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Ultimate "Chair Pulling" Pranks Compilation - Funniest Public Pranks 2017

by ComedyOn29.473.660 views

Ultimate "Chair Pulling" Pranks Compilation - Funniest Public Pranks 2017 Make sure to Subscribe and turn the Notifications 🔔 ON! ►Video by INTRO: ►Stephen - Crossfire! Thanks For Watching The Video, Subscribe! Like! Share! Comment! Enjoy ;)

  • AC Gaming
    AC Gaming1 months ago7:49 when social media is your life
  • donkeyenvious
    donkeyenvious1 year agoShow us some footage you got beaten up!
  • LunaPlays
    LunaPlays1 months agoWhy do they all run after him I wouldn’t lol
  • LispyDee YTG
    LispyDee YTG6 days agoI love when the people catch the person recording 😹
  • Linda Durham
    Linda Durham1 days agoLol keep up the great work don't get caught keep running like the wild
  • Advait Gupta
    Advait Gupta6 hours agoI was just trying to watch some adverts but some video and loud music kept interrupting me
  • My Instant Search
    My Instant Search1 year agoTry this out with *Usain Bolt*
    ANPPU3 days ago4:20 Im mercy for him cuz this dude looks like he doesnt have friends and being lonely... and then you just pull the chair off under him and steal the drink....
  • Liliacfury Tail
    Liliacfury Tail5 days agoI wonder how many people get robbed by one person pulling their chair and the other taking their left behind phone / wallet etc.
  • Sofia Sofia
    Sofia Sofia2 months agoGuy: "Are you recording?" Camera man: *nope* *runs away*
  • 002
    0022 months agonow thieves have an idea how to steal better
  • •AGKK•
    •AGKK•1 year agoWell that’s why I always look at my chair before sitting down......
  • Antonio
    Antonio8 days ago6:30 The woman just watching and ignoring
    MTEDITZ72 months agoWhat your black friend do for u ( 3:50 ) What your white friend does for u (6:12) 🤣
  • Brap Team 314
    Brap Team 3141 months agoYah, the real question is how many people caught up to you and threw you down!!
  • Fernando Cenon
    Fernando Cenon7 days agousain bolt joined the group
  • NotBrookelynn
    NotBrookelynn1 year agowhat if one of these guys were having a really bad day and they just wanted to chill out and relax and they just get this shit pulled on them. what a sucky day 😂😭
  • Float
    Float4 days agothis is fake play 3:00 at .25 speed he falls way before where the seat would be
  • dinohac
    dinohac3 months agowhen you chair pulling prank and it actually an athlet runner
  • The Faydou
    The Faydou6 days agoThe last one is the smartest !
  • syahdanmaolana69
    syahdanmaolana6921 hours agocarefull this prank can make Brain Injury
  • Noyan
    Noyan1 year agoImagine if one out of those guys were disguised Usain Bolt
  • sung min Chun
    sung min Chun1 days agoAre you actually stealing or you giving them back?
  • Sheyar Arab
    Sheyar Arab6 hours agoThat video is for RebelTV!
  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar8 days agoSome us some footage when u caught
  • Puppy Lover1024
    Puppy Lover102421 days agoI AM LITERALLY CRYING OF LAUGHTER RIGHT NOW 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • The ooo Girl
    The ooo Girl9 months agoI wanna see the part where these people catch up to him and beat his ass.
  • A' IN
    A' IN18 hours agothis is not a good prank
  • Nicolas Winfield
    Nicolas Winfield1 hours agoDo this in the hood. I dare y'all
  • CTM ML
    CTM ML11 days agoi feel bad for the skateboard dude
  • Aesatou Jabbi
    Aesatou Jabbi2 months agoTry it with USAIN BOLT
  • Kalayu Haile slassie
    Kalayu Haile slassie1 year agoShould be a marathon runner if you want to pull the chair
  • januda games
    januda games3 months agoDAME,people need to CHILL
    TIO ARANHA23 days agoNo Brasil você faz um bagulho desse levar logo 2 tiro na cara
  • GachaX
    GachaX5 days agoI think you guys need to stop with this mean things it's not good for people back!😏😑
  • Odjoz
    Odjoz21 days ago10:30 Stands up and started hopping, Fake af ..
  • høneyxmoøn
    høneyxmoøn11 months agoWhy do people like to run after the other?? 😂😂😂
  • Kumieto
    Kumieto4 months ago*_" Are you recording!?"_* *Camera Man Takes Off Running* XD
  • crtical plays
    crtical plays2 months agoDon’t do it to older ppl
  • Aditya Ramadhan
    Aditya Ramadhan24 days ago2 0 1 9? 👇Like
  • Courtney Reed
    Courtney Reed14 days agoThis is so wrong you can hurt a person for life with this type of prank it can split the end of your tail bone and your back will hurt and you may not be able to walk again so please don’t do this stuff 😒don’t do it for just a reaction
  • BeanBuckets
    BeanBuckets9 days agoI have a feeling they kept the bags and shit they grabbed
  • vuyiswa dlamini
    vuyiswa dlamini4 months agoI hope you said sorry to them
  • Deepak Surya
    Deepak Surya5 days agoBest way to check your cardio😂😂
  • sum dood
    sum dood7 days agoI wonder if he got away with all of that
  • Pauly P
    Pauly P4 months agoWhat if someone was disabled with metal etc in them and the metal dislodged into another area in the body. I know because i have it in me. Plus a broken tailbone. This guy should get his ass whooped unless this is all fake.
  • Hacks 4 Life
    Hacks 4 Life3 months agoWhy is everyone doing that prank.🤔
  • Iqbal Nugih
    Iqbal Nugih1 months agoSiapa yang punya temen sekelas pernah lo jailin begini 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨😁
  • Skyveah Fitch
    Skyveah Fitch1 months agoIdk why but I laughed so hard when he took the drink🤣
  • PopcornTV
    PopcornTV1 year agoThis video should be called “The Best Ways to Steal From People”