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  • Alge Borusas
    Alge Borusas1 months agoWhat's so embarrassing about the triple jumper? She had a fairly common landing.
  • AZN Viking
    AZN Viking1 months agoYikes.. This was a misleading title and a bad video in general
  • Steve Eyre
    Steve Eyre17 days agoI'll tell you what's embarrassing- watching this
  • Dejan
    Dejan2 days agoSpeaking of embarrassing, you are confusing embarrassing with funny.
  • Aro L. Khipur
    Aro L. Khipur1 months agoPlease explain why triple jump was embarrassing?
  • automaticchic
    automaticchic3 days agoCame here so i can feel beeter about myself😂😂😂
  • Shakthi Dhasan
    Shakthi Dhasan2 days agoThis is twenty human sports moments and they are all beautiful.
  • Smileyrie James
    Smileyrie James15 days ago01:42 Now that is a priceless WTF moment 😂🤣😆🤣😂😆
  • bobby fletcher
    bobby fletcher18 hours agoyou can tell a zionist upolader a mile off
  • Karl Nagelbrenner
    Karl Nagelbrenner1 months agonothing is wrong with triple jump i used to practice it 🤔
  • ktat01
    ktat011 months agoThe bowling one was done as a joke... he had just wrapped up the tournament and had one throw left so he decided to have fun with it...
  • Capt Termite
    Capt Termite1 months agoThis is lame. Nothing wrong with that long jump
  • Don
    Don1 hours ago0:23 I thought It was possible only in Flinstones' era :)
  • billl o'connel
    billl o'connel1 days agoThe poor guy bowling was the worst lmao
  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney95 days ago3:19 a sniffer. who knew women could be so weird?
  • Dottie Fesha
    Dottie Fesha1 months agoHow is this on trending.. 🤔
  • Kesar Singh
    Kesar Singh1 months agoPlease don't title them embarrassing, it's not, some funny moments 😊
  • Cory Miller
    Cory Miller2 days agoI thought it was a pretty damn good video.
  • hatefull bastard
    hatefull bastard2 days agoHolyshit! That was crazy. I'm sitting here watching YouTube with the Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring playing in the background. Right at the :50 mark when the little pony is running with the bikers, Frodo and the other Hobbits arrived at the prancing pony. Frodo said the prancing pony right when that part of the video came on. I know, it's just a stupid coincidence, but I thought I should share it.
  • Andrew Katz
    Andrew Katz1 months agoI don't get the triple jumper's inclusion. That is exactly how the jump is supposed to work.
  • 360 degrees
    360 degrees7 days agoI can't express how much I hate music in these type of videos
  • Beast
    Beast27 days agoI don't think you understand what the term "embarrassing" means.
  • Robert J. Holtz
    Robert J. Holtz2 days agoThe music is incredibly bad -- distractingly devoid of any dynamism or context. Stupid clips, very poorly presented. A total FAIL.
  • Frédéric Halpin
    Frédéric Halpin3 days agoSalut! Allo! C'est moi Bruno
  • Sean O'Brieon
    Sean O'Brieon12 days agoThe human predicament, all captured in particular moments..... The lad who took the penalty kick should pray about other things too, yeah
  • Nebbykoo
    Nebbykoo17 days agoI guess we all love to see people embarrassed more than anything else. But what was embarrassing about a mini-horse in a bike race? nothing.
  • CorvetteSpeed1130
    CorvetteSpeed113021 days agoTHIS VIDEO SHOULD BE DELETED.... ITS SO BAD
  • Yaz
    Yaz1 months ago3:05 he’s not having kids 😂
  • Tommy Jenkins
    Tommy Jenkins3 days ago0:26 he needs to gain some weight if he can get dragged across the floor with an 8-pound bowling ball
  • Keith Hinchcliffe
    Keith Hinchcliffe18 days agopretty weak; a couple good ones, but otherwise .. ZZZZZ
  • My Toilet Shitehouse
    My Toilet Shitehouse4 days agoI once shit myself twice in the same hour , that was pretty embarrassing even though it was june 1967
  • DigNap15
    DigNap1517 days agoYes, please use more accurate titles. Like 20 funny or embarrassing moments in sport. I am sure there are 20 more embarrassing moments than these! So its a down tick fro you!
  • pranksters 911
    pranksters 91116 days ago:29 best superhero headstart
  • Jeffrey Willis
    Jeffrey Willis17 days ago@4:01 I think Pete Townsend is ready to play.
  • Howard Vanderwall
    Howard Vanderwall1 months agoThe Mike Machuga bowling vid was intentional, check your facts.
  • Joe Sutherland
    Joe Sutherland8 days ago@0:49 What's so embarrassing about a pony running next to a pro cycling peloton? Nothing but clickbait. Fix your title.
  • Richard Woodworth
    Richard Woodworth24 days agoWell, the bowling “mistake” was deliberate... Mr. Mike said so.
  • Chico Bicalho
    Chico Bicalho6 days agoObviously the people who edited this know very little about sports. And the soundtrack is unbearable. Trend Wave, goodbye forever.
  • Yesnoyeswait
    Yesnoyeswait26 days ago0:31 bowlers face was like ''well that could happend to anyone''. NO. YOU HAVE ONE JOB, LET GO OF THE BALL. Dude, let go of the ball.
  • Robert Colontonio
    Robert Colontonio24 days agoThe hockey player who high sticked himself was the best.
  • The Wealth Generator
    The Wealth Generator27 days agoThis video answers a pivotal question. That is you can pay to get on trending😂
  • Itz Anna
    Itz Anna15 days agoNO... THAT HORSE ONE WAS NOT FUNNY!! A lot of horses are scared of bikes Edit) I know its meant to be embarrassing
  • Mariusz Fidzinski
    Mariusz Fidzinski25 days ago1:10 -=> does anyone still remember Microsoft slogans just before they introduced that vehicle? "The Future of Human Commuting" E.T.C. - eugh...
  • عبدالرحمن العُمري
    عبدالرحمن العُمري7 days ago٣:١٧ اللي لمح ام صدر خرافي يصف جنبي
  • CLOWN !
    CLOWN !1 days ago1:05 HEY!
  • spartanical
    spartanical16 days agomeh video, but I liked the nut punch. lol
  • Chris White
    Chris White1 months agoLoved the ceremonial first pitch taking out the camera guy.
  • Aris Tarchinski
    Aris Tarchinski2 days ago3:02 Killed ME!
  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson1 days agoLove the music
  • prajit shrestha
    prajit shrestha1 months ago0:32. I believe I can flyyy..😂😂