looks like he's thinking 'shit I really underestimated this dude...' Both of these guys are legit fighters, this was just as fun to watch as a lot of MMA.
  • Felix Heidi
    Felix Heidi3 days agoThe american Managed really well u can never pretend a boxer by is body shape. A little fatty but never moving to much using All his energy for what is realy necceseeray
  • Enki Constantine
    Enki Constantine1 months agoThis is a new MMA league I've recently found and I LOVE IT!
  • FishyFilms Puffer TV
    FishyFilms Puffer TV1 months agoHay Joe, if you kept your hands up, we wouldn’t need to listen to the guy saying get your hands up Joe.
  • DarkSagan
    DarkSagan11 days agoThat was a very good fight. Easily could have been on Glory. Fuck fighting in the sand though.
  • Ægir
    Ægir6 days ago0:40 holy shit is that Johnny walker?
  • Fred Lee
    Fred Lee19 days agoSlow pace but both fighter have talent to show us👍👍👍
  • schizoidman
    schizoidman24 days agoMost of the Brazilian's punches were either wild and complete misses or blocked effectively by the American. Some of them were showboat type attempts, spin kicks and even spin punches. Not a good strategy in sand. The American was a much smarter fighter. He did not throw as many punches or kicks, but lande a much higher percentage of them. He was also better when they were clinched up. Going in my first impression was that the American was way out of shape and would not hold up. Looks can be deceiving.
  • erik nulty
    erik nulty1 months agoJoe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe. Joe, hands up! hands up Joe.
  • David Cohen
    David Cohen1 months ago"BEST FIGHT !!!" is kind of an oversell
  • Santiago Mendoza
    Santiago Mendoza27 days agoSalute for both fighters, nice stamina for a big guy
  • Irishoutlaww 13
    Irishoutlaww 1317 days agoThe guy in blue is a deadly example to never judge a book by its cover. He definitely doesn't look the part but that's the beauty of it. Nice fight!!
  • Robert Cairns
    Robert Cairns1 months agoThe American has to be ex military. He is a very disciplined fighter.
  • André Fonseca
    André Fonseca1 months agoBrasil Tmj mas porradas! abç a tds
  • Venable Dance
    Venable Dance1 months agoBrazilian guy seem to be focusing on technique. USA guy seems more spontaneous, both are Good.
  • Jack Teller
    Jack Teller23 days ago"HAnDs Up JoE" (c)
  • Dinko Keserovic
    Dinko Keserovic26 days agoBeautiful fight, and main reason for that is the way how fighters are showing gratitude and respect to each other. Bravo!
  • 407ForRent
    407ForRent1 months agoWith a lil cardio the USA guy could be great
  • Stan Olsen
    Stan Olsen1 months agoJohnny Walker in the backround !!!!
  • MrDanthemegaman
    MrDanthemegaman35 minutes agoFirst time I hear some English here lol
  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar6 days agoWho's that breathing heavily on mic?
  • Keste Polo
  • SPIDER-Z Reviews e Colecionismo
    SPIDER-Z Reviews e Colecionismo1 months agoBrazilian Muay Thai 🇧🇷♥️
  • bjjzs
    bjjzs1 months ago0:41 is JOHNNY WALKER UFC FIGHTER LOL
  • Genesis Cruz
    Genesis Cruz1 months agoThe winner earns the right to fight for the belt against CM Punk.
  • Spyros Michalo
    Spyros Michalo27 days agoBoth excellent fighters. Joe did more mind game. He brake brazilian with strong legs first minutes and kept good defense with hands up. He also breath well and manage power also good. Very tai tactic.
  • The South Reviews
    The South Reviews15 days agoBrilliant coach for the guy in the blue very good indeed could easily be a world class for fighters if he wanted to.
  • francesco vellei
    francesco vellei12 days agoi like their sportivity. The most excellent fighters are this kind of guys