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EPIC LAUGH Funniest Scared Cat Home 2018 Compilation Funny cat Videos. #4

by Pets Arena832.897 views

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK PAGE if you love cats so much this video is for you. Watch this cute and funny moment of cat and kittens filling joy in their house. This video is full pf cats and kittens. but will not fill your hunger of cats videos. because cat's love is infinite. Social Media: Instagram : Watch our cute animalscollections

  • Devan Law10
    Devan Law1022 days agoCame for the whining about them being cruel comments..... WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 😂😂
  • Vulcarios
    Vulcarios2 months agoLol the bobcat at 1:57 is like "Bruh I only came to ask for a cup of sugar damn bruh chill"
  • Andrea Edmond
    Andrea Edmond2 months ago1:50 That bobcat is all like, "Is this guy fo real???" XD
  • Renville80
    Renville802 months agoSome are funny reactions that just happen but I don’t care much for the ones where the cat was scared on purpose. Makes for a stressed and eventually a neurotic cat.
  • Bruce Kitchura
    Bruce Kitchura2 months agoHell I scream to if a bobcat was staring at me through the patio door lmao
  • Mastyllie
    Mastyllie1 months agoThe only thing I hate is when people scare em' on purpose, that's just not right >:0
  • Paul Racine
    Paul Racine2 months agoCats scared is one thing...PURPOSELY scaring your cat...Not cool!
  • David N
    David N1 months agoNothing like terrorizing the family cat. Internet fail of the day.
  • Red Dwarf XII
    Red Dwarf XII2 months agoEPIC FAIL wwhen people deliberately scare their cat
  • Toon Link
    Toon Link1 months ago2 cucumbers.... just evil 🤣🤣
  • Nina Ireland
    Nina Ireland21 hours agoAt 2:23 they don't seem to Realise the CAT CAN SEE TRUMPS REAL FACE, it's why cat PETRIFIED, reason for everything 👀👂😈
  • Armywife70
    Armywife702 months agoIf cats are naturally scared in a NOT SET UP moment, that can be funny depending on the situation. For example, I don't find a cat falling off of a roof or high window ledge funny. If the cat is set up like with a vacuum cleaner and blocked cat door, that's abusive. Cats and dogs are naturally funny. Be ready with a camera and film an in the moment video. Those are the best.
  • Kenny-D
    Kenny-D1 months agoIf the Cat ran from a Obama Television screen ,... Then the cat must be a racist
  • KaoGacha
    KaoGacha1 days agowhat's the name of this outro?
  • Lucinda Chan
    Lucinda Chan2 days agoI thought the Bobcat was a cat Statue! Then I saw it move XD
  • Miluše Švarcová
    Miluše Švarcová15 hours agoŘehtají se, jak debilové a úmyslně trýzní zvířata. Nakopat jim prdel!!!
  • Kataku
    Kataku10 days ago8:56 the dog came to see if the cat was ok
  • Micheal Alexanderaz
    Micheal Alexanderaz9 minutes ago2:21 even the cat dislike trump 😅
  • Allison Holly
    Allison Holly5 days agoI love when cats manage to scare themselves by batting at whatever has their attention and the pouncing away
  • Paul Hampton
    Paul Hampton2 months agoHEY no,that's not funny with the hoover and blocked catflap 😠
  • Bart BC
    Bart BC17 minutes agoThe ones where these animals are purposely scared with no retreat like vacuum cleaner is more abusive than funny 👎🏼
  • fireice2037
    fireice20372 months agoSome are funny. Because cats are spazzes. But others are mean... like blocking the cat door... or the cat flying into the wall... not funny 😪
  • Harley Saenz
    Harley Saenz3 days agoThat sounded like a demon laughing
  • betty kuykendall
