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  • JK - Brawl Stars
    JK - Brawl Stars1 year agoMerry Christmas And Happy New Year Guys! Hope You Have A Wonderful Holidays!
  • Raven Pug
    Raven Pug1 year ago2:08 You had 1 was a 2 elixir Colt not 1..
  • Pan Tadeusz
    Pan Tadeusz1 months ago2 0 1 9 ?
  • Betül Taş
    Betül Taş1 year agoIntro🤣🤣
  • Nossess
    Nossess2 months ago2019 anyone soon?
  • Carlos Daniel
    Carlos Daniel7 months agoAlguns Br?????
  • Max
    Max1 year ago5:00 I died 😂😂😂
  • nawaf games
    nawaf games6 months ago5:24 its me😂😂
  • Marco 77
    Marco 771 year ago4:16 song?
  • Fernandes
    Fernandes7 months ago7:34 : best moment
  • ꧁༒ĐƟĽĽ YŋHõ༒꧂
    ꧁༒ĐƟĽĽ YŋHõ༒꧂2 months ago5:22 fight for undyne
  • zPro & zNub
    zPro & zNub1 year ago2:37 epic
  • ZSC1323 Gaming
    ZSC1323 Gaming1 year ago2:34 wow that Bull is terrible
  • MarcinW4PL
    MarcinW4PL2 months ago5:22 UNDERTALE?
  • jorgetagames
    jorgetagames1 year ago2:39 song pls
  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin8 months ago0:30 music?
  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia1 year ago4:45 lmao
  • Bomber 75
    Bomber 759 months ago6:50 wp piper holy shit
  • Денчик Fg
    Денчик Fg6 months ago8:51 song?
  • 404 Nation
    404 Nation11 months agoha... ha... -not- so funny 😐
  • alex alex
    alex alex1 months agoAH ITS OLD VERSHION BRAWL STARS?!?!?!?! 1:53 Mortis beatiful :0)))00)
  • Arianny Bonilla
    Arianny Bonilla2 months ago6:23 ja ja ja ja ja ja
  • El banana
    El banana2 months ago8:49
  • Joshua Dodson
    Joshua Dodson1 year ago9:10 that baby man *Just gives me the creeps*
  • Majestic Sea flap flap
    Majestic Sea flap flap1 year agoNot trying to be rude but your just repeating them. I want news ones pls and thank you,
  • Gatcha Style mine
    Gatcha Style mine2 months agoMe encantó el minuto 1:44
  • Rick Jones Pablo Ramos
    Rick Jones Pablo Ramos1 months ago3:53 😬 hacker meme man
  • Santy Gamer
    Santy Gamer2 months agoLike si no te ha pasado suerte cómo en el video
    GAMER TV HD1 months ago10:37 pam cloud?
  • adriana alvarado martinez
    adriana alvarado martinez1 days agome podrias decir como se llama la cancion que pusiste de fondo cuando el crow salta para esquivar a la piper en el minuto 2:37
  • Rice Man
    Rice Man9 months ago5:20 which clip was the asian with the controller?
  • GoDeiK
    GoDeiK1 year agoI love the intro
  • Valentina londoño arroyave
    Valentina londoño arroyave1 months agoLol OMG cool
  • simplemente épico
    simplemente épico1 months agoy la intro pa' cuando
  • xd VorteX
    xd VorteX2 months agoI could watch that intro forever, 10hr version coming?
  • Raditya Afrija
    Raditya Afrija8 months ago4:45 song plis
  • omae wa mu shinderiu
    omae wa mu shinderiu2 months ago4:04 .... Google traductor ? En "poco"
  • Circutops Real
    Circutops Real1 months agoI have a similar edit but of piper can you said to me if I edit well
  • Assasin EMG By Efemert
    Assasin EMG By Efemert2 months ago1:42 Best Moment 🤣🤣🤣
  • youreverydayweeb
    youreverydayweeb2 months agothese memes are dead, even for 2017
  • FacTor Gaming - Brawl Stars
    FacTor Gaming - Brawl Stars8 months agoDid you use adobe products for texts? Also isn't ultimate copyrighted?
  • killer_gamer
    killer_gamer3 days agoPero q le bajaste todos los gráficos hermano ? Jajajajqjq
  • Егор Пивненко
    Егор Пивненко2 months agoIntro top!
  • los hermanos
    los hermanos3 days ago2 0 1-9
  • Fun Tarian
    Fun Tarian2 months agointro😂😂😂😂
  • Pol Berenguer
    Pol Berenguer7 months ago2:08 (2 elixir colt)
  • Hamoudi
    Hamoudi1 year agoLmao the intro is dope😂😂
  • Shelvin Kumar
    Shelvin Kumar1 months agoTh intro is when I throw my alarm clock out the window
  • itsTU 12
    itsTU 121 days agobrawl stars video on my channel :D
  • The average everyday Wii
    The average everyday Wii1 year agoWho else died at the bulls attacking the crow? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