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10 MINUTES OF YASSUO'S REAL SKILL😱 ►Check out our sponsor here to get free Stuff & cool Deals: --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ►Business: [email protected] (Business Inquiries only) ►Discord: --------------------------- Credits: Moe: --------------------------- ►Send us your Clips to us on our Discord! --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :)

  • Aerilate
    Aerilate1 months agoThis comment section is delusional saying Yasuo takes no skill to play. Have you ever played him? He's so hard to be actually good with. Most of these comments are probably Iron to bronze elo whiners that have no idea what to do as or against Yasuo.
  • lukex lies
    lukex lies1 months ago7:32 HIP readphone
  • simon
    simon1 months agospandau wurde die ehre genommen 3:00
  • H.47
    H.471 days agoI tried playing yasuo like him...Didn't come out with same results
  • Yanshen wijaya
    Yanshen wijaya1 months ago3:25 moe's real skill XD
  • Wendell Oblefias
    Wendell Oblefias1 months ago4:15 JANNA MVP
  • lukex lies
    lukex lies1 months agoOh my god what a insane play on 7:18... Im impressed
  • KosViik
    KosViik25 days agoNot going to lie, I hate seeing Yasuo. When he's on my team, chances are he's a braindead 12 year old who goes facefront and goes 0/10, and whenever it's the enemy he's a smurf / decent player who gets spoonfed by brainlets and after 1000-1500 gold lead he just instawins the game with his pressure. Not saying he's unskilled, but his snowballing potential is quite nuts and his scaling is insanely steep. He's the kind of character I permaban because I'm more afraid my teammate feeding on him, than the enemy getting fed on him. But damn, Moe is a whole another level. It's not even Yasuo skill anymore. It's general game skill. He's just great at using the tools he has. His dash dodges are really clean, it's like he knows his opponent's moves before they do it. Also he's not reckless with his Yasuo unlike many players. He feels out how far he can go and how much he can pressure, but goes balls to the walls regarding those boundaries he set and abuses every mistake. Sure he does a lot of mistakes, because the close-quarters nature of Yasuo just makes shit happen, but Moe handles it well.
  • Noah Busk
    Noah Busk1 months ago6:35 holy shit this guy is a god.
  • Fire
    Fire1 months agoPeople always be hating on man Moe I gotta be honest he is the only streamer I actually watch and is funny and he's not bad. You know how hard it would take to get to challenger, iron/bronze/silver people never relizes how much effort and skill you need to reach challenger. I pay high respect to masters up. I'm in gold and it's crazy how stressing rank is because of the troll people and bad games.
  • PoZDRo
    PoZDRo9 days ago7:10 i pissed my self when i saw that lmaoo
  • Matko Bilobrk
    Matko Bilobrk3 days agoMoe: ooou my god he lost to me with one hand Moe types: you lost to me Moe tyes again: with wuan hand
  • Wasted Reincarnation
    Wasted Reincarnation1 months ago10 minutes of Kadeem's real skill
  • xNex_
    xNex_1 months ago*reads title* *sees yassuo missing first Q* *laughs hard*
  • Mixoris
    Mixoris12 days agoWhen you realize how good you actually are at your champ 2:11
  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk15 hours agoI come here to say Yasuo is broken unbalanced champ and dislike vid ahaha (i will ignore hate comments)
  • Darren Tan
    Darren Tan1 days agodude moe looks so young in these clips god damn
  • Nayn
    Nayn1 months agoIf you dont think he is good you are lying to yourself
  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy9 hours ago3:08 wtf I am playing on 120 ping all the time stop it and get some help :0
  • Kaneki
    Kaneki1 months agoNext Stylish :D
  • Emir Aksoy
    Emir Aksoy1 days agoSrsly you can say it clickbait
  • Xxdelta16
    Xxdelta161 days ago7:30 headphone users, rip
  • Mixoris
    Mixoris12 days agoHe is undoubtedly the best Yasuo in the world and has proven it. You can look it up. "Yassuo gets rank 1 in korea" or "Yassuo best Yasuo in the world"
  • ZbysiuMaster
    ZbysiuMaster1 days ago10 minutes of nothing
  • mm R
    mm R2 days agoI would prefer to watch 1 of the yasuicide's montage 10 times instead of this Ridiculous REAL SKILL XD montage bunch of normal stuffs that every single yasuo main can do . . .
  • Veri Vera
    Veri Vera3 days ago4:16 His survival was literally because of Janna, Kudos to both of them.
  • Davey M
    Davey M3 days ago6:00 is exactly what Yasuos in my team look like every fking day of the year
  • fliptop flow
    fliptop flow7 days ago10 minutes , SO THAT AD REVENUE IS ON POINT
  • epicguest321
    epicguest32115 days agoYassuo’s real talent comes when he’s flaming and inting lmao
  • 7UST
    7UST1 months ago9:31 that was so sinergized what the hell
  • Sandra
    Sandra1 months agoWhy Moe looks soo good on this art?
  • LaZyXx
    LaZyXx1 days agoI live on 90 ping
  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone27 days agoDodge everything at 90 ms... i am.playing with 140 ms :]
  • Golden
    Golden13 days ago2:23 Thats some skillz you got there
  • GabiPro2
    GabiPro220 days agoShow me your skills *starts dancing*
  • Demoted To Wood
    Demoted To Wood1 months ago"OMG i got everything on 90 ping , i am insane" - Some ppl play with permanent 120 ping lol .
  • Cynic
    Cynic4 days agoHow tf can someone play so good in lock screen
  • 卐
    26 days agoGot clickbaited. Moe's real skill is inting, am I right?
  • Kali Gadi
    Kali Gadi9 days agoNo doubt you are yasuo legend and yeah I you got real skills
  • Julian Meyer
    Julian Meyer6 days agoI would pref to see moe feeding on yas thats more funny xD
  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez9 days agoOMG!!! OMG!!! then nonchalant all of a sudden ¨How nice¨
  • NJSZaj Cryz
    NJSZaj Cryz1 months agoWhen Yasuo actually just outplayed those three players, it was like just nothing or simple? hhmm.. but the next clip amazed me more.
    ETHEREAL XENO1 months ago*moes real skill* *10 seconds of him walking in a circle around a corki with his team LOL
  • Justin Roman
    Justin Roman20 days agoStep 1: Wait for yasuo to she sheild Step 2: Once sheild is down, move in an kill him.... IT ALWAYS WORKS HAHAHA (TRISTANA MAIN)
  • Thuat Vuong
    Thuat Vuong5 days agoHis play style not as fancy as Akadata but more efficient
  • ZaZao HD
    ZaZao HD26 days agoYassuo is good. I mean that. But an e q Flash combo isnt hard...
  • M f
    M f1 months agoRumble + yasuo is awesome!!
  • Clavicus
    Clavicus1 months ago10min is max of his skill
  • Assassin XX7
    Assassin XX725 days ago3:27 its LIT
  • Guilherme Prediger
    Guilherme Prediger16 days ago4:15 JANNA REAL SKILL :O