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Girl Fails : Best Drunk Girls Fail Compilation !!!

by Bad Idea509.682 views

Girl Fails : Best Drunk Girls Fail Compilation .Another fail compilation for you, this time about Drunk Girls! Hope you like our compilation and try to stay serious ,please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! Don't forget to subscribe our channel to help us reach to 100.000 Subscribers : . *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: © For copyright issues, please mail us here: [email protected]

  • Daven Watts
    Daven Watts1 year agoYup all that burrito was missin was boob sweat
  • James Kirk
    James Kirk11 days agoThe old saying my ex's used on me,, truth comes out when you are drunk.
  • AwesomeTBz
    AwesomeTBz11 months ago7:00 LOOK AT THE EYES, OMG!!!!!
  • Kok-Kin Njo
    Kok-Kin Njo9 months ago3:50 OMG..
  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz10 months agoThe woman at 3:30 is so adorable messily eating her fluffy burrito. Keeper
  • jason larney
    jason larney3 months agonever trust a cop they never make anything better for anyone
  • Soumya Chakraborty
    Soumya Chakraborty5 months ago5:35 Lol that narration :D
  • Frank Welch
    Frank Welch3 months agoI  love a happy drunk at 1:54
  • Marissa Mcnair0x0
    Marissa Mcnair0x02 months ago6:05 hella creepy
  • serbest meslek
    serbest meslek3 months agosarhoşken sikecen bunları en güzeli
  • Clark Barcelo
    Clark Barcelo8 months agoGirl, juz wanna hav fun,..
  • pizzafrenzyman
    pizzafrenzyman5 months agoBurrito girl is a champ! Remember girls, gravity wins every time.
  • Vodkarage
    Vodkarage10 months agoThis video is funny, but I wouldn't touch any one of those girls, or be alone with them. In today's world, they can now turn around and claim rape, even if they instigated sex while drunk, then regret it after waking up. Doesn't matter if the man is drunk also, apparently, after drinking, women are incapable of being adult, they become children and are not responsible for anything they do. Just a warning for all you guys out there!
  • rob manning
    rob manning1 months agoI love drunk women who love to pee on guys
  • Palestine Martinez
    Palestine Martinez3 months agoLmmfaooooof, at 1:05 check out dude, just letting the 2 chicks fall on him, without a concern🤣,good looking out man👊...and the chick, woofing down the burrito, well alright!, quite, hungry drunk, that's righteous...hell let them have some fun.
  • forder84
    forder847 months agoAnyone else think the situation going on at 0:36 looks a little bit suspect? The guy be looking at her the way I look at a kebab before I devour it 😂
  • Franklin Warner
    Franklin Warner3 months agoNice Video.
  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon10 months agoGet that woman somewhere safe before she gets it
  • drunken tv
  • Kadir Can Akbulut
    Kadir Can Akbulut6 months ago😆😆😆🤮🤮🤮
  • Lotfi Helmi
    Lotfi Helmi6 months agoLoooool
  • keep silence
    keep silence1 year agoHahah lovely
    MANG TISYONG8 months agonot funny its horny lol
  • bigboyusa3
    bigboyusa37 months agoat 6:13  didn't the fishermen want that?
  • Ken Hur
    Ken Hur10 months agoNice collection of lil piglets
  • King Patel
    King Patel1 year agoI want to buy this channel...price??
  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS2 months agoHope the girl on the Beach,didn't wind up with a bad sun burn
  • #ROSE SURAJ 389
    #ROSE SURAJ 3891 months agoI like white girl ☺
  • Big 10 2 blood Bl
    Big 10 2 blood Bl6 months agoDirty skanks
  • Bad Axident
    Bad Axident4 months agoWomen have a system. They are to be protected at all cost. You can't hit a woman for any reason, right? Lifeboats? Who floats and who drowns? Cops? Who runs for cover and who goes in first? Men are supposed to even protect them from themselves and when the men don't they create a laws that totally side with them. Don't take a drunk woman anywhere. The law is on her side no matter how unjust. Take a red pill, man.
  • Pete Beach
    Pete Beach4 months agoThis video is not funny!
  • cosmic bird
    cosmic bird9 months agothe beached mermaid one cracked me up!
  • Black Tiger
    Black Tiger7 months agoin islam it is not allowing to have any thing to be drunk.
  • I'm Green
    I'm Green1 year agoWhite people are weird creatures....
  • taz biscuit
    taz biscuit10 days agoTwo creeps at 0:55 trying to hide ther boners, with those weird creepy smiles on their faces. How is that girl even in that room with those weirdos?
  • Little Mac
    Little Mac6 months ago4:15 Does she really need to be in handcuffs? Like what kind of treat is she? She can even stand up. F the police.
  • Gambetas #1
    Gambetas #15 months agoThe first one expresses to its max how humanity is nowadays, people just watches and rather film than help. To all of the people that just watched the girl going down I hope all of your kids don't never need help
  • Jenny Jimenez
    Jenny Jimenez3 months agoI'll take high over drunk anytime! They look disgusting
  • mark collard
    mark collard3 months ago#2 is buzzing, but completely in control of acting like a fool. these are people that act drunk with a buzz. the same women who would do something that night, and claim it wasn't consensual. lesson for the men out there, don't sleep with women who are drinking, because the law can always claim she wasn't straight enough to make the decision to have sex. but they're straight enough to know they were embarrassed about being a skank enough so they claim rape instead of owning the fact that they are adults and can have sex without shame. if it's socially acceptable for a man to have one night stands, why isn't it acceptable for a woman to do the same? i thought women wanted to be treated like equals across the board, "equal means equal", not equal means equal right until the point where we want to claim we're not equal if that leads to preferential treatment. there is so much wrong with this video. i hope these girls feel embarrassed for themselves.
  • Enrique Esquivelchacon
    Enrique Esquivelchacon11 months agoCrazy I Love Girls of the American Yea BaBy
  • Sean S.
    Sean S.7 months ago4:05 disgusting
  • Shawn S
    Shawn S10 months agoMostly old clips
  • Clips And Gifs
    Clips And Gifs16 days agoClick my account for the funniest female fails!
  • cyborg become a cyborg live forever
    cyborg become a cyborg live forever1 months agoThere all dudes recording them they most likely rape them
  • scooter mcclevis
    scooter mcclevis5 months agoI like the burrito tits, that was funny..