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SKI AND SNOWBOARDING FAILS!! | Viral Winter Fails From IG, FB, Snapchat And More!! | Mas Supreme

by Mas Supreme338.963 views

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  • Tor Berge
    Tor Berge1 months ago0:39 when you have played too much Steep
  • Beastman 10129
    Beastman 101292 months agoGuys fall 400 feet Friend: “yeaaaaaaa”
  • Masterpiece videos
    Masterpiece videos2 months ago2:40 dude has very smooth front flip
  • Ben Read
    Ben Read2 months ago"Are you okay?" *Knocked out cold*
  • MulleDK19
    MulleDK193 months agoLast year was the first time I used a helmet in like 12 years ('cause I have a very large head (I'm 6'8") and none has fit until now); and bam, I fall and slam my head into a metal bar on a box. Good thing I had that helmet on.
  • Ray Tracer
    Ray Tracer3 months ago1:29 and that's why you must wear a helmet, kids.
  • dr.raving beatz
    dr.raving beatz3 months ago1:30 i have wanted to learn this trick for so long, but nobody wants to be my assistent
  • Stanley Hir
    Stanley Hir2 months ago0:14 She is definitely okay after what happened.
  • mary
    mary2 months ago7:33 im going to hell for laughing
  • Tucker Owens
    Tucker Owens2 months ago1:31 That’s why you always wear a helmet
  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes3 months agoSome of these aren't really fails, they're just good skiers/snowboarders attempting and nearly landing really hard tricks.
  • get_it_boy
    get_it_boy3 months ago3:00 wtf was that
  • cyruss
    cyruss2 months ago5:24 who let grandpa on skis
  • Oleg Vladimirovich
    Oleg Vladimirovich2 months ago6:24 the happiest face or the day was nice
  • Ikjot Singh
    Ikjot Singh2 months ago9:44 its not a slide
  • Kingston Orr
    Kingston Orr1 months ago0:10 helmets are for losers Plus i have a scull
  • Anthony Hockenberry
    Anthony Hockenberry2 months ago8:07 There goes his base
  • Diego Ferrer
    Diego Ferrer18 days ago“THAT WAS THE BEST VIDEO EVER!!!” Geez lady u could check if he’s ok!!
  • Jimmy
    Jimmy2 months ago0:14 and that's why ye wear a helmet mate😬
  • Inappropriate Content
    Inappropriate Content3 months agoDude. Second clip. The could’ve died
  • David Fick
    David Fick3 days agoSome of the jumps are sort of small not the x games ones those thing
  • TJ Kindler
    TJ Kindler17 days ago0:15 I live there
  • Raf Khachatryan
    Raf Khachatryan3 days ago3:29 Its the best fail i have never seen
  • ben ben
    ben ben1 months ago0:40 he a lives?
  • Tygz Dk
    Tygz Dk3 months agoWhy women live longer than men
  • christopher hart
    christopher hart3 months agoPeople need to know what speed checks are 😂😂😂
  • Pepperoni Playboy
    Pepperoni Playboy2 months agoSkier: *falls 400 feet, knocked unconcious then an avalanche covers them up* Skiiers friend: ............are you ok?
  • Jillian Karas
    Jillian Karas2 months agoThe person at 0:10 did not die she only got an concussion surprised that’s all that happened. I’ve seen her a few times riding around still even after what happened
  • Félix Béland
    Félix Béland1 days ago1:17jerry
  • Azuma Infinity 9000
    Azuma Infinity 90002 months ago*just turn off fall damage* Lol I’m sorry I know it’s 2019
  • Ryley and Evan
    Ryley and Evan1 months agoGotta respect the send tho
  • Jiany Star Massa vich
    Jiany Star Massa vich1 months agoPeople the "you ok" needs at least 7 sec before blabbering it out!
  • Ëmíłÿ_ Śūmmå
    Ëmíłÿ_ Śūmmå2 months agoToday I went ski and a guy almost made me fall off the lift but my dad pulled me up and my ski feel off
  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones2 months agoTell them to be careful out there I just broke my wrist while hiting a jump
  • Wes LaPoint
    Wes LaPoint2 months agoI go to Big Boulder Park lmao
    MADE_IN_TAIWAN3 months ago0:58
  • Max Smith
    Max Smith1 months ago7:33 *tap*
  • M E
    M E1 months agoOuch!
  • HaysieBoy
    HaysieBoy3 months agoI have a good vid. Where do I send it?
  • The Unseen Elder
    The Unseen Elder1 months agoto the people who think this is hilarious, you should see a psychiatrist...
  • Johnny t
    Johnny t1 months agoThe kids at 2:00 are clearly not skilled..
  • Antoine Rocca serra
    Antoine Rocca serra2 months agoSki and snowboard not only snowboard
  • Jamie Devine
    Jamie Devine3 months ago1:39 happens to everyone :(
  • NadavG12
    NadavG122 months ago0:40 Is he ok?
  • Leo G
    Leo G2 months ago1:32
  • Sonny Wright
    Sonny Wright2 months ago1:59 I live there it’s sick
  • Aada
    Aada3 months agoWhy snowboarders hate skiers
  • Xanly XD
    Xanly XD2 months ago1:42 this what happed to me once!
  • The Cript
    The Cript1 months agoOh Auchincloss auch
  • DigitalDreams
    DigitalDreams2 months agoHow did the girl at 0:10 survive that? She slammed her head hard into a steel railing at high speed with no helmet. I'm shocked she didn't die of a brain hemorrhage.