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EPIC LAUGH Funniest Scared Cat Home 2018 Compilation Funny cat Videos.

by Pets Arena2.141.614 views

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK PAGE if you love cats so much this video is for you. Watch this cute and funny moment of cat and kittens filling joy in their house. This video is full pf cats and kittens. but will not fill your hunger of cats videos. because cat's love is infinite

    CHICAGORILLA2 months ago1:43 literally scared the Shit out that cat 😂
  • Darkprince 305
    Darkprince 3052 months agoThey are laughing because the cat taking a shit but they are the one that got to clean it up.
  • Salma Zhafira
    Salma Zhafira3 days ago1:36 Oh's disgusting and i want to skip it..but it's sooo funny.. /^_^\
  • Romy Hooijberg
    Romy Hooijberg1 days agoPoor cat at 4:09, it's absolutely terrified :(. I don't think it's funny...
  • Markus Naab
    Markus Naab2 months ago4:09 Oh no no no no OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH .........Oh nonononono
  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards5 days ago1:37 was hilarious with that cat, and the people's particular laugh there made it even more hilarious, lol
  • Janeil Nold
    Janeil Nold2 months agoEvery cat's reaction to an object they don't understand: "I'm gonna whap it!"
  • Fay Gholson
    Fay Gholson2 months ago0:20 when see the person your trying to avoid
    LUNAR DEVIL2 days ago1:35 Вот это я понимаю, от ярости пукан порвало )))
  • Mastyllie
    Mastyllie1 months ago1:36 Oml poor Kitty 😂 That literally scared the shit outta the poor cat lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • David Holmes
    David Holmes1 months agoSome of these were funny but many were very cruel. The cat at about 4:23 was really wanting help from the person. I help my kitty to feel safe.
  • WeeeWriter
    WeeeWriter2 months agoThat poor cat @ 4:25 looked absolutely petrified :(
  • Matúš
    Matúš2 months ago1:17 when I first saw a naked woman in my life
  • Neko Girl
    Neko Girl24 days agoFirst one is really funny😂😂😂
  • Rosiane Bezerra
    Rosiane Bezerra1 months agoInfelizmente a maioria são apenas maldades praticadas por idiotas.
  • destroyer
    destroyer2 months ago6:25 was that an eartquake?
  • ghostdasquarian
    ghostdasquarian2 months ago1:36 they're laughing now, but not when it's time to clean it up
  • Gamehuntsuprise50pc
    Gamehuntsuprise50pc13 days agoYou know what is even funnier? People are hating and complaining while the dislike ratio is uber low.
  • Damas _nhk
    Damas _nhk2 months agoWHY in the left TOP CORNER IT IS @PETS [email protected] ??
  • Cavalio Thorson
    Cavalio Thorson13 days ago2:13 Me when chicks that aren't my type get too close to me.
  • Sarka64 Nellie Wiselund
    Sarka64 Nellie Wiselund17 days ago2:14 lucky she didnt poop again
  • mikeruck2888
    mikeruck28888 days agoTony Baker needs to do a voice over for the one at 6:19 😂 And I know it's common knowledge but sheeeeeesh cat are LIGHTNING quick! 7:33 !!
    EDNALDO CORREIA DE OLIVEIRQ10 days agoAquela do gato se cagando de medo quando ver ele próprio no espelho , é de mais A campeã.
  • Tourette TV
  • bigpoppa 1967
    bigpoppa 19671 months ago3:47 Dog: This is for PISSIN' on my KIBBLES PUNK!!!!
  • Jumpower
    Jumpower1 months ago1:36 - Brasil representando como sempre
  • Catastic
    Catastic3 months agoI come here once in a while after watching a good horror movie at 2am...
  • Sarka64 Nellie Wiselund
    Sarka64 Nellie Wiselund17 days ago1:56 Cat: pooped 1:56 Me: Vomits
  • Red Dwarf XII
    Red Dwarf XII2 months agoIf you love cats this video IS NOT for you. Far too many of these clips are cats being terrorized by their owners for a laugh
  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan2 months agoGees if ya don’t like cats 🐱 don’t have them
  • Nina Ireland
    Nina Ireland1 days agoI NEVER see wats hilarious bout ABSOLUTE TERRIFYING FEAR in an innocent animal, doing it to make YOURSELF Laugh, wake up & have a word with yourself👀👂🤔💔 how does anyone KNOW WHAT THEY ARE REALLY SEEING AS WELL, can't you HEAR how DEMONIC your laughing & giggling sounds, LISTEN👂👀👂🤔🎇
  • Trey
    Trey2 months agoBruh.. "silly" sound effects is a big nono with video making. Ruins the moment and a total 80s/90s thing.
  • • Chili Chiie •
    • Chili Chiie •1 months ago4:09 *OH NO NO NO NO NO NO.....OHHHHHH NO NO NO NO NO......*
  • саша гемберг
    саша гемберг2 months ago_Happy new year friends!!!_ 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎁 _С Новым Годом, друзья!!_ 🎅🎅🎅🎁🎁🎁
  • Roland Fraser
    Roland Fraser1 months ago1:39 Cat scared the crap out of himself. 4:10 "Oh no, no, no, no." - I've felt that way too cat.
  • Novak Ingood
    Novak Ingood1 months ago0:21 Perhaps some sort of traction control could be fitted. 1:41 Counted at least six shades...
  • Big bowl of ugly
    Big bowl of ugly1 months agoThis gave me a good laugh, keep up the good luck 🖒
  • Ryan Banman
    Ryan Banman2 months agoNo cats were harmed in the making of these videos. It would appear precious snowflake feelings were though.
  • Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres1 months agoOh my God That so funny.My Hardest laugh is The cat Look scared in mirror and Pooped XD
  • Justin D
    Justin D1 months agoI'm sure someone has already mentioned it, but Arena is misspelled in the video.
  • Amari Suttle
    Amari Suttle19 days ago4:55 that cat was like What The Heck
  • Ana Rodrigues
    Ana Rodrigues3 days agoSó não gostei dos donos que passaram fita adesiva nas patas do gatinho😑
  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard21 days agoWow, thanks for the laughs! 😂😂
  • EatMy50Cal
    EatMy50Cal2 months agoLove it that the top left corner header says „Pets Aerna“ and nobody noticed 😂
  • Norikou
    Norikou13 days agothis whole comment section is the epitome of sensitivity
  • 럭키비스트 lucky beast
    럭키비스트 lucky beast26 days ago3:15~3:32 music name? (tom and jerry source.....)
  • Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101
    Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 1011 months agoLol the cats running they Can’t even run they try so hard😂😂
  • dudakc
    dudakc1 months agoO mais engraçado é o gato se olhando no espelho e se cagando KKKKKKKKKK
  • Delmarva Rail Productions
    Delmarva Rail Productions2 months ago6:26 *loud noise* cats: Everyone Run For Cover!
  • ROCK 1
    ROCK 12 months ago1:43 وراهم ضنضيف اخو منيوكة 😂