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Top 100 FAILS Compilation | Best of the 2015

by MonthlyFails5.754.563 views

Here's top 100 fails compilation! The best fails of year 2015. Stay tuned for new epic fails coming up in 2016! SUBSCRIBE here for more Fails ► Share ► Submit a Video ► Submit your video links or send your videos and get featured in MF compilations: ► ► Special thanks to all who submitted videos! Like our FaceBook ► Follow us on Twitter ► Best 100 of 2013 ► Best 100 of 2014 ►

  • Sengut Senzo
    Sengut Senzo1 year agolucu banget 👍👍👍👍💜
  • edder hernandez
    edder hernandez2 year agoLMAO how cani find the video at 9:46?
  • gebezeira
    gebezeira3 year ago"são equipamentos de proteção individual que a gente usamos"... ta serto! huehue
  • Neomania
    Neomania3 year ago6:17 and 11:43 xD
  • Saim Saim
    Saim Saim18 days agowow fine wow 👇 👇
  • aljaca98
    aljaca983 year agoThanks MF, I wish the best 2016 for you all
  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman3 year agoThis is a particularly good compilation!
  • Shoeloy
    Shoeloy3 year ago4:59 xdddd
  • ryu kye
    ryu kye3 year ago98 ??? or I miscalculated ??
  • childishsardino
    childishsardino3 year agoThe last one made me jump
  • Alex
    Alex3 year agoI can't of been the only one to flinch at that last one
  • নোয়াখালীর গ্যাংস্টার অন্তর
    নোয়াখালীর গ্যাংস্টার অন্তর1 months ago2:28😂😂😂😂 so said 😂🤣
  • gwen jokoh
  • Vinícius Gabriel
    Vinícius Gabriel2 year agoBRBRBRBRBR HAHAHAHA
  • Vagabund
    Vagabund2 year ago7:12 hahahha
  • Anas
    Anas3 year agoBro where's the fail at 6:27?
  • AwaQ Elihuro
    AwaQ Elihuro3 year agoHappy new year
  • KAti.exeシ
    KAti.exeシ2 year agoThe guy with couldn't trap the tone while he was driving the bike was greek!!!
  • Meninø Perfeitø
    Meninø Perfeitø1 days ago6:17 aqui o Brasil ainda manda
  • kjs insaino
    kjs insaino3 year agodo yourself a favor world, watch some froggy fresh vids real loud! have fun tonight!
  • Bleachpower
    Bleachpower3 year agocould you please upload worse quality than this?
  • tskcthulhu
    tskcthulhu3 year ago14:07 amazing. i nearly fell from the chair to avoid that ball hitting me :)
  • WJooosippp
    WJooosippp3 year ago1st
  • Germano
    Germano3 year agofeliz ano novo glr
  • zoando no último
    zoando no último2 year agopohaa 1:15
  • vengefulbeauty
    vengefulbeauty3 year ago9:38 That could've gone so bad....
  • Æ R P Æ Ñ Halder
    Æ R P Æ Ñ Halder2 year agoarpan halder
  • 3nimac
    3nimac3 year ago4:44 ah
  • nanie paulino
    nanie paulino2 year ago5:20 that's a filipino vines!!😅😅😅😅😅😅
  • Patrick Somers
    Patrick Somers3 year agoJeez, that last one made me flinch so hard..
  • Johanne Lærkedal Øbro
    Johanne Lærkedal Øbro2 months agoThis is NOT top 100 funny fails its top 100 diffents Way to die in a car or on a bike
  • Christine Urbanski
    Christine Urbanski3 year agohappy New year
  • Teege
    Teege3 year agoNappy Hew year
  • Dante Martinez
    Dante Martinez3 year agopobre spaider man ajajjaa me iso el día!
  • Alim Khan
    Alim Khan2 year agoGood hai bhai ...😆
  • kıvanç erakçora
    kıvanç erakçora3 year ago01:17 JOHN CENA !!!!!!!
  • Ramler
    Ramler3 year agohappy nnew year you all
  • Arnes Habibovic
    Arnes Habibovic1 year ago😂😂😂
  • Сергей Князев
    Сергей Князев3 year agoОтписка, одни баяны.
  • iJam
    iJam1 year agoI laugh so much haha
  • ابو عمر
    ابو عمر2 months agoاكو عرب معايا
  • Plymouth Fury III
    Plymouth Fury III3 year agoI have watched that one at 1:42 with the ladder all year long. I still can't figure out WTF he was attempting.
  • Adrian Morales
    Adrian Morales2 year agofox
  • Adi Pati
    Adi Pati4 months agobukan lucu tapi konyol.
  • Them Kall
    Them Kall3 year ago1:38 greece
  • Danish Haziq
    Danish Haziq8 months agoTk lawak lh membazir mse aku tengok video nie fikir psal bodo babi Bukan lwak pn nk buat video lwak biar baik skit tarik coli adoi ape-ape je video
  • Christian Allen Balintona
    Christian Allen Balintona2 year agoi subscribe
  • rhon acosta
    rhon acosta3 months agothat guy in 6:17 is so funny lol
  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney3 year agoSmall rally mistake = major impact
  • superXBx
    superXBx3 year agoBar + Brasil = HUUEE