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Let's Get Tropical: Beach Fails

by FailArmy1.040.332 views

Life's a beach! It's time for a new collection of beach fails! From surfing to parkour we have it all! Submit your videos and you could win ,000! Submit your videos here: ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! SUBSCRIBE! FACEBOOK • INSTAGRAM • TWITTER • TWITCH • Check out FailArmy U!!! • FailArmy gear • We've got friends in high places! Give them a watch: People Are Awesome - The Pet Collective - JukinVideo - Poke My Heart - Daily Picks & Flicks - FailArmy is the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms! To license any of the videos shown on FailArmy, please visit Jukin Media at Videos:

  • MrMcNickelston
    MrMcNickelston3 months agoI thought the video ended when the dog rolled over
  • GeKtoRiX
    GeKtoRiX3 months ago2:00 I thought it was the end without background music... =(
  • Liam Lwowski
    Liam Lwowski3 months agoI saw the dog at 2:02 and thought it is the end. Happy surprise.
  • Shit RaveDJ Channel
    Shit RaveDJ Channel3 months agoThank you for not adding background music this time!
  • Chris Hewett
    Chris Hewett3 months agoIve been a dedicated failarmy subscriber for years. But since rhey start slowing diwn the videos and rewind them, just to make the video a little longer is ruining the channel for me.
  • Bronyboy5463
    Bronyboy54633 months ago0:20 when you bring out a packet of gum in class
  • Daniel Gallagher
    Daniel Gallagher3 months agoThere is no longer a single human left on earth who is interested in watching parkour fails.
  • Dustin Pfeffer
    Dustin Pfeffer3 months agoevery day i check to see if there's a new failarmy vid in gleeful anticipation of seeing the 2 or 3 new clips that are sprinkled into 6 mins of repetitive waste of my time. Yet I always come back. Living the dream.
  • Phil Carpenter
    Phil Carpenter3 months agoI saw the dog and thought the video was over lol I'm shook
  • Trevor Moulton
    Trevor Moulton3 months ago1:47 she would have died if she stayed there.
  • Ray Kenny
    Ray Kenny3 months agoSorry Fail Army but worse and worse its getting!
  • Xtyfu100X
    Xtyfu100X3 months agoDid anyone else think it was over when they saw the dog?
  • Arrowband Inkling
    Arrowband Inkling3 months agoOh you son of a *beach!*
  • J Heis
    J Heis3 months agoi swear some of these vids are older than me
  • Commander Strax
    Commander Strax3 months ago1:55 if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I want that woman in my group. She is aware of her surroundings while having fun and has good reflexes.
  • The Fat Turtle
    The Fat Turtle3 months ago2:51 that's the most Australian way to say "yeah" that I've ever heard.
  • Statvar
    Statvar3 months agoStop reusing clips plz
  • David C.
    David C.3 months agoSome of these videos are older than YouTube
  • Warden
    Warden3 months ago0:04 *That dude just got game ended!*
  • steve wiz
    steve wiz3 months agoLol you guys would include the pug video that you had as an outro for 50 videos before changing.
  • Giovanni Casini
    Giovanni Casini3 months ago2:01 feels :')
  • Tri Poloski
    Tri Poloski3 months ago02:01 i was thinking its the outro xD
  • Kristian Babic
    Kristian Babic3 months agoWhen I saw the pug, I thought it was the end of the compilation! :'D
  • blakdfje
    blakdfje3 months agoPlease don't use so may replays, just show it once, if people want to see it again they will rewind
  • MB 310
    MB 3103 months ago2:03 I thought it was already the outro xd
  • Simply me
    Simply me3 months agoAnyone else saw the fail in fail at 5:23?(boy in Background) xD
  • AngelitoCO
    AngelitoCO3 months ago12:05 I thought the video was going to end
  • Simon Aldridge
    Simon Aldridge3 months agoLol I love that there are Urgent Care ads before these now. Spot on product placement.
  • Quinn Murphy
    Quinn Murphy3 months ago1:56 how the hell
  • Mateusz Staniak
    Mateusz Staniak3 months ago2:00 i thinks the wideo ending xdd
  • Lucas Pruitt
    Lucas Pruitt3 months agoA lot of these fails have already been posted before.
  • Tetrafuse
    Tetrafuse3 months agoFailArmy is the success of failure!
  • Matt L
    Matt L3 months agoOK, that's enough with kids doing flips to land on their faces in the sand. Seen it too many times!
  • MinecraftProMaster3000
    MinecraftProMaster30003 months ago3:20 Oh, my. 18+
  • Aeron Gray
    Aeron Gray3 months agothat dog was your end video for ages XD i think you got as much out of that clip as you could already
  • Splashus Klay
    Splashus Klay3 months agoRecycled clips comp
  • Klaus
    Klaus3 months agoIs it 2007 again? Same videos all the time. Thumbs down.
  • Mark
    Mark3 months agoBeach fails in winter?! Did I miss something?
  • Cheekouf 07
    Cheekouf 073 months ago1:51 ÉNORME !! 😎😱
  • Anorkhil
    Anorkhil3 months ago2018 and 99% of vids still potato quality. . .
  • TheBig BadWolf
    TheBig BadWolf3 months ago2:10 watch this fail in every video
  • Raul Rodrigues #ORDINIXTRO
    Raul Rodrigues #ORDINIXTRO3 months ago2:00 I thought the video was ending lol
  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez3 months ago1:27 That's literally me diving
  • AJ
    AJ3 months agoA video about beach fails... IT'S ALMOST WINTER WHERE I COME FROM!
  • DJ DEN
    DJ DEN3 months agoFitness and Surfing, two in one - 3:03 😂
  • P. G
    P. G3 months agoThe Fail... is coming
  • Scott Stevenson
    Scott Stevenson3 months agoYour body pays dearly now for youthful magic moments, but rock on completely with some brand new components
  • Sasha firehead
    Sasha firehead3 months agoThe first one: ultra omega ooof
  • lex johnson
    lex johnson3 months ago2:05 Soooooo iconic now
  • My Mom
    My Mom3 months agoThe best video today!