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Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation

by Animalz TV2.581.029 views

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  • Alpacalypse
    Alpacalypse1 year agoi love how the pitbull is like : "Oky...the left?..clear.. air? no birds in sight..right side? nobody there. Bebes? stilll there. "
  • Love
    Love8 months agoThe second dog was like "what do you mean where's the baby?" Dog proceeds to run to crib while thinking "that baby better be in there" 😂😂😂
  • Stussmeister
  • William McCartney
    William McCartney1 year agoUm that pit was on patrol. Good luck getting near those 2 kids. He was full on guardian mode.
  • Mimi 83
    Mimi 831 year agoMy cousin just had her baby and we had laid him down in his crib and went to the kitchen the dog kept pacing trying to alert us we heard the baby on the monitor had it not been for that dog that baby may not have made it.. He could've choked to death. So they do protect babies.
  • rliogghio
    rliogghio1 year agoOur grand daughters and their 90 lbs pit mix sleep in a pile most nights...I think the dog thinks he is the older brother or something. He lets the girls get away with murder but if you even raise your voice around them the dog will come stand right at your feet and look at you like...there's no need for that. He is simply the smartest and most well mannered dog I have ever been around and all thing considered we trust him with our grand daughters lives. Marty the Magnificent! The only dog even close to him is Buzz. My 80 year old mother's 90 lbs pit mix that I think actually speaks, or at least can understand, English. What an amazing breed...
  • Kathy Caetta
    Kathy Caetta1 year agoWhy do people think pretending to hit someone is cute... when the dog actually bite someone it will be punished for something he was taught. Other than that dogs protecting babies are cute...
  • Nova Burrell
    Nova Burrell1 year agoThe pit bulls was nanny in the 1800. Bad people got them in so much of trouble, put down the owners not the dog. That would make me very happy
  • Maryam hosseini Ghomi
    Maryam hosseini Ghomi1 year agoIt was cute until they did the fake hitting - that was terrible!!
  • Mary Pelton
    Mary Pelton1 year agoYes a Pitt bull guarding the twins
  • Bambi
    Bambi1 year agowe dont deserve animals XD
  • Shianne Alexis
    Shianne Alexis1 year agoIt's sad when a dog is more of a father then the real dad😂💕
  • MaiinaJo
    MaiinaJo1 year agoThe relaxed dogs are cute... The rest should have other owners...
  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey1 year agoVery good dogs looking after the babies so cute dogs Bless you all thank you for sharing.
  • Jesse Coulter
    Jesse Coulter1 year agopeople shouldn't wind up their dog for entertainment
  • Mimi Mimms
    Mimi Mimms1 year agoIt's so AMAZING how when u treat/raise your dog w/ love & kindness, they give it back 10 fold-even to the newest & tiniest mmbr of the "pack". It's the abused, mistreated dogs (often trained as fighting dogs w/ small animals as bait) that attack & kill babies/small children. Idk y ppl don't get that yet.
  • Elodie wae
    Elodie wae1 year agoVery cute, except for the people who are "faking" hitting the babies. You are stressing the dogs, this is so bad.Don't do that. Okay you are proving that they protect the kids, but you stress the animals..I don't like that
  • J is Scoobysmom
    J is Scoobysmom8 months ago"That's MY baby, don't you understand personal space boundaries, human?" So cute! I think baby & dog interaction with EXTREME supervision is great, the kids grow up loving animals and don't fear them. I was bitten at 3 yrs old by my parents' friends' dog, it hadn't been violent before but a treat was involved, and it jumped a fence & mauled kid a week later & was shot to stop it. Thankfully I have no memory of it & I'm allergic to cats so I'm a dog person 😉
  • seekerdude
    seekerdude1 year agoprotect the human puppy at all costs All other considerations secondary i say again All other considerations secondary.
  • Siri Williams
    Siri Williams1 year agoThe last one was the best just let them chill together instead of getting the dog all rowdy before an accident happened
  • tiffany smith
    tiffany smith7 months agoRuns to nearest dog shelter
  • Adeline Hatter
    Adeline Hatter1 year agoIts so sad to see stupid people in the comments. No the dogs mouth isn't as clean as we may want it but I am not going to punish my dog for licking a baby. It also helps the infants grow stronger immune systems being around a dog. So someone saying I should keep my dog away from a child is bs, they will come to resenting the child. I grew up with German Shepherds. One who we did not train stayed by my side and if he did not know you, you would not be coming near me, you would not touch me. A neighbor of mine thought this was a joke and came after me, my dog proceeded to latch to his balls. I rather have a dog protect my child then keep it away or have some lunatic near my child. If my dog don't know you or trust you then your not getting near that infant cause if he doesn't know you then I sure in hell didn't introduce you to him and for good reason. My dog knows who to let in and not. I have to grant permission for you to step inside. I trained him like this for a very good reason and no he has never bitten one person. He charged a drunk but no biting was involved. He's also trained if he does bite you to not break skin and to pull you a way. My father played with me like these young men do with their children and yes, my old dog grabbed his arm and stopped him, no blood was shed and no we did not punish that dog cause we wanted him to be protective. I've had a lot of people criticize my trainings and my way with my dog then I have people begging me to help train their dogs that way. My bf has no high rank to my dog, he only obeys my commands cause I was the one who raised him. Tidas listens very well to people, he is a very obedient loving dog. He remembers who I let in and who I send away, if my bf let's someone in Tidas will sit by myside and watch until a few moments and then he wants to meet them and play. Tidas does jump up on me while I am on the couch cause I've let him do that sense he was a pup but he will ask permission first by placing his paw on your knee. My friend was pregnant and when she came over, dear god get his permission before laying a hand on that sweet woman who still comes around with her infant and he still sits right there watching over them. My neighbor rescued two fighting pits, they recently had a baby and there is no doubt in my mind that those two protect that baby with their very breath even with their history. If this is the animal you don't want around children? Then don't even bother getting a dog and having kids cause I fear for both.
