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Another Dumb Girl Fail.

by WT Farm Girl Videos14.829 views

And you thought the trailer hitch removal was rough! Here, Farm Girl forgets that the best way to unload a trailer . . . is with it still attached to your vehicle! Now what is she going to do?! Join Farm Girl on her many CRAZY adventures on their NEWLY BUILT family farm on 87 acres in Western Michigan. Born and raised a city-girl, she's finding out everyday what's she's made of as she struggles to make sense of the farming life! With plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor and lots of mischief, you never know what you'll watch next! With the ever-present threat of agricultural and small farming practices dying-off, Farm Girl shows that anyone can keep old traditions alive with a bit of grit and determination (and maybe some crying). Farm Girl LOVES MAIL! WTFarm Girl PO Box 228 Sand Lake, MI 49343 ►Order Syrup and Hats here: ► Follow WTFarm Girl on Instagram ► Follow WTFarm Girl on Facebook Check Out These Popular Videos: ►WATCH NOW: Farm Girl Tries the Tapeworm Diet ►WATCH NOW: Newly Repaired Bailer Breaks Again! ►WATCH NOW: My Worst Farming Accident Yet! **BUY FARM GIRL HATS or Maple Syrup** -Hats are each plus shipping per order Order on Support me on Patreon: or send me a one-time tip: Thanks for all your support!

