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Stupid People and Epic Fails | Fail Compilation | FailGag

by FailGag490.788 views

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  • Stan Mack
    Stan Mack6 months ago4:52 is why most of us showed up
  • Marcos Gomes
    Marcos Gomes6 months agoOld videos watched more than 1 million times...
  • hannah gaston
    hannah gaston2 days ago4:52 i want to be that bottle
  • Conrad Vega
    Conrad Vega2 months agoThank you for not clickbaiting for that you get a thumbs up
    X DARKEST ADDICTIONZ X1 months ago4:52 isn鈥檛 a fail
  • 348 Loaded Lever
    348 Loaded Lever1 months ago5:09 my old lady could hold a gallon jug maybe even a 5 gallon pail and still sit down and forget it鈥檚 there
  • Funczy
    Funczy3 days agoany one else from the thubnail
  • evilgame /michael sperling
    evilgame /michael sperling1 months agoBet is Click bait if not like video if is dislike Not Clickbait
  • brian Litteral
    brian Litteral2 months ago5:17 can i have a drink 馃槀馃槀
  • tuesdays gone
    tuesdays gone9 days agoTHIRSTY !!
  • Cloud
    Cloud1 months ago1:06 he said people thats their is a dog 馃悤馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
  • Denis Garley
    Denis Garley1 months ago3:13 watch out, watch out.RKO
  • Voadesis
    Voadesis3 months ago0:11 how it feels to chew five gum
  • P A
    P A1 months agoThumbs up for no clickbait
  • Kristoffer Sj酶boden
    Kristoffer Sj酶boden2 months agoOutro music?
  • Don's Johnson
    Don's Johnson1 months ago5:22 Now I'm thinking about all those turds getting stuck between her butt cheeks.
  • Salt Cubes
    Salt Cubes1 months agoFor the content I swear
  • Iam Lost
    Iam Lost2 months ago3:26 i hope that stupid guy is alright
  • haotao_alt
    haotao_alt18 days ago1:08 not really a person
  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime2 months agoThe last one was a win...
  • Daniel Coleman
    Daniel Coleman1 months agoSome of us are here because of the thumbnail
  • E.M.R.G.
    E.M.R.G.2 months agoHappy birthday heres a broken jaw
  • SpicyChickenSandwich
    SpicyChickenSandwich4 months ago"You were eliminated by matress"2:34
  • Suka Miskin
    Suka Miskin6 months agoGood, 馃槀馃槏
  • Sarah-Anne Carney
    Sarah-Anne Carney4 months agoI HATE thos freaking slides that sit a metre off of the ground and the kids just fall off and hurt their butt. No fun for anyone. Use more material or use more mulch ya stingy mofos.
  • Frank Mendez
    Frank Mendez1 months ago4:45
  • LMAOgaming
    LMAOgaming6 months agoFucking hilarious
  • Ed Soderlind
    Ed Soderlind2 months agonuttin better
  • Dalton McMillan
    Dalton McMillan4 months ago2:03 everyone has that friend that knows what鈥檚 up.
    KOMPAS UZ6 months agoLike
  • Must Love Cats
    Must Love Cats6 months agoAnd that's why I only swim in water.
  • Fort Wenty
  • Frank Mendez
    Frank Mendez1 months ago#funny
  • JonBoy
    JonBoy4 months agoLove the way you ended this one!!
  • Dalton McMillan
    Dalton McMillan4 months agoGuys totally nails it 3:02
  • westward bound
    westward bound4 months agoCan I get that last one on a loop please
  • Patrick Graham
    Patrick Graham4 months agoAmazing ending
  • Nico Bilbao
    Nico Bilbao1 months agoWhat鈥檚 her @
  • colt1911com
    colt1911com4 months agoDAMMM!!..THAT HOE IS FINE!!
  • Dragon Bourn
    Dragon Bourn2 months agoI ignore girls like the one at the end
  • Her telden esen adam
    Her telden esen adam6 months ago馃槀馃槀馃槀
  • D R
    D R4 months agoYeeeeeee Tom Jones!
  • 銉凟lantra
    銉凟lantra6 months ago1掳
  • Pizza Catt
    Pizza Catt3 months agoIt is even funnier if they die by stupidity. Just Kidding... But seriously some people are just not realizing "Hey this could kill me". Like the Tide Pod kid that actually died. Oh well, we are over populated anyways.
  • use the spiritual eye ignore the physical
    use the spiritual eye ignore the physical6 months agoI'd definitely drink from the beach babe's butt water bottle
  • Prranjal Shrivaastav
    Prranjal Shrivaastav1 months agoKids are not stupid, they aren't just aware enough. People who only grow up in size, they are stupid.
  • amiin yare
    amiin yare2 months agoKid's are not stupid
  • Viktar Kartyshau
    Viktar Kartyshau3 months agoKids are not stupid they cute and funny
    BONIFACIO PEREZ1 months agoI
  • love is life Khan G
    love is life Khan G6 months agoVery nice