    betty kuykendall2 months agoI scared myself when I laughed out loud with the cat and the balloons. Yeah, that's right, I spelled LOL outright.
  • Koko Andreuzzi
    Koko Andreuzzi1 months agoStupid people having fun at the cats expense.
  • Lynda Auld
    Lynda Auld2 months agoAw, scaring your pet,, to me not nice!
  • cyn harman
    cyn harman1 months agoLocking the flap was cruel your cats will be nervous wrecks
  • o tejas o
    o tejas o13 days agocats have the most amazing ability : can go from 0 to 1000 in like 1 second : )
  • SuNy OZUNA
    SuNy OZUNA1 months agoThat bobcat tho😳 That kitty is like Nooooo! This is MY TERRITORY!
  • Victoria Riley
    Victoria Riley18 days agoI was hollering NO WITH THAT BOBCAT
  • Elizabeth Seiden
    Elizabeth Seiden1 months agoDamn that bobcat was scary!😲😻
  • Claudia Warner
    Claudia Warner1 months agoWhat a Great Warrior Cat defending the home from a big Preditors Bob 🐈 Cat!!
  • H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞
    H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞8 days agoMental Arena EPIC Sick Home Sadists 2018 Compilation Poor cats Videos. #4
  • Ray Cabarga
    Ray Cabarga4 days agoRather freeze to death than wear your stupid t shirts I really hope you get mauled by a grizzly.
  • Ildiko Kiraly
    Ildiko Kiraly2 months agoIs like,human,had,nice dinner..than,go outside,and his car is stolen"for fun"..only..than after he got heath attack than haha laugh..haha cut on video. .lol
  • Adam A
    Adam A2 months agoJust one of the many reasons I like animals more than humans. Keep it come'n!!
  • James Bell
    James Bell22 days agoAll of these idiots who let their cats mess about with their furniture until it gets broken, deserve everything they get.
  • Theo N de Bray
    Theo N de Bray1 months agoThe line between play & teasing is very fine.  I often play with my cat & he loves it,  but as he's a rescue cat, he is very sensitive to being teased, as he has had much cruelty in his life (but never from me).
  • Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101
    Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 1011 months agoCATS ARE SO CUTE AND FUNNY😂🤣😄😃♥️♥️♥️💗💗💗
  • Lindsey Gordon
    Lindsey Gordon2 months agoThe guy who locked the cat flap needs a punch
  • Mpongo Ya Congo
    Mpongo Ya Congo18 days agoThe Bobcat was like: Bro.. can you tell your cat to calm down ?
  • Gene Jeffries
    Gene Jeffries1 months agoThat door trick, yeah that's a damn good way to break a cats neck. Dude needs horse whipped.
  • Mugaka Murakumo
    Mugaka Murakumo7 days agoSlow 5:33 to X0.25 favorite part in whole video 😂😂😂
  • Popcorn Moonshine
    Popcorn Moonshine1 months agoNot amusing at all, rather cruel, shame on you.
  • Annette Lu
    Annette Lu18 days ago1:49 bobcat: *what have i done*
  • Joan Fordham
    Joan Fordham1 months agoWho finds fear funny ? Only in others,doubtless! Funny fear..oxymoron
  • Maxine Ward
    Maxine Ward1 months agoPoor cats. They trust their owner to take care of them NOT scare and abuse them. I teach my cats and dogs at an early age NOT to be scared of vacuum cleaner by SLOWLY using it in the home from the beginning of getting them.
  • xxwolfie Pusheenxx
    xxwolfie Pusheenxx2 months agoBlocking their cat door was cruel. Shame on you!
  • DKK
    DKK1 months agoAn idiot with a hand held vacuum cleaner!😡
  • Diane Zimmerman
    Diane Zimmerman2 months agoMy mom was looking to carpet the kitchen. She had 3-4 sample squares placed around. The cat came around, jumped, then sniffed each one. Same cat when we got a garage door opener. It was loud and rattled the kitchen and living room floor right above it. Took a couple of weeks before Jay settled down with it.