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  • โก้ โยโย่
    โก้ โยโย่1 year agoกระจอกว่ะ
  • Haris 0
    Haris 01 year agoha editing tricks
  • Kathryn Redmon
    Kathryn Redmon1 year agothis is amazing
  • Nicholas Singleton
    Nicholas Singleton1 year agohow do you do that
  • gamer 777889966
    gamer 7778899661 year agoand cool
  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie1 year agoMe:what the heck😱😱😱😱 Me:is this real?
    SMOOSHIE GAMING1 year agothe ice one the "nice" is cooking Zach kinh
  • Toshiba Easter
    Toshiba Easter3 months agoI can do a magic trick press the thumbs up button and it will turn blue
  • Jonesey _
    Jonesey _2 year agoZach king wannabe
  • Heather Purcell
    Heather Purcell1 year agoSo so so so coooooooll !!!😆🤑
  • Amine Zinai
    Amine Zinai10 months agoYou just copied zach King
  • อาชิรญาณ์ ขวัญอ่อน
    อาชิรญาณ์ ขวัญอ่อน1 year ago-_-||p, koao
  • KarthiCk Karthik
    KarthiCk Karthik1 months agoSuper🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
  • NTN 13
    NTN 131 year agoonly zach!
  • Unite Faavae
    Unite Faavae1 year agoI love the all black i am a NZ player under 16
  • Ron Abrazado
    Ron Abrazado2 year agozach is the best
  • Kathryn Redmon
    Kathryn Redmon1 year agomy casen sed shee cant beleve her iys
  • Chandranath Mingan
    Chandranath Mingan1 year agopretty good video though it looks like it's been edited to produce the magic tricks/effects
  • naru -chan
    naru -chan1 year agoThis is amazing :3
  • noel Galindo
    noel Galindo1 year agoeres mago😢
  • Zero Two
    Zero Two1 year agowho is your secret man..??
  • chanyeollibabes park
    chanyeollibabes park2 year agoomg the magis tricks yassss i love it
  • hilal ansari
    hilal ansari2 year agoits all fake ........ but I got impressed.
  • Bendy The Devil Darling
    Bendy The Devil Darling7 months agoDid you copy Zach King!?
  • Mud Petersen
    Mud Petersen1 year agoit is so funny I is going to do it
  • C Lawmsangzela
    C Lawmsangzela1 year agoCool your magic is so cool
  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover2 year agoYou just copied zach king
  • Daniel wedi Goyta Jesus
    Daniel wedi Goyta Jesus1 year agoHahah träum weiter
  • مصطفی قریشی
    مصطفی قریشی1 year agoplz tell my hwo to doing magic
  • Bendy Dancer
    Bendy Dancer1 year agoThis is a computer and edit lolol
  • Alexi Stegner
    Alexi Stegner1 year agoexactly what puppy lover said
  • Masti video
    Masti video1 year agomagic a fake video real magician Zake king
  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh2 year agonice
  • Daniel Hoenig
    Daniel Hoenig2 year agoIt's all editing lol
  • bryan From Yt
    bryan From Yt6 months agoI like Zach king
  • Death star
    Death star1 year agothis is so fake
  • Malik Haroon
    Malik Haroon1 year agoall copies of zach king
  • RIP Royel
    RIP Royel2 year agoit's real?
  • amazing dancing wings Morales
    amazing dancing wings Morales1 year agothere are a Filipino there
  • Advan I7a
    Advan I7a2 year agomasih keliatan edit video nya !
  • PrimusPlayer J.
    PrimusPlayer J.2 year agocopied and fake magic is not for laugh
  • Ислвм саведбеков
    Ислвм саведбеков1 year agoфигня
  • Desi Gwalior
    Desi Gwalior1 year agothis type of magic is really present
  • alondra morales
    alondra morales1 year agoDang why y'all hateing for
  • Princess Go
    Princess Go1 year agoiussjsaa
  • Yousra Massaoudi
    Yousra Massaoudi1 year agowerliebtdaswiediowenihrdabeiseinwoltbeimireindaumenhoch
  • Ilhan Adan
    Ilhan Adan1 year ago2:28 amazing🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • Ali Murtaza
    Ali Murtaza1 year agoyou have cheated the zach king
  • Apolo Arrow
    Apolo Arrow1 year agocuanto photoshop
  • tivos de best YT
    tivos de best YT8 months agoIt's more of an allusion for zach