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One Punch Man vs Goku

by Scouthedog1 Animations1.389.410 views

Goku challenges Saitama to a fight. but it looks like the caped baldy is a lot stronger then he thought. Can any of Goku's forms be enough to take down Saitama? No research just for fun as always. More Animations Support me on Patreon Follow me on Twitter at

  • Swiggy Cheese
    Swiggy Cheese26 days agoSaitama lost his hair and gained power. Goku grows more hair when he gains more power. Midoriya ate hair to get powers. Anime revolves around hair.
  • Robin Thrush
    Robin Thrush13 days ago"My most powerful form!" Until 2 story arcs pass and we get Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Turbo Championship Edition 5.
  • Daniel Greenwell
    Daniel Greenwell7 days agoI liked this because I couldn’t imagine Goku and Saitama not liking each other...
  • Richard cortes
    Richard cortes12 days agoNo mountains were harmed in the making of this video. Lies.
  • khoa1708
    khoa170812 days agoall this does is show me there's too many super saiyan forms
  • lvl. 4999 Soldier
    lvl. 4999 Soldier16 days agoGoku grows hair for power, Saitama loses hair for power, and for the people who watch my hero academia, Deku eats hair for power.
  • Urb
    Urb7 days agoGoku: This is ultra instinct my strongest form >:( Saitama: ok -.-
  • TSM_streamer 09z
    TSM_streamer 09z7 days agoWhen goku goes super Saiyan 3 Saitama: can you teach me that
  • Akash Soni
    Akash Soni8 days agoHe can't fly because he is a human But he can break earth Wow,😂😂😂
  • hero boy
    hero boy1 days agoWait.. Wasn't this a friendly match, why to use "Spirit Bomb"?
  • Cupcake Juggernaut
    Cupcake Juggernaut21 days agoThey're lucky shaggy didn't show up
  • Tobyuoso
    Tobyuoso4 days agoGotta love the hardcore Goku fans who actually believe that he could beat Saitama. You people really don't get the joke with Saitama. The whole point of him is he can't lose.
  • KENSTER 011
    KENSTER 0117 days agoSaitama:How many of this do u have? Goku:BILLIONS
  • RolyDoesStuff
    RolyDoesStuff4 days agoJeez, Goku is really zoning saitama with all those kamehamehas
  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez13 days ago*_I'm supposed to be doing homework wth_*
  • All Might !
    All Might !1 months agoIf people call saitama “one punch man”, can I call goku “Dragon ball Z”?
  • Rick Coleman
    Rick Coleman10 days agoGoku: Did we just become best friends Saitama: Yep!
  • Shaggy
    Shaggy12 days ago*_P A T H E T I C_*
  • TheStealth Phantom
    TheStealth Phantom3 days agoAlien vs human Human alway win.
    ALMIGHTY COREY8 days agoGoku: why aren't you flying Saitama: because I can't Goku: but why not Saitama: because...I'm a human
  • The White
    The White18 days agoGoku: the longer the hair the better Saitama: ok
  • Sean CHOW
    Sean CHOW10 days agoOh boy. How can earth still exits after this?
  • Isaac Armijo
    Isaac Armijo7 days agoDidn’t know saitama already knew ultra instinct, most unrealistic power scaling ever seen 😭😂😂
  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez1 days agoSaitama does NOT look strong PERHAPS his aura is..
  • Angel wick city
    Angel wick city8 days agoSaitama workout : 100 sit-ups Goku does 100 trillion sit-ups to fight monaka in seconds
  • The Gaming kiddo
    The Gaming kiddo26 days agoSaitama : I'm the strongest hero in the universe Shaggy: hold my beer
  • Ichicinco Negroni
    Ichicinco Negroni10 days ago7:30 Goku in his mind be like: A hundred? Pfft...I can do a trillion sit ups!
  • Bilal Kosha
    Bilal Kosha4 days agoSaitama: i did a 100 sit ups push ups and squats and 10 km run. Goku: life is unfair
  • Tunggul Sitindjak
    Tunggul Sitindjak11 hours agothis is pretty accurate and faithful to the natures of both shows. Lesson learned: to break a limiter is better than transformations
  • C DASH
    C DASH13 days agoGoku is my all time favorite anime hero 💯but we all know this fight should of been over @ 1:09
  • Ordun_9906
    Ordun_99061 months agoGoku: kameehaaameee... Saitama: attacks while its charging Every Db villian: insert shocked pikachu meme
  • PandaPro
    PandaPro5 days agoWhy couldnt saitama just one punched Gokus balls
  • Alejandro Esteban Ayala
    Alejandro Esteban Ayala2 days agoexijo a goku ultra instinto completo >:v
  • ToxicGamer
    ToxicGamer2 days agoI love how they don't even bother to use any form for goku...I think ultra instinct and serious/full power one punch man would be even
  • F.B.I
    F.B.I2 days ago*sees saitama* Goku:you look strong Meanwhile heros and monster saying hea weak
  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu20 days agoBald guy vs guy with longer hair after each transformation
  • Pirate king
    Pirate king2 days agoOne punch man WIN!!!
  • MC_Uniboob
    MC_Uniboob10 days agoI actually like this video, it never says that either will win but it implies that saitama would if he tried, and I do think that in an actual fight saitama wouldn't actually try to kill goku as he very clearly wasn't here, and I do think that they would just call it a tie or something at the end, even though both of them think they can win, which is true for saitama but... good video
  • Transverse
    Transverse1 days agoGoku: How did you get strong? Saitama: 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats and 10km run Goku: I did Trillion Times than that! Saitama: Ok lemme try exceeding my routine Trillion times Goku: Universe lend me your energy to kill this guy ASAP!
  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith16 hours agoThis really wouldn’t happen, statistically saitama is on krillins level. Base Goku could “one punch” him easily
  • Nugget
    Nugget4 days agoJust wait for ultra instinct evolution super saiyan 5 kaiokenx20x100 super saiyan god super saiyan superb extreme ultimate editionx5! You're going down, Saitama!
    BEST MEMES20 hours agoAnd on that day, Goku became Saitama's apprentice
  • Mystdragon
    Mystdragon2 days agoWait till half-punch man shows up.
  • Giani Costa
  • Thunder71
    Thunder7127 days agoGoku/Saitama: *respects to each other* Fans: *war*
  • Dragonite Dragonborn
    Dragonite Dragonborn1 days agonow this is what i call a true Goku and Saitama fight and worth in my opinion a watch awesome job! I have to say this what i thought it would as well
  • Quizno64
    Quizno642 days agoDoes anyone else love how saitama just shits on supersaiyan4 immediately cause it's G.T?
  • Chet f Harriet is bad News
    Chet f Harriet is bad News1 days agoWe need to see Satima get more seasons because gold has had way more time to improve and train
  • Aliah Personous
    Aliah Personous1 days agoIf only there were a couple Goku’s in OPM verse and Santana wouldn’t be as depressed
  • jhayde jhay
    jhayde jhay21 hours agoGukos ultra instinct is too op. Hes own body reacts to the movement of enemy muscles. Saitama wont be able to land a clean hit.