  • WT Farm Girl Videos
    WT Farm Girl Videos2 months agoEveryone has very good suggestions for next time! Yes, this is a real video of me being "fluff brained". I am still trying to get over being sick, plus I had just a few minutes to get this off before I had to leave, and Erik had wanted it off before he got home. Just the worst of everything :) I figured it would take more time putting the forks on the tractor and then the bucket back on than to just stuff it into the bucket. Live and learn ;D
  • Farmall Fanatic
    Farmall Fanatic2 months agoI would take that loader and apply pressure down on that tongue. Game over
  • bob english
    bob english2 months agoHey Sue get a sling wrap around the tool box and use tractor to lift it off
  • JR Ewing
    JR Ewing2 months agoIsn't farming The challenges faced by new farmers is immense. Of course many will chime in and offer up their rocket science ideas about what you should or should not do. Me......I just wanna say how much your videos mean to me. Farming is a tough racket in any climate. No pun intended. What you're doing is extremely difficult. Its not like you grew up on a farm or ranch. Y'all adopted this way of life. Of course you're going to make mistakes. Which is very normal. Oh you'll suffer the usual criticism from those that don't have your character, integrity, honesty and sincerity. Instead, they will attack you because, they cannot do what you're doing. I said it before, I'll say it again....... You got guts kid! I totally respect your efforts in farming and look forward to seeing what lay ahead. God Bless🔺🚜☀ JR
  • steve holton
    steve holton2 months agoAnother suggestion, Sue, is to weld a chain hook at the center of the top of any bucket you have. That way you can lift anything by a single point centered on the centerline of the tractor and make fine height adjustments by rolling and unrolling the bucket. I have used this method on All my buckets for the last 55 years. Weld it to the front of the top plate.
  • Ontario Cash Crop Farmer
    Ontario Cash Crop Farmer2 months agoYou are persistent and persistence pays off you got it 👍
  • ghostdevill
    ghostdevill2 months agoYou could have switched the bucket for palletvorks and scooped it of the trailer without using a sling.
  • Dwight Pierce
    Dwight Pierce2 months agoYou gotter done but it's sure frustrating watching you sometimes it is truly an adventure. Love the videos and hang in there.
  • Larry Shroyer
    Larry Shroyer2 months agoHey you did a good job.went about it a little on the hard way but got r dun
  • Tom E Nagel
    Tom E Nagel2 months agoI'm so impressed!!! When Sue has no idea how to complete a task, she DOES NOT just quit and walk. Stays with it and LEARNS and the next time it will be a 5 minute job. Then she moves on to learn something new again, and gets that task done. Simply said "that Is the way to get thru life! Sue, "job" well done!
  • dirtmagnet
    dirtmagnet2 months agoYoung and figuring it out---thats how we all start got it done..that is what counts.. chalk it up. Learn from experience like us all.
  • Randy J
    Randy J2 months agolots of options. slide the crate into the bucket. you could have left the tailgate attached but it doesnt matter. you could have sling lifted the crate using the loader . you could have unboxed the crate and removed the drawers to lighten the weight. but the thing is you did accomplish what you set out to do. I had to relocate a pallet of siding . special stuff that was 12 or 15 foot long and fragile. I hooked the pallet and managed to move it but it didnt come off the forks as planned. Of course the boss was there and I had to listen to how expensive it was and how it was worthless if damaged while we restacked to stuff back on the pallet by hand. Then he moved to pallet and did the same thing I did. He didnt appreciate me reminding him how expesive the stuff was or how it was useless if damaged
  • Jaylin Coombs
    Jaylin Coombs2 months agoMaybe ask for some suggestions from us before you tackle a job unsure about. Might make less stress for you and be done quicker.
  • jdawgs place
    jdawgs place2 months ago1st you're not a dumb girl as you imply...if your air hose will reach air up the tires....hold down the tongue with the tractor bucket...but in the future put jack stands under the rear corners of the trailer
  • 1964c10 at powerhouse
    1964c10 at powerhouse2 months agoTell him I need a new tool box
  • thr8061
    thr80612 months ago1) hold down front of trailer with tractor bucket 2) put block(s) under rear of trailer 3) pull dolly out 4) remove rear gate 5) use tractor to remove pallet
  • adam cook
    adam cook2 months agoI would put the bucket over the chest and hook the ratchet straps to the bucket and lift it off
  • seadog1955
    seadog19552 months agoU need air in front on blue
  • Scott Simpson
    Scott Simpson2 months agoHey girl weld some tow chain hooks on both top sides of loader. Will come in handy all ways for just that problem , helps secure load instead of going back to arms keeps it as part of bucket. Nice job though figuring it out!
  • Whiteout 1962
    Whiteout 19622 months agoEat 1 large can spinach
  • John Turner
    John Turner4 days agoI know this was some months ago but anything on a skid you can always use chains
  • Farmall Fanatic
    Farmall Fanatic2 months agoI had a genius drive a tractor on an unconnected trailer one time, and the nose of the trailer came up and slammed down. He paid me 500 bucks for a new jack.
  • Richard Leigh
    Richard Leigh2 months agoWell, you sure made hard work of that job Sue, and Eric, he's all heart isn't he , buying you a tool box for Christmas, bless him .
  • Dennis DeVore
    Dennis DeVore2 months agoLooks to me like you're trying to do what should be easy, turning out otherwise. It's costing more time and effort than if you just got the forks in the first place
  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen2 months agoCarry a few hay bales and stack on the tongue...
  • Thomas Marti
    Thomas Marti2 months agoYou got it done,all that matters:) HNY Suze!
  • Howard Fortyfive
    Howard Fortyfive2 months agoASK 4 HEP. IT AINT ROCKET SURGERY. THAT NH HAS FORKS. HANG FORKS EASE IT UP TO TRLR & GIT ER DONE. It took me a day and a hlf to find my way back here. You gotta be smarter than me...
  • Daniel Hermeling
    Daniel Hermeling2 months agoI would have just used the forks to pick it off and carry it to the barn, but your way worked well. P.s glad you finally got a new tool box to put all those tools in, and lock it to keep Eric from taking your tools LoL.
  • Rick Ballard
    Rick Ballard2 months agoHappy New Year from Kentucky! Persistance is a virtue, you stuck with it & figured out a way despite the missteps. Good job!
  • Nate Blair
    Nate Blair2 months it the way you did it! Lol....good job Sue!
  • Gene Chronister
    Gene Chronister2 months agoYeah,the hitch extravaganza was memorable! Nice job!
  • Blessed Veteran87
    Blessed Veteran872 months agoUmmm back the trailer closer but that'll be to easy lol I would of put some straps around it n pulled it off. Have A Blessed Day
  • knowltek
    knowltek2 months agoForks on tractor..wth you thinking...scooping it up wheel lift n all. .
  • Dennis Keuntjes
    Dennis Keuntjes2 months agoPut a couple of bales of hay on the tongue of trailer to counter balance trailer, then pump up dolly tires, slide load off trailer. LOL DJK wis.
  • Sam Blevins
    Sam Blevins2 months agoYour front tire on right side is low next time put a jack stand under back of trailer before you start easier to put on forks than hurt your back yanking around on heavy loads
  • OldTractors
    OldTractors2 months agoCarefull, Suzanne, you could make blonds look bad. ;-)
  • Peter Will
    Peter Will2 months agoI payed the price for not putting the forks on several loads i should of.
  • Art Deaton
    Art Deaton2 months agoBet you won't forget to check the air on the dolly before use!!!!! and always leave the single Axel trailer hooked up before offloading. Still good job young lady.
  • Ken Arnold
    Ken Arnold2 months agoFor future info. Buy one of those small hand carry aux air tanks and a length of hose and an air chuck (don't forget an inline shutoff valve). Now you can carry air to whatever tire needs inflated (within reason LoL) when you don't have power available.
  • Dixie Mae
    Dixie Mae2 months agoYeah Erik's inside watching probably unable to hold it together.
  • Martin Benton
    Martin Benton2 months agoNo advice from me. You figured out a way to do it. Mission accomplished!!!! MB BAR RANCH
  • Dennis DeVore
    Dennis DeVore2 months agoNot laughing, but you did get it there without damage. Good for you!😊😊😊
  • Digby O'Dell
    Digby O'Dell2 months agoCounter weight the tongue, pallet fork (cuz it's on a pallet right?), done.
  • o1mtbiker
    o1mtbiker2 months agoYou have so many options here. Key is to use what’s available to you. You have a big blue work horse sitting there at idle. You can lift with it. Hold the trailer down with it. But you learned a very valuable lesson here. Always unhook the trailer last ;)
  • Darryl Hatch
    Darryl Hatch2 months agoWrap some ropes around the toolbox such that you can pick it up with the tractor loader over the side of the trailer.
  • Dennis DeVore
    Dennis DeVore2 months agoOnly 9? How bout a perfect 10?lol
  • Paul E Clemons Jr
    Paul E Clemons Jr2 months agoWhat you should of done is call me and we would of went inside for awhile and "talked about it"
  • eugene kline
    eugene kline2 months agoCould used the pallet forks for the tractor to lift it b easier lol😂😂
  • Nate Blair
    Nate Blair2 months agoSue take the tractor and gently set the bucket down on the front of the trailer to bring it down. Itll hold it so you can do what u need
  • todd stewart
    todd stewart2 months agoBlock the back of the trailer so it doesn't tip over!!