  • gatekeeper1
    gatekeeper11 year agoi enjoy training my personal dogs,and i respect them...but some of these dogs are being put in bad situations,posessive,weak nerved dogs shouldn't be stressed into these "protective roles",a "bad response"is imprinted and never put under stimulas control...incomplete training always leads to unintended results,everyone loves a "good family dog"..but some of these dogs are being "taught"incorrectly.
  • Banana Lana
    Banana Lana7 months agoOmfg the baby trying to get down the stairs awwwww such a good dog
  • Leslie Forsdyke
    Leslie Forsdyke1 year agoAwesome that they're defending, but does nobody think that winding the dog up when it's defending a baby could potentially end in a baby accidentally being hurt?
  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald1 year agoThe situation where the dog is aggressively standing 'duty' by the baby should not be allowed to happen. It's portayed as a game for some people, but the dog doesn't understand that, and it shouldn't be allowed. Ultimately if anything bad happened it would be the dog who pays the price, when it was underlyingly the owners' fault to begin with. I am an animal behaviorist, and I'm just presenting my opinion for the sake of the animals.
  • Nova Burrell
    Nova Burrell1 year agoDogs are the best babysitter. They love unconditionally
  • Tegan Parish
    Tegan Parish1 year agoMy dog used to protect my twin brother and I in our pram too, but never showed any aggression. She’d gently place herself in between strangers and us. Dogs showing aggression isn’t funny
  • Hi Therel
    Hi Therel1 year agoAntagonizing the poor dogs. Jerks
  • Walking trophy Clatner
    Walking trophy Clatner2 days agothey are the best protectors.... it’s lovely to see how they are
  • TDF_ W0rldKeY
    TDF_ W0rldKeY1 year agoIt's so cute how the dogs protect like that but it seems a bit dangerous but understood
  • silvia Maria Arango
    silvia Maria Arango1 year agoson los seres mas nobles del universo, no hay raza mala, hay dueños y propietarios malos y perversos quel os enseñan a atacar a otros seres.
    BIG DOG SURF VLOG2 months agoMy pitbull is in charge of my safety. He's always so worried.
  • melanie diana
    melanie diana11 months agoThis makes my day since I Lost my dog
  • Justin Y Not.
    Justin Y Not.3 months ago0:54 Working a Double For Treats!!!
  • Lady Gee
    Lady Gee3 months agoHe's making sure nobody touches his lunch and dinner 😢
  • Freddie Clark
    Freddie Clark1 year agoYeah, really cute, but some of these are obviously staged and that isnt really good for the poor dog.
  • Blkgrl Wanderlust
    Blkgrl Wanderlust1 year agoIt's all fun and games u til the dog bites someone
  • France Richard
    France Richard2 months agoThere way more smarter than people sometimes!!!!!!
  • Rima  Raad
    Rima Raad6 months ago1:39 he aint protecting -.- he is uncomfortable ....
  • Oswaldo Reyes
    Oswaldo Reyes1 year agoThe little chihuahua protecting the baby was so adorable.
  • BIG E
    BIG E1 year agoGod bless you
  • Squints
    Squints2 months agoIt’s always the small dogs that seem to bite and bark
  • BIG E
    BIG E1 year agoYou have the best videos in the entire universe
  • Katrina Aguon
    Katrina Aguon1 year agoTotally jelly loyal family members 😘😃😂😊
  • Charles Severtson
    Charles Severtson1 year agoMoronic people
  • Iriz Cruz
    Iriz Cruz7 months agodogs are man and children best friends they are better than humans
  • Mohammed Haider Khalid
    Mohammed Haider Khalid4 months ago4:59 wow the dogs response was fast after she said "let her come down"
  • James Brinley
    James Brinley2 months agowhen there's a boxer in the room someone is gonna get kisses you can bank on it. lol
  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog1 year agoSome of these are very cute.