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Best of PUBG Voice Chat

by Otzdarva15.151.566 views

Voice chat is the one thing they never need to fix. This video has some of the best moments I've had with this feature since I started playing PUBG. For live dumbass action and custom games: Discord: Patreon: Thumbnail art by SnowAnimation: Music used:

  • Butchimus
    Butchimus1 year agoZero racism in the voice chat? This is *not* the PUBG I remember
  • Labax
    Labax5 months ago*"If you just miss your opponent all you have to is just turn aro-"* *EXPLOSION*
  • Can I have 1000 subs without posting any videos?
    Can I have 1000 subs without posting any videos?3 months ago0:15 why am I hearing the Mario theme?
  • Sem Subscritores
    Sem Subscritores3 months ago0:28 bye headphones :' -( 😢
  • Danny Van lawick
    Danny Van lawick5 months agoThe reason why i play pubg but not fortnite😂
  • Tamahowk
    Tamahowk1 year ago*"All you have to do is just turn ar...." **4:47*
  • Ruan
    Ruan3 months ago3:30 skyrim!!
  • Average user
    Average user5 months ago4:48 0,25x to be continued
    GHOST RIDER4 months ago0:15 mario game soundtrack
    MASTER CRAFT COM5 months agoاكو عرب ب الطيارة
  • HaikalHr
    HaikalHr1 year agoNice ending😂😂 that was hilarious
  • TrustyShade
    TrustyShade22 hours agoYou have such a fun voice to listen to!!!!
  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry15 days ago“Don’t do that, you scared me.” *”Sorry.”*
  • Artyom A Tarkov
    Artyom A Tarkov5 months agoتصحيح للترجمة العربية في الدقيقة 3:29 المقصود بال Imperial Dog هو كلمة من لعبة Skyrim وليس نوع من الكلاب اللطيفة ؛ معناها الأمبريالي الكلب والامبريالية هي احدى القوى الحاكمة باللعبة. For my English fellas I was just correcting the Arabic translation the guy who translate did not know what he was talking about 😂
  • مدرييي شنووو
    مدرييي شنووو1 months agoAko Arab bel tayara? اكو عرب بالطيارة ؟ 😂😂🤦‍♀️
  • ahmad arcadia
    ahmad arcadia1 months agoاكو عرب بالطيارة؟😂
  • Tio Goku
  • 이승재
    이승재3 months ago한국인
  • 하늘
    하늘2 months agoBest video, this video makes my day i swear thank you 😍♥🤣
  • Louicanthrope
    Louicanthrope9 months ago"why you so mean" "oh sorry, I didn't mean it, it was a misclick" lmao
  • Сатананская Водичка
    Сатананская Водичка2 months agoЛайк если русский(я не рассист)
  • LunarFlare 32
    LunarFlare 321 months agofirst clip “you should have gone for the head”
    VIKI XD5 days agoReal life crash a motorcycle you fall over Pubg Kaaaa-Booom!
  • Mr.Pampe
    Mr.Pampe4 months agoThanks for the subtitules,im from Argentina and you are helping me with the subtitules i love this channel
  • suilxrd
    suilxrd1 year ago"I switch to my shotgun, because it has about the same range" I'm dead.
  • Emot Faculty
    Emot Faculty2 months agoThank you so much for that bonus man, i haven't laughed like that in a while 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • VnV GriEf
    VnV GriEf8 days agoХаха в начале субтитры злой одкржимый смех
  • 채환 박
    채환 박3 months ago한국인 손
  • Sanjay Jay
    Sanjay Jay2 months agoAwesome ending 🤣🤣 great
  • Ko4evnik
    Ko4evnik6 months agoЛайкни, пусть англоязычники думают, что тут крутой коммент.
  • wissam alasdi
    wissam alasdi1 months agoشكد حلو العب لاجانب بدون غلط ضحك وسولف حتة بين الاعداء
  • 0ddMonk3y
    0ddMonk3y2 days agoThat beginning was so damn funny
  • Elizabeth Athena
    Elizabeth Athena8 hours agothe first guy says don't do dude you scared me his voice is so sexy and hotttttttr
  • This is Argus
    This is Argus3 months agoIf you missed your opponent, all you have to do is turn arou- *KABOOM* Top 10 unexpected plot twist in anime
  • Exodus
    Exodus1 year ago"Why do you have to be so meeaaan?" D: "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean it. it was a missclick."
  • {رهف* سان}
    {رهف* سان}1 months agoالمقطع عربي ليش كل التعليقات انكليزي هممممممم😶
  • John Shelby
    John Shelby2 months agoTürk degilmisin olum sen amm
  • The King
    The King19 days agoشكرا على الترجمة ❤️❤️❤️!
  • Muhsin Ramli
    Muhsin Ramli3 months agoi laugh so hard for the ending tho😂😂😂😂
  • Sir Fraulein
    Sir Fraulein1 year ago"Seventy year old veteran, last man alive who knows how to properly wield a VSS, dies in car crash, takes secret to grave-Circa 2017"
  • xeno gaming
    xeno gaming3 months agoI love playing PUBG with my friends
  • AYUSH silwal
    AYUSH silwal5 months agoThat ending though..😂😂👏👏
  • Jacob Playz
    Jacob Playz2 months agocan you make good translation?
  • 모윈
    모윈2 months ago한국인 좋아요 좀 눌러주세요! 👇
  • The Blue Gangsta
    The Blue Gangsta1 year ago"My ancestors smile at me Imperials, Can you say the same?"
  • NoScopeFight
    NoScopeFight1 months agoOmg u sound like tom holland!
  • Leonardo Siqueira
    Leonardo Siqueira8 days agoKkkkkkkk Gostei do video E da legenda também Ajudou muito 🇧🇷
  • XxBigballxX Gaming
    XxBigballxX Gaming5 months agoOMG I love the donkey copys
  • 5000 Subs with no vids?????
    5000 Subs with no vids?????2 months agoOtzdarva basically PUBG version of Fe4less
  • JellyElite~
    JellyElite~1 year agoThat guy was reporting you for hacking? But you weren't even using freecam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)