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These Girls Need Help: Fails of the Month (January 2013) || FailArmy

by FailArmy14.028.226 views

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  • Sazzy xx
    Sazzy xx4 year ago00:16   who invited chris griffin??!?!?
  • Emily Gunning
    Emily Gunning5 year agoI love when people say "I got that on camera!!!"
  • otaKUruru
    otaKUruru5 year agothe girl was making we will rock you sound 2:41
  • David Paxson
    David Paxson5 year ago3:23 I love how they just laugh hahahah
  • macar6913
    macar69135 year agoAt 0:45 seconds we see a guy who isn't getting laid tonight... At 0:49 seconds we see a guy who IS getting laid tonight...
  • Mostly
    Mostly4 year agoHave you noticed it's always boys filming girls
  • Hayli Devlin
    Hayli Devlin2 year agomost of these aren't even funny they are just really sad lol
  • jakolantrn33
    jakolantrn335 year agono black people were hurt in the making of this video because there were no black people at all lol
  • Larry Angrimson
    Larry Angrimson2 months agoIt really is painful to watch balance beam fails.
  • Dominic Leon
  • Muz Malek
    Muz Malek5 year ago1:44 i didn't notice that there was a spider on her face till she mentioned it and i played it back....
  • Kipunji
    Kipunji4 year ago0:45 HUE HUE HUE BRBRBRBR
  • Dick Dickinson
    Dick Dickinson2 year ago3:27 Dresy pasy adidasy prawilnie
  • Cris Rainbow
    Cris Rainbow2 year agothe last scene was pretty good :D
  • David Kerkenes
    David Kerkenes5 year agogirl with spider on her face, miss piggie's eyes
  • Jackal J. Black
    Jackal J. Black3 year agoSPIDER > OMFG i got a fat chick under my shoe!
  • Topspeed325
    Topspeed3254 year agoLast one blonde falls down the hill..omg hilarious.
  • Keisama
    Keisama5 year ago1:22-1:29 LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL XDXDXDXDXD
  • Tea Vee
    Tea Vee2 year agoDat big girls eyebrows!
  • CrizzyD91
    CrizzyD915 year agoI think that the one at 1:56 is a dude..
  • TheArzonite
    TheArzonite5 year agoWhy 99% of these bitches are so stupid?
  • Szymon M.
    Szymon M.5 year agoBoobs XD
  • Marta Rutkowska
    Marta Rutkowska5 year ago3:15 like my mom
  • Bluefin Tuna
    Bluefin Tuna5 year agoSomeone drinks too much of the ethnocentric drink mix eh? I know everyone isn't stupid. I take offense at people who call out one country. People like you. I have traveled the world over so I know for a fact that stupid people exist everywhere, regardless of country. With your comment, I can tell who the stupid person of your country is. Feel proud for being a moron? Cheers from a German currently living in the US =)
  • ben battle
    ben battle5 year agolmao my faviorte part was at 1:20 when the horse rams that bitch into the tree and doesnt give a shit when shes gone, if anything the horse was happy to get her off his back lmao!!! just shows how horses could give a shit less about humans!
  • Luukebaas
    Luukebaas5 year agoyou just called everyone on the world except americans stupid at least we have cops that do their job and they don't sit around eating donuts and getting fat like almost every american does
  • Skorpion Sk
    Skorpion Sk5 year agoThat last one is from Slovakia !!! Not from Russia !!! -_-
  • Skorpion Sk
    Skorpion Sk5 year ago3:20 Slovakia!!!
  • Jenny och Malin
    Jenny och Malin5 year agoLOL anyone else check for spiders on their face?
  • Bluefin Tuna
    Bluefin Tuna5 year agostupid non-american
  • 007spudman
    007spudman5 year agoI know the first girl.
  • nethe0
    nethe05 year agoThe botox must have numbed that girls face when she had a spider running over it lol. :)
  • laplane johann
    laplane johann5 year ago3:25 hiii hii Hééé héhéhé LOL nimporte quoi !!!!!!!!
  • F8ALEquinox
    F8ALEquinox5 year agosecond one, I GOT THAT ON CAMERA
  • Asirix
    Asirix5 year agopopeye at 3:27
  • Josh Creber
    Josh Creber5 year ago2:36 - that's why girls shouldn't play football XD
  • LisaDanceLuvrr
    LisaDanceLuvrr5 year agoLOL
  • Justin Griffith
    Justin Griffith5 year agoThe last one "she gets up then .....TA Da....she's ....gone!!!!! Like a magic trick! Although the real kicker is that when she slides off domwn the cliff none of the guys even move!!
  • Justin Griffith
    Justin Griffith5 year agoWhat are you talking about ...I see dudes failing all the time wtf is wrong with you people ever watched tv ? ....whenever a man fails we just laugh it off and forget about it ....but when a woman fails we hold it against them in a sexist way ....the hypocrisy of a male dominated world.
  • Nate Echegoyen
    Nate Echegoyen5 year agoWatch this part 1:20 lol so funny
  • Sleepy
    Sleepy4 year agoThat girl with the spider on her face probably had to much makeup on to feel it.
  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez5 year agoA girl had a spider on his face and she didn, t know.
  • Michael Christoffers
    Michael Christoffers5 year ago2:44-2:56 the girl probably be like "this is my first time" p.s thts what she said
  • Michael Christoffers
    Michael Christoffers5 year ago1:01-1:08 looks like its time to WASH THIS BITCH..........AGAIN
  • Michael Christoffers
    Michael Christoffers5 year ago0:00-0:10 looks like its time to WASH THIS BITCH
  • Jonno Keeno
    Jonno Keeno4 year agoThe last one kinda made me laugh slightly and kinda hate men even more. (I am a guy, I am allowed. :P ) They just let her fall in the water and then none of them made a move to help her. I was like dafuq you doing you poopy face. You gotta treat girls in a more gentle way. :P
  • Mari Battilega
    Mari Battilega5 year agoI like who nobody helps the blonde chick at the end
  • elviukx10
    elviukx105 year agowhat's the song's title that is playing in the end of this video?
  • Mateusz Gapys
    Mateusz Gapys5 year agoPolska
  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez5 year agoWhy do 95% of the videos featured in this channel consist of people falling down? (ie. not just FAILing, but FALLing.) One would think there are plenty of other fail types besides this.