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Stupid People Fail ep 2 (RANDOM 25MINUTES)

by Garret Johnson5.554.653 views
  • Mr S. T. Range
    Mr S. T. Range3 year agoif you skateboard wear a NUT GUARD
  • Liseth Lopez
    Liseth Lopez3 year ago5:52 lmao ay si.all badass bodybuilder then he breaks his fish tank...and calls out for mamah! Lmao
  • nathan bullimore
    nathan bullimore5 year agoWe need new stuff
  • Brett Symons
    Brett Symons3 year ago21:00 Imagine the insurance claim. 'So you are saying the house drove into you?'
  • Country Cruiser
    Country Cruiser4 year ago20:10 just about killed his buddy
  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller3 year ago9:48 first one that really got me
  • 기우GiuliMaster
    기우GiuliMaster4 year agoHahahahaha, the cow 20:40 XDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Jennifer Eastep
    Jennifer Eastep3 year agoPlay stupid games, Win stupid prizes! :-D
  • KlunkerRider
    KlunkerRider4 year agoThe reason there are so many of these videos today is that there are no more sabertooth tigers to thin out the flock.
  • NØVA
    NØVA4 year agoTo believe that we as *HUMANS* are the dominant species on this planet is just proof that nature has a great sense of humor!!
  • L as in L
    L as in L3 year ago0:20 "Look at me, I'm Peter Pan!!" Seriously though, they should just give that guy the gold.
  • Debbie Chanik
    Debbie Chanik3 year ago20:16 is basically attempted murder
  • RobNorthampton
    RobNorthampton4 year agoNatural Selection at work.
  • Accalia Murray Music
    Accalia Murray Music2 year ago0:05 Just stare at his crotch and wait for impact...
  • Syrynx's Let's Play
    Syrynx's Let's Play3 year agoWhat kind of a normal people do that? 20:11
  • IvanIvan1974
    IvanIvan19744 year ago16:11 This is a not dirigible situation.
  • D Dub
    D Dub3 year agoeverytime i see that dude on  the bike hit the sign, i laugh so hard
  • Jessica Le Brun
    Jessica Le Brun4 year agoouch, im not watching the rest
  • The Shadow
    The Shadow2 year ago9:59 first back flip ive seen at hogwarts
  • adretube
    adretube2 year ago7:58 i always laugh this :)))
  • MJmcnult
    MJmcnult3 year agoThe clips from 3:00 - 4:05 could be on the "Ow!, My Balls" show from the movie Idiocracy. What does that say about us?
  • ThirAilith
    ThirAilith3 year ago4:51 Everytime i think that Mini and Daithi are laughing
  • Christine Bouis
    Christine Bouis4 year agoits my and my brother at 8 45
  • Alias: Jackal
    Alias: Jackal2 year ago0:19 props to that guy for getting that much air, though...
  • Digital2Pulse
    Digital2Pulse3 year agois it okay if I feature your video in my video I promise to mention you
  • dede9806
    dede98063 year ago20:12 attempted murder
  • 15jayh
    15jayh4 year agoLmao
  • Baptiste Bonnefoy
    Baptiste Bonnefoy4 year agoTyped de conar
  • LarixusSnydes
    LarixusSnydes3 year agoI love the athlete that confused the high with the long jump. Still, quite an effort. The judge involved was also forcinbly impressed...
  • Jamie Donu
    Jamie Donu3 year agoon 14:20 is very sad
  • Daniel rogers
    Daniel rogers3 year ago20:12 Attempted murder!
  • AngryKitty
    AngryKitty3 year agoSome of these are very serious injuries.
  • East Coast Amy
    East Coast Amy2 year agoOh.My.Gosh. That guy skateboarding gut those wires so hard it knocked his shoe off!! 😨😵
  • tigurius555
    tigurius5552 year ago2:09 "thats enough sports for today imma take a nap"
  • X
    X4 year agois the 0:19 real????!!!!!
  • Pimp Nutz
    Pimp Nutz3 year agothe one with the 5 minitutes is when there was for people and got hurt injured but then fell on hurt ouch that would really hurt, ouch my arms ouch. ok thanks
  • LivingInVancouverBC
    LivingInVancouverBC3 year ago"A garden of *pain*!" Pinhead
    MICHAŁ O4 year ago20:12 horror ......
  • aaron knuutila
    aaron knuutila2 year agoput a 👍if you are scrolling down well watching the video
  • TryNsurviveN
    TryNsurviveN4 year agoI pray these people made themselves unable to reproduce. 
  • IamVorDee
    IamVorDee4 year ago16:11 wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk
  • mike wheeler
    mike wheeler4 year ago16:45 excited over a 315 deadlift. lol
  • Krinken Krinkensen
    Krinken Krinkensen3 year agoGenerally, people in these film clips are too flimsy and weak. The new generation of men is not strong.
  • Matias Korpela
    Matias Korpela4 year ago2:25 perfect timing :D
  • Henry Hodges
    Henry Hodges3 year agoThat guy at 00:20 waoh
  • The Muscle Biker
    The Muscle Biker3 year ago1:45 I'd just hit the gas...officer I felt in threat of my life.
  • jefthereaper
    jefthereaper3 year ago01:48 o hey cute he has a axe *drives over him with the car* idiot.
  • Paintballer
    Paintballer3 year ago9:59 Hogwarts?!?