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Cutes dogs | Cutest dog in the world | Cute dogs clips 2016

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  • Manu mani Manu mani
    Manu mani Manu mani10 days agoThe first one is so cute I like puppys
  • Ruhani Amreen
    Ruhani Amreen8 hours agoThere not the cutest dog in the WORLD 🌍 but there kinda cute and you guys don’t have perfect gramar
  • Suruj Xaikia
    Suruj Xaikia1 days agoIs there any puppies now...?
  • Dhruv Thakur
    Dhruv Thakur12 days agoDid you searched "dog" Well congratulations
  • אמיר דהים
    אמיר דהים2 months agoمن كثر تيما صغير بغداد الحوت الطابه يتيمه
    APARNA MAITRA1 months agoAwwww the first one❤❤ is *so cute* And the minions too😍
  • aisha aisha
    aisha aisha4 months agoI love u dog my favorite bed animal very vry very nice supr video
  • Y.srinivas.8897539324 Niwas
    Y.srinivas.8897539324 Niwas1 months agoi love I to have this puppy this also make same sound
  • peruna gt GT
    peruna gt GT1 year ago😇😇😍😍🙄😶
  • GachaFam Gabriel
    GachaFam Gabriel3 months agoI I L I LO I LOV I LOVE YOU THINK IMA DO THIS HELL NAH😆
  • Loyaris Drg
    Loyaris Drg25 days agoSir I want to buy this dog
  • Roblox Gamergirl
    Roblox Gamergirl3 months agoSoooo! CUTE! Cannot take the cute ness! Omg I love the tingly baby puppies
  • אמיר דהים
    אמיר דהים2 months agoاحلى تطلع علم رايح بضحك كتير كتير كتير
  • Bird Lovell
    Bird Lovell1 year agobeautiful animal kingdom thank you for sharing Amen Jesus 🙊🙈🙉🌹🌹🌹 All the animal video's at NHD-TV Thank you. *Auntie Bird*
  • udaybhan singh
    udaybhan singh1 months agoFrom where you have been get these puppy
  • Safiullah Shah
    Safiullah Shah2 months agoFirst katna cute ha i love this
  • Hawkeye Assassin's
    Hawkeye Assassin's3 months ago00:46 are these more of China's Genetically Modified Experiments?.
  • maryam stars
    maryam stars1 months agoيمه فدوه مااتحمل على هذا الجمال
  • surander basra
    surander basra1 year agoplz tell me which are first ones puppies?
  • FurryCat FurryDog
    FurryCat FurryDog3 days agoThe first one made me die already 😍😍😭😭😭
  • XPhoenix 18 catsruledogsdrool
    XPhoenix 18 catsruledogsdrool1 months agoThere were too many puppies in a building 1 day later no trace of any
    BRINDA KRISHNAMOORTHY3 months agoSo cute but I miss my puppy .... 15 years ah enga kuda iruthathu but epo Ila like you pola irukum so cute 😫
  • Amit Kamra
    Amit Kamra3 months agoSo cute really 😘😍 lol bro but price btao plz hame chahiye real btana plz
  • Dr. Kala Sidhu
    Dr. Kala Sidhu2 months agocalchure pop vdia quality Ka kha se mile ga or kitne rupees Ka
  • Kyla aya
    Kyla aya11 hours agoKiutyandokno
  • try malen
    try malen1 months agoit look like the dog was Dancing at 0:07
  • shammu shaik
    shammu shaik1 months agoFirst dog was sooo cute
  • Randy Salcedo
    Randy Salcedo2 year agopuppies are like a moving toy. i cant stop watching this video.
  • Samuel Kalinowski
    Samuel Kalinowski1 months agoFor a second I thought the first one was a marshmallow
    VIRENDRA KUMAR VERMA1 months agoLove video hate background music
  • chandan singh
    chandan singh3 months agosir one dog ka prise ketna hai
  • arturo nuno
    arturo nuno4 months agoWhat about Gabe? Oi, may he rest in peace. ;(
  • Suman Yadav
    Suman Yadav2 year agosoooooooooooooooo cuteeeee
  • اؤؤم غمازات
    اؤؤم غمازات1 months agoNice oooooo my god😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😍😍
  • Natalia Olivia Slomiany
    Natalia Olivia Slomiany4 months agoOMG CAN I ADOPT THEM RIGHT NOW
  • sweety kish
    sweety kish1 months agoLove at first sight 😍😍
  • אמיר דהים
    אמיר דהים2 months agoيا محلى الكلب بجنن كتير حلوه و انت من وين اشتري
  • Think Noodles
    Think Noodles1 year agothere were so cute i love them and the baby she/him was so so cute.abd im a dog lover so i love dogs there were so cute awwwwww =3
  • Pooja Yadav
    Pooja Yadav1 months agoLovely pomeranian #dogsbreedofficial 😘😘
  • Rashu Mahajan
    Rashu Mahajan2 months agoSo cute and I also loved it 😚😚😍
  • Aahil Ali
    Aahil Ali2 months agoDunia me koi animal baat Kar sakta hai
  • Ranjeeta Singh
    Ranjeeta Singh1 months agoIn 3:03 I am in love with that puppy
  • Mariawolflovergamelover Let’s play
    Mariawolflovergamelover Let’s play5 months agoThe first one was so cute it was like a teddy bear
  • lonchin dilan
    lonchin dilan1 months agoI will give you 20 ,000 give me
  • Caramel T
    Caramel T2 months agoHi woof woof 💕💕💕💕💕
  • Santos Kumari
    Santos Kumari2 months agopomeraninan dog India me kaha milte ta hai
  • daiana stamberg paiva
    daiana stamberg paiva1 months ago0:39 cutest part how Many are they?
  • joyce camacho
    joyce camacho1 year ago😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ?
    MissäLiirumLaarumPewkele ?2 months agoI almost saw woman taking a dump on store floor
  • devansh sunkara
    devansh sunkara1 months agoI want the puppy's what's the process