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Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 || FailArmy Best Fails of the Year

by FailArmy38.141.024 views

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  • Barry
    Barry4 year ago"it's okay! Daddy got that all on camera, it's okay." - Failarmy Best Quotes of the Year
  • Jess❤
    Jess❤6 months agoat 1:48 when the girl falls off the skateboard but her boyfriend quickyl runs and sees if she's ok thats really sweet
  • Larents Ty and Josh
    Larents Ty and Josh2 months ago3:05 the way he's touching his head is so sweet
  • Niels The g.o.a.t
    Niels The g.o.a.t5 months ago7:12 - 7:17 🤣🤣
  • fifloCzek
    fifloCzek2 months ago21:08 this smells like teen spirit
  • Nigel Kronkberry
    Nigel Kronkberry4 year ago19:20 "It's okay, daddy got all that on camera, it's okay". Best parenting award goes to...
  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia2 months ago#icebucket challenge 22:24
  • spychecker
    spychecker6 months ago14:33 North Korean nuclear missile test.
  • Oswald Batiancila
    Oswald Batiancila3 months ago2:12 how to parkour 😂😂
  • Einarplays
    Einarplays3 months ago7:31 is he flipping him off😂😂
  • AnnicellaMe
    AnnicellaMe3 year agohow the hell are we the most intelligent species.. :D
  • Michael Talmadge
    Michael Talmadge2 days agoI have to admit I love the Parkour fails the best
  • User 92
    User 927 months ago19:20 omg 😂 what kind of dad says that 😂
  • 서찬욱
    서찬욱4 months ago14:11 that dude is drinking fire or something?
  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez158 months ago7:23 My favorite one
  • KOsfc
    KOsfc4 year ago13:00 what a stupid woman. She runs into the middle of the road without even looking and blames him.
  • Dark Megumin
    Dark Megumin2 months ago21:09 now start the remix!
  • Kevin Victorlas
    Kevin Victorlas9 months ago1:47 are you ok babe? Is that a question? I guess it is😏
  • Vinnie Provolone
    Vinnie Provolone6 months ago7:14 Ride the lightning! "ayyyyyyyy!"
  • Christopher Rule
    Christopher Rule8 days ago12:55 *crosses road into traffic without looking* “cOuLd YoU gO aNy FaStEr?!”
  • mazurchuck2
    mazurchuck23 year ago19:20 BEST DAD EVER
  • LewJay Crad
    LewJay Crad9 days ago19:20 Now that’s what u call a real dad
  • David Maietta
    David Maietta3 days agoI'm saying nice things about you go away
  • Roger Santos
    Roger Santos3 months ago24:34 The dog no wasted time! 😂
  • Dan
    Dan4 months agoI've often wondered if the guy at 0 :24 died as a result of this.
  • SuperbFlashzplayer
    SuperbFlashzplayer4 year agoIs it just me or does the sound at 8:48 skips ahead a few sec?
  • Oit Thegroit
    Oit Thegroit3 months ago9:40 I really hope no one got seriously injured or died!
  • John Gilmer
    John Gilmer5 months agoStarting around 18:08 that little green is warping throughout the video. The passenger compartment is almost constantly changing size and shape.
  • Milburn Madness 2.0
    Milburn Madness 2.06 months ago21:13 and some say the man is still sliding to this day
  • wayne goff
    wayne goff2 months agoThat pig knew exactly what that redneck had in mind!
  • zach olson
    zach olson2 year agoI told you dont microwave it. And what did you do, microwave it. With a beautiful shirt on.
  • Olivia Coffey
    Olivia Coffey3 months ago15:50 i know where to have a date
  • Viki BGツ
    Viki BGツ1 months ago24:49 how ninja turtles are made!😂😂😂
  • King Bugs
    King Bugs2 months agoThe way that guys head and neck compressed on the first one. He was probably really hurt.
  • Johnytube313
    Johnytube31312 days ago17:17, Parent of the year, yes just watch and record your child while he is playing with the mirror
  • austin holder
    austin holder3 year agolol. i didn't even notice the cow in the backseat, i was looking at the 420 license plate.
    ARMOSOS3 months ago15:40 im dead xDDD
  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner2 months agoMost of these are: “I saw this on the Internet, and I want to be noticed, so I thought I would be original and do the exact same thing.” What is wrong with this logic?
  • Andre Swartz
    Andre Swartz6 months ago3:25 A tall lesson on ladder cause and effect. 5:50 Double tap. 9:15 Le Bomb. 11:23 Dogpile. 11:42 An alternative road rage and decaf motivation. 12:35 DANCE! 14:20 Not a good time to find out you are a drooler. 15:18 Blackout. 18:24 Moovin on. 22:15 Future Minion. 22:30 That explains the 'Urk'. 24:40 Dog says Hello.
  • Eclipse Universe
    Eclipse Universe4 months agoI'm afraid of pretty girls~ ( nice mode ) AH F GOD *** YOU CAT
    RAIINY-SKYEE2 year ago19:22 "It's OK, daddy got that all on camera, it's OK.'' wow, what a nice father. XD
  • Travos Ymir
    Travos Ymir2 months ago10:40 I would be doing the same thing as that cat but just with my tongue!😜
  • Ojou
    Ojou6 months agoOk 11:30 got me good. That shit was hilarious
  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters1 months agoThere's a lot of serious head injuries here. I love the irate bird and cat the most.
  • Nkb Studios
    Nkb Studios4 months agoAudio glitch! It's gonna explode!
  • Ponk
    Ponk3 year ago12:53  *helps woman up* "Are you alright?" "Could you go any faster?" "Yes, yes i could. So how about next time you decide to cross the road off the pedestrian crossing, have at least the common sense of looking to both sides before doing it?"
  • GNR Productions
    GNR Productions2 months agoThe guy who got kicked in the head by the locomotive driver was about to get hit so the guy tried to warn him It's just what I think
  • First Last
    First Last1 months agoI'll never understand why a motorcyclist kicks a moving car
  • Emma F
    Emma F1 months agoOMG LOL XD AT 3:30 SHE SWEARS AT HER CAT Every time I rewind I laugh way harder
  • SparklingGarbage l-/ !
    SparklingGarbage l-/ !7 months ago21:07 the way he throws the shovel I can’t