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If You Don't Laugh You Are a StoneFace God!!! *Hard Challenge* -Reupload-

by Blackpillar32.629.810 views

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  • Stuart Chaplin
    Stuart Chaplin1 year agoLike this comment if ur a stone face God like me
  • gaming with pastel
    gaming with pastel9 days agoI was a stone face god untill.. ,I *selled* my wife for internet connection
  • Itzz a'Nyah
    Itzz a'Nyah13 hours agoI was doin great ... UNTIL 3:49 OMGG 62 LIKES WTH SORRY I DONT CUSS 😧but like I’ve never EVER gotten any likes before thanks 🤗THANKS AGAIN !!
  • CandyIsMyBFF 85
    CandyIsMyBFF 856 days agoThe pregnant readings had me crying. PREGANANANT was the funniest one. OMG my stomach hurts so bad 😂😂😂😂.
  • thegreatbread
    thegreatbread6 days agoDude, this challenge was easy. I have no feelings.
  • Nola Vercesi
    Nola Vercesi4 months agoI’m a stone faced god. Like if u are too
  • aesthetic strawberry
    aesthetic strawberry9 days agoWhen my mum “THINKS” she’s talking to me.. “They won’t be able to sit down because of the burning in they butthole”
  • Jezzy Beltran
    Jezzy Beltran6 days ago0:51 me when I watch ASMR and an ad comes on XD
  • Sophia Martinez
    Sophia Martinez9 days agoI literally died at 7:25 your all invited to my funeral and make sure to put on my grave “died of laughter”
  • {TAZE} AdvanceCoyote28
    {TAZE} AdvanceCoyote282 days ago:legends say hes still cutting the onion😂
  • GalaxyWolfCat_YT
    GalaxyWolfCat_YT11 days agoI am a stone faced god. Like if u r as well.
  • Bishnu Dangal
    Bishnu Dangal9 days agoI didn’t laugh because I don’t have a soul. This got dark... Edit: The pregnant comment got me. Sh-
  • Rylyn Boeding
    Rylyn Boeding8 days agoWho laughed just to not be a StoneFace God
  • ItzJust Bun
    ItzJust Bun6 days agoThe pregnant ones got me.. Especially “pregananant”.
  • I am N
    I am N9 days ago4:41 I like the yonyo. I put yonyo in every meal. Especially the big yonyons! 🔪
  • xxthunder lord
    xxthunder lord5 months ago1 LIKE =YOU ARE A STONCOLD face
  • Kawaii Buiders Bloxburg House Tutorials
    Kawaii Buiders Bloxburg House Tutorials2 days agoI laughed 1000033 times, does that mean I am a stoneface god?
  • alea stewart
    alea stewart6 days agoI’m halfway through this vid and still laughing at the 1st one
  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen2 days ago1st try, I almost died of laughter, 2nd try, only smiled.
  • Cassidy Rose
    Cassidy Rose5 days agoMy circle is nomal,but yet i still dont get peegnant. War can I use.? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tanisha Sthuti
    Tanisha Sthuti9 months agoguess I’m a stone faced god...
  • Tjomme _12
    Tjomme _129 days agoI have a stone fase bicause i have not laugh
  • •ItzYaGal Chloe•
    •ItzYaGal Chloe•6 days ago*Hits something in the eye* Somebody in the background : Are you Okay? Yes I am (Lies)
  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez1 days agoThe dog ones got me so good that I almost peed my pants🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Loulou Yugi
    Loulou Yugi5 months agoOne like if you your stone face God
  • Jayla Taylor
    Jayla Taylor9 days agoEasy(0 seconds in and I can't stop laughing)
  • The Twinz
    The Twinz1 days ago9:23, PREGANANANT We Burst Out Laughing!
  • Bradley Miller
  • Nico Di Angelo
    Nico Di Angelo1 days ago9:46 got me. I don't know what it is but it's pretty dam hilarious.
  • Mysteryghoul hi
    Mysteryghoul hi22 days agoI didn't laugh like if you didn't laugh 👇
  • Moiyumi hazuki Autonomia
    Moiyumi hazuki Autonomia2 days agoHmm. Let me tell you somethin, I NEVER LAUGH!!!
  • Emma F
    Emma F2 days agoI only made it to 2:34 That dog closing the laptop was to funny XD
  • _DottieTheWolf_
    _DottieTheWolf_7 days agoI didn't laugh.... I'M A STONE FACE MASTA!!!!
  • Kessoun Stevens
    Kessoun Stevens2 days agoThis is so easy I am a stoneface good I nevered laughed at it or grin this is so easy too easy 😂😁😁😁😁😆😂😂😁😂😁😆😁😂
  • SEmapper
    SEmapper8 months agoIf you be a stoneface god like this comment
  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant7 days agoActually I didn’t laugh but I did fart twice.
  • LewJay Crad
    LewJay Crad9 days ago2:20 When u see ur teacher across the road
  • K-Popfolife
    K-Popfolife2 days agol did not laugh l grinned only at 6:41 - 7:11
  • Chelsea HunterDaPineapple
    Chelsea HunterDaPineapple12 hours agoI'm a stoneware god, who else is?
  • like me plzz Neprjachin
    like me plzz Neprjachin15 days agoI am a stone faced god. like if you are too
  • unicorns forlife9966
    unicorns forlife99666 days agoI was dying of laughter you will definitely lose this it is hilarious
  • Darkblue12
    Darkblue128 days agoi was doing well until the pregnant part.
  • Lia Dragonfall
    Lia Dragonfall2 days agoI DIDN’T LAUGH!!!!! It was soooooo hard not to laugh but I did it 😁 now I will watch it again and laugh my butt off
  • Valeria
    Valeria7 days agoI kept a straight face until.... *HeLLo aM 48 MaN*
  • Meh_emo!
    Meh_emo!11 days agoI’m a stone faced god! Like if you are too! Xx
  • carla marie Nichols
    carla marie Nichols18 hours agoDidnt laugh really couldnt get myself to laugh.
  • SuNsEt Playz
    SuNsEt Playz1 days agoI have done so many of these challenges that I’m not affected by them anymore
  • Karen Murray
    Karen Murray6 days agoHow you get the Merry-Go-Round to go that fast i must know
  • Flora Falkenberg Schmidt
    Flora Falkenberg Schmidt1 days agoLOL i didnt laugets i skipper the whole thing