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by Joga Bonito27.744.646 views

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  • Unicorn magic 9300
    Unicorn magic 93007 months ago2:26 when your crush breaks up with her boyfriend 😂😂
  • 《Aztros Gaming》
    《Aztros Gaming》6 months ago1:16 Dude Perfect: Your in! 😎
  • Tina og Karo
    Tina og Karo6 months ago2:54 is that a sport
  • Lil._. Vercaprio
    Lil._. Vercaprio1 months ago0:44 *me trying to reach my dream*
  • vinnie dolly
    vinnie dolly3 year ago1:44 the smartest man ever
  • wolfgamer10
    wolfgamer105 months ago4:15 that lined up so well👏😂
  • Adriana Hernandez
    Adriana Hernandez6 months agoAnyone notices that most of these aren’t sports?
  • Bustin Jieber
    Bustin Jieber5 months ago1:03 When you see the guy who’s dating your sister
    SOUNDVEIV1 months ago3:52 Nise montage...
  • Diji Carr
    Diji Carr6 months ago0:19 is that logan paul
  • Egg war
    Egg war1 months ago4:15 XD THAT WAS SO PERFECT
  • Llama Blitz
    Llama Blitz6 months agoWho else is scrolling through the comments to see who else doesn’t understand the golf one, or wants to see the answer
  • Bimzz Gaming
    Bimzz Gaming15 days ago0:23 R.I.P phone
  • Leandro lea
    Leandro lea14 hours agoProvo a rispuntare fuori con la voce è difficilissimo ....
  • Brody Engele
    Brody Engele21 days ago1:16. I couldnt stop laughing !!!
  • cat34
  • 赵岚
    赵岚1 days agoWe should do a try not to laugh challenge XD
  • We Can Laugh
    We Can Laugh5 months ago2:23 What is the name of the song
  • Elīza Šarlote Kļava
    Elīza Šarlote Kļava5 months ago1:42 I like her reaction
  • happy.forever And ever
    happy.forever And ever1 months ago2:35 OMG I swear I didn't know what was going on!!!
  • Callum Oshea
    Callum Oshea6 months ago3:05 suply drop imbound
  • Red Fury
    Red Fury21 days ago0:42 got me 😂😂😂
  • BALL
    BALL1 months ago0:24 RKO 555
  • AxelRandom
    AxelRandom15 days ago0:20 next level of sneaking
  • Wee_Hasta
    Wee_Hasta5 months ago2:18 the kid with orange shirt is adopted 😂
  • Herbert Galonski
    Herbert Galonski4 days agostop stealing vids from other compilations dirtbag
  • katia ksm
    katia ksm1 months agoHAHAHAH ok that was a good one😂 2:10
  • Imtiaz Halder
    Imtiaz Halder5 months ago1:44 Thanks me later. 😂
  • Kermit of Rivia
    Kermit of Rivia1 days ago1:44, we have all been there....😂
  • J&J's Channel
    J&J's Channel9 months ago3:35 STRIKEEEEEE
  • Derek Johansen or something
    Derek Johansen or something1 months ago0:17 "I wonder what it would be like to take an NFL caliber hit..." BOOOOOOOM
  • HatKeinBock Lp
    HatKeinBock Lp5 months ago3:03 what was that noise? Omg 😨😂🤣
  • Sebastian Duenas-Diaz
    Sebastian Duenas-Diaz1 months agoWhen your brother is mad at you and gets his revenge at 1:17
  • Just someone
    Just someone10 days ago0:19 oh of course that’s a sport fail
  • HackGamerHK #
    HackGamerHK #5 months ago4:15😂😂😂😂😂
  • eXpo tv
    eXpo tv14 days agoNoIcE FaCe In THe ThuMBnaIL
  • cooper Kids
    cooper Kids1 months ago00:43 me jumping to my goals
  • John Theodore ll
    John Theodore ll1 months agoWWE Moves 0:23 Randy Orton RKO & 1:06 Edge Spear lol 😄
  • Starkid 1236
    Starkid 12361 year agoSome of the videos weren't even sports.
  • Don Marson
    Don Marson16 days ago1:17 we will rock you meme
  • Mr. Platito
    Mr. Platito1 months ago1:18 oh snap better dont blink on that
  • Kean Nino
    Kean Nino1 months agoNow Music showing: We will Rock You By:Queen
  • What Happened Today
    What Happened Today1 months ago1:54 you must have some balls to do that ... 😉😂
  • C2 Gaming
    C2 Gaming9 days agoThe Logan Paul one is a vine not a sport🙄
  • Xr_DeathRuns
    Xr_DeathRuns1 months ago2:28 the music should’ve been better
  • Lance Lorio
    Lance Lorio16 days agoNo need to repeat thing 20 thousand times
  • Jahaan Green
    Jahaan Green15 days ago19 seconds made me cry she couldn't hear the footsteps or something
  • JSnkG Cayetano
    JSnkG Cayetano7 days agoigabrnation I love you
  • Nate Baldwin
    Nate Baldwin14 days agoAlmost every video made me laugh, one of the greatest complications I have ever seen