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Best Funny Prank Vines Compilation | Top Viral Pranks Vines April 2018

by Dumb Genius15.102.036 views

Dumb Genius (we used to be The Best Vines!) try not to laugh or grin at these hilarious funny Prank Vine & Instagram Compilation August 2017! Check out more Try Not To Laugh Compilations ► Check out more Beyond The Vine Compilations ► Subscribe for more Dumb Genius ►

  • Endr B3AST
    Endr B3AST1 year ago3:07 i thought she said God dammit nutella
  • Daniel Serban
    Daniel Serban1 year ago7:56 Romania confirmed like daca esti roman
  • Vlad Andrei
    Vlad Andrei1 year ago08:04 ROMANII MEEEI
    XTRON THEPRO4 months ago4:52 *EHHHHH* lmao I died 😂
  • All About Politics
    All About Politics1 year ago4:31 He hit the window XD
  • Errin Amiyah
    Errin Amiyah9 months agoIs anyone going to say anything about 0:28 he could have killed the dude . Then he would be looking dumb in jail
  • Adam Mignon
    Adam Mignon1 year ago90% are too far
  • _Uzi _
    _Uzi _2 months ago2:47 No jo ViralBrothers jsou všude CZ
  • Nikolas Hanko
    Nikolas Hanko1 year agoviral brothers :O 2:48
  • OppoFornoobists
    OppoFornoobists1 year ago16:40 why does that mother or grandmother say motherfu*cker even if his mother?
  • The plane dude4
    The plane dude41 year ago12:30 I'M DEAD LOL XD
  • Dylan T
    Dylan T1 year ago11:31 im a unicorn
  • — Hodor
    — Hodor1 year ago10:58 Good to see you Alex Hunter
  • kendylle emersyn
    kendylle emersyn1 year ago8:48 *IM GONNA FRIKIN KILL YA.* 😂💀
  • Demon King46
    Demon King461 year ago4:56 bish danced to it
  • Gypsy Jokes
    Gypsy Jokes1 year agoWow awesome funny video these pranks are inspirational!!!
  • MzIndependent9910
    MzIndependent99101 year agoNo that is called cruelty No actually its called a prank
  • Mike Reppas
    Mike Reppas1 year ago'God damn it Natalia'
  • MDLF Panda
    MDLF Panda1 year ago1:12 he reacted to quick 😂
  • Azad Kurdistan
    Azad Kurdistan1 year ago2:00 😂😂👌
  • Erik Sigmund
    Erik Sigmund4 months agoMistake girls are not aloud to prank boys! But boys can prank girls! 2 boys can prank each other 2girls can prank each other
  • Dylan T
    Dylan T1 year ago13:09 my personel favorite
  • SynaxC0de
    SynaxC0de1 year ago5:05 😂😂
  • Cockroach24
    Cockroach244 days agoDon’t prank your own mom at her old age .she might get a heart attack
  • lol
    lol1 year ago10:00 why he got them glasses on? Lmao
  • Herda Bagas
    Herda Bagas1 year ago12:30 BEST PART
  • redmain 2004
    redmain 20041 year ago8:34
  • Eunice Pon
    Eunice Pon11 months ago5:03 OMG I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!
  • Petr Hudan
    Petr Hudan1 year ago0:06 R.I.P Penis :DD
  • Noob Mister CZ
    Noob Mister CZ1 year ago8:14 R.I.P. Wrap ;(
  • GeT TRolLeD
    GeT TRolLeD1 year ago5:34
  • Yu-Jo-San Gaming
    Yu-Jo-San Gaming8 days ago0:09 PBS broadcasting presents the "Nutt Cracker" 😂😂😂😂
  • Vladimir Buterov
    Vladimir Buterov1 year ago0:03 top :D
  • cider_ gaming
    cider_ gaming3 months ago15:41 -I hve a question is a Wendy work here? (five seconds later) -bro u dint row u window down. (-_-) -What?? (me XD)
  • Warrior Gamer
    Warrior Gamer1 months ago0:09 i thought that blurred out part was his.... y’know....
    OLBICHL1 months agoHow lovely, everybody trows presents at the zombie
  • Dave MacDonald
    Dave MacDonald1 months agoDude dropped his glasses in the urinal. Lololololol
  • KYUBI Gaming
    KYUBI Gaming26 days ago12:08 i farted in front of my friends from laughter
  • Legendary Explorer
    Legendary Explorer27 days ago16:00 LOL THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE VIDEO!
  • sonicluke122
    sonicluke1229 days agoThis video was released on Sonic Mania’s release day! BTW, 0:07 was my absolute favorite! So was 10:00!
  • ryyu fhjk
    ryyu fhjk3 months agothe guy in the first video hahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂
  • alina and brown85
    alina and brown859 days ago5:02 I bursted laughing
  • sky
    sky1 months ago0:39 the panic in his eyes Poor dude
  • KrayZ Mr
    KrayZ Mr6 months ago14:55 пх угарнул с этого, я представляю какой рестлинг там начался
  • OG _TeeTristan00
    OG _TeeTristan004 months agoThis not From 2018 but ok
    VINICIUS ,2 months ago2018-2019 anyone ? what is tampax
  • Blazen 21
    Blazen 214 months agoThat second one was just cruel... thats not even funny thats abuse and assault
  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas3 months ago13:31 that wasn't funny , that was so painfull
  • armando cifuentes
    armando cifuentes1 year agoThe one with the the chainsaw.... It scared the frickin life outta me!
  • xiumin's cutie
    xiumin's cutie2 months ago5:51 LMAO THE GIRL HAD THE SHOCK OF HER LIFE!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