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Biggest Fail in the History of Women's Sports

by MovementEntertainment29.775 views

This is real. Visually, it looks like one of the biggest flukes ever, as if she was "cursed" to have something bad happen to her the whole time. If you're a gymnast, you may not want to continue with gymnastics after watching this video. Anything, ANYTHING, can happen.

  • K A
    K A1 year agoMight not get a medal but, at the end of the day she is still hot. So she has that going for her.
  • doepiedapie
    doepiedapie1 days agoThis happened to my mom yesterday when she was also cooking dinner like you 😟
  • Tyler Martinez
    Tyler Martinez23 days agoAnything involving women's sports is a fail
  • ClassicCult
    ClassicCult2 year agoalways get back up on your feet. i hope she didn't give up after that.
  • Daniel Googolstars
    Daniel Googolstars2 year agoPeople from Hungary are so beautiful and cool
  • Am I right Folks
    Am I right Folks1 year agoNice ass
  • Otze
    Otze5 months agoBeauty
  • Peo0pl3 GA5
    Peo0pl3 GA51 year agolol these comments are funny even though completely out of order
  • bva mu
    bva mu1 year agoAll women belong to me.