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Top 10 Funny Animals Behaving Like Humans - Try Not To Laugh Challenge || Animal Videos

by MashupZone426.215 views

Top 10 funny animal videos of funny animals behaving like humans. Animals acting like humans in this top 10 funny videos of funny animals compilation. Try not to laugh challenge. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more 👉 Mashup Zone brings you the best cute animal compilations, try not to laugh challenges, fails, wins, and hilarious viral videos of all kind of pets, animals, babies and more. We feature dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lions, parrots, rodents, goats, ducks, tigers, kittens, puppies, squirrels, foxes, and many other. Also we have a lot of cute videos that will make you go awww :). Here's our Facebook page: Also check out some of our greatest videos: Cute Baby Goats - A Cute And Funny Baby Goats Compilation || NEW HD Top 10 Funny Cat Videos - Funny Cats Cute Duckling - A Funny Duck Videos Compilation || NEW HD JUST WATCH These Cute Baby Animals - Cute Animal Babies Videos Cute Baby Elephant - A Cute And Funny Baby Elephant Videos Compilation || NEW HD Funny Dogs Who Don't Want To Take A Bath - Try Not To Laugh [BEST OF] DUCK ARMY Videos Compilation || NEW Funny Owls And Cute Owl Videos Compilation Music By Nicolai Heidlas - Cartoon - Soundcloud - Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 #funny #top10 #animals

  • Trigger _
    Trigger _2 months ago@3:50 the dog replied do you know you're a pig?
  • José Ignacio
    José Ignacio2 months agoThat's not behavior that is training
  • Vignesh Doss
    Vignesh Doss3 months ago0:28 Six pack coming soon
  • MrNickelbrille
    MrNickelbrille2 months ago3:29 That was more like humans behave like animals.She soundet like an evil beast
  • Slim Muckerson
    Slim Muckerson2 days agouhhh..,really.. creepy...???? gorilla:im chillin like a man!!! me:uhhhh... ***zoom!!!!***
  • Hamudi966
    Hamudi9662 months ago1:16 fresh dude
  • tea
    tea1 months ago3:50 - the dogs like “can someone help me their are 2 dying birds looking at me”
  • Steph C.
    Steph C.13 days ago0:43 how did I know that bear was in Russia.
  • Farhan The Saint
    Farhan The Saint2 months ago3:43 and a human behaving like a animal 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jasmin Thyme
    Jasmin Thyme7 days agoThat bear! Lmfao! 😂
  • Saffron Robson
    Saffron Robson1 days ago1:52 my cat also does this😂
  • Batman4014
    Batman40142 months agoPeople just say but animal be like 0:08
  • Brandon Quaite
    Brandon Quaite3 months agoFIRST
  • uajew1
    uajew11 months ago3:42 do you know you are a goddamn walrus?
  • Judy Aguilar
    Judy Aguilar3 months agoThis is amazing. It makes u feel stupid these animals are smarter than I am. I think ur videos are wonderful and they always make me smile. Thx for ur Kindness .😀
  • Ender Hawk
    Ender Hawk2 months agoThe woman at 4:00 looks more like a dog then the dog himself😉
  • The Doodling Gecko
    The Doodling Gecko3 months agoThe first one was cruel. Poor walrus ;(
  • KozmosKoolaid Fortnite and Vlogs
    KozmosKoolaid Fortnite and Vlogs3 months agoThe bird shopping is more responsible than me
  • merrydabmas1 playz roblox and fortnite
    merrydabmas1 playz roblox and fortnite2 months agoMy dog be like this 3:30 lol
  • Unknown Lifw
    Unknown Lifw3 months agosoo cute 😍😍
  • Kyle Oshea
    Kyle Oshea2 months ago0:38 Only in Russia
  • Ronald Tuengel
    Ronald Tuengel2 months agoPlaying the saxophone! OMG
  • Honesty Smith
    Honesty Smith2 months agoLol, i lost at 3:30.
  • Maxinne Miranda the evil kitty
    Maxinne Miranda the evil kitty3 months agohilarious!
  • Izmail great
    Izmail great1 months agoMusic name 4:30?
  • Destiny Burkhardt
    Destiny Burkhardt3 months agoMost humans act like animals
    AZASTROS2 months ago2nd one. Only in Russia.
  • Phương Vlog
    Phương Vlog1 months agoStalking through hybrid
  • Peterthespidey
    Peterthespidey2 months ago01:30 definitely not a dog
  • T teddyterry
    T teddyterry2 months agoThis is a scandal seeing that "big cow" (this is what we say in France)!
  • Inventions Ventures
    Inventions Ventures22 days agoGreat content! :D
  • Mohmmed Move12
    Mohmmed Move123 months ago💕💕💕👍👍👍👍
  • kelly broughton
    kelly broughton16 days agoI thought I'd enjoy these...some (natural ones) we're cute...the rest looks like they are just trained to do things to entertain us. This was just sad. 😖
  • repe petteri
    repe petteri12 days ago4,47 ape trying to talk with dog
  • DaViper Venom
    DaViper Venom1 months agoI won🤔! I didn’t laugh once.
  • Ash
    Ash1 months agothe bird shopping is a great customer, he dropped something and picked it up. i wish humans were that smart and respectful. but human shoppers are animals.
  • Beatriz Alvares
    Beatriz Alvares1 days agoexcellent video!
  • Kiyahni Redd
  • Ragilplayz torumant
    Ragilplayz torumant2 months agoThe warlus was exrecising
  • MurderPlayzBlox RobloxAreCool
    MurderPlayzBlox RobloxAreCool16 days ago1:46 my cat do that all day it not funny for me mate :P
  • AladdinSan3
    AladdinSan311 days agoi lost it at 1:30
  • Zurkster
    Zurkster2 months agoI just watched another video called 'Humans behaving like animals' this video was funny, but the other I think had something to do with politics!
  • Ragilplayz torumant
    Ragilplayz torumant2 months agoMonkey man
  • Ragilplayz torumant
    Ragilplayz torumant2 months agoLol that warlus playing jazz
  • acrovader
    acrovader19 days ago3:04 **NANCY PELOSI**
  • Recycle Reuse Repurpose
    Recycle Reuse Repurpose24 days agoAnimal were harmed in the making of this video!
  • Helinka MG
    Helinka MG2 months agoRidículo! Horrível! falta de respeito pelos animais! Gentalha louca! Merecem todos uma boa surra!
  • Nick Calingo
    Nick Calingo10 days agoUmm... name of the girl at 3:04 please... just for... research purposes...
  • Prentice Thomas
    Prentice Thomas2 months agoman how is that 🤓😱😎🤕
  • Ragilplayz torumant
    Ragilplayz torumant2 months agoA dog in da car 😂😂😂😂😂