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Ultimate Army Fails Compilation 2019 #2

by Forfuntv696.415 views

Ultimate Army Fails Compilation 2019 #2 - Funny Military fails 2019 - Watch, rate, share and Comment - Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! - Don't forget to subscribe my channel to help us reach to 1.000.000 Subscribers :) Support forfuntv: Forfuntv is the number one destination for amazing, original videos and compilations. Subscribe channel, don"t miss a new compilation.

  • Ich !
    Ich !5 days agoMinute 1:38 ist am besten.... der Typ hat wirklich Selbstvertrauen 😂
  • ChickensSauce
    ChickensSauce6 days ago6:01 - Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar? Allahu akbar! *missile hits ground ...... Allahu akbar :(
  • Tyler Street
    Tyler Street2 days agoPlot twist; that was a vase demonstration not a martial arts demonstration. It went very well and they got the contract to supply their military with all there vases.
  • Nikolai Belinski - Raiden
    Nikolai Belinski - Raiden8 days agoWas that one guy seriously trying to pull a 40+ ton tank?
  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev2 days agoI now know to never fall asleep in the military Who knows how the Marines might find out a way to prank a sleeping comrade
  • Fapjack to the sound
    Fapjack to the sound7 days ago3:12 we don't deserve dogs loyal fearless Man's best friend! He dont care about the people or all the noise or military education and training or the festival whatsoever.. he just do his job LOVE DOGS MAN i love them :D
  • Cannell of Glory
    Cannell of Glory2 days agoWhat army is it at 1:20
    MR WHITE8 days ago" how did I run out of ammo Sergeant"? OMFG! This guy has rear echelon written all over him!
  • Know Nuthin' Archer
    Know Nuthin' Archer8 days ago8:40 Yup. That's a damn good vase.
  • Tivan The Gamer
    Tivan The Gamer7 days agoSome a uno ago dead in war 😂😂😂😂😂😂don’t know how to fix your gun damn😂😂
  • Damir Ташанов
    Damir Ташанов2 days agoKyrgyzstan 🤣🤣
  • AHLINE 23
    AHLINE 232 days ago7:36 is indonesian army
  • Cristian Morán
    Cristian Morán2 days ago1:20 jajaja se calló por menso 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • Mark Ellie
    Mark Ellie9 days agoYour man trying too pull the tank up. Lol.
  • J D
    J D2 days agoI really started giving that private a hard time subconsciously, but then realized that may have been the first time he had shot a firearm.
  • srinu vasu
    srinu vasu2 days agoThat's fight Pakistan army 😀
  • Tracy James Tavares
    Tracy James Tavares8 days agoOLD VIDS marked new year .  Great job of stealin others Vids .
  • Michael Moewes
    Michael Moewes8 days agowell, seeing the oustanding performance of the different armies, I fear no WW3. they are to fcuking stupid to become dangerous.
  • Mark E
    Mark E9 days agoThe demonstration of our unbreakable Homewares 😁👍
  • Richard Przybylek
    Richard Przybylek9 days agoWho dose the guy trying to pull the tank up think he is Hercules
  • Chauncey Chappelle
    Chauncey Chappelle3 days ago"You shot it all Pribate..." She is going very far in the army.
  • Starguard !
    Starguard !8 days agoThe guy at 5:26 made me laugh pretty good :)
  • Dan earn
    Dan earn1 days ago8:40 rubber and plastic
  • Валентин Глухов
    Валентин Глухов2 days agoЧе за крутые парни с вазой из бетона 😱
  • TheOneAndOnly
    TheOneAndOnly6 days ago3:15 bro that dog
  • Subject00001 __
    Subject00001 __3 days agoi really love the moment at 1:08 😂 u can just see his face *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* ... *flump* "😐 .. *thought processinging* 😱 MIS- AAAHHHH!!!
  • Timberwolf Powler
    Timberwolf Powler8 days agoSelf-defeating Armies...These guys outperformed Congress.
  • PerkythePro
    PerkythePro9 days ago4:58 wow that was quite the punch to the gut lmao.
  • Странник во времени
    Странник во времени9 days agoАрмия, везде армия. :)))
    MUJONYC2 days ago5:02. 🤭
  • Ron way
    Ron way9 days ago8:45 Unfortunately it wasn't a China piece
  • plainlogic
    plainlogic2 days ago*military fails
  • HerkMeck
    HerkMeck9 days agoOLD Vids thumbs down
  • Best videos
    Best videos8 days agoIs Private (solider name) is drunk???
  • Jo H
    Jo H3 days agoMissfire!!! Miss- AHHH!!
  • Una's Gaming Channel
    Una's Gaming Channel8 days agoThose generals look so unimpressed 😂
  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez3 days agoLast one...GJ!:)
  • Володимир Туровський
    Володимир Туровський2 days agoКрепкий вазон
  • Fek The First
    Fek The First6 days agoI wonder if the ‘martial arts’ guys ever made it home safe to their families that evening, or if they went on ‘permanent deployment’....
  • Tivan The Gamer
    Tivan The Gamer7 days ago😂😂😂😂😂
  • Vinyl Scratch
    Vinyl Scratch6 days agoSo why did the LAV sink?
  • Rangdap Kharshiing
    Rangdap Kharshiing7 days agothat is one bad shit flower vast 😆
  • Lee Saunders
    Lee Saunders4 days agohope that APC crew got out ok 😐
  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall7 days agoAnd the best jokers out in the world goes to... the ARMY
  • Doom Head
    Doom Head9 days agoThe thumbnail is chill AF
  • Nights in Orebro
    Nights in Orebro2 days agoWhat is the music at 0.38 ?
  • SupaTrending Daily
    SupaTrending Daily6 days agoOld vids. Ad bait.
  • I Dig Ohio
    I Dig Ohio9 days agoAllah ak....oh shit!!
  • lufinote san
    lufinote san2 days ago0:24 ¿que es eso? Lo digo porque se sorprende al disparar y no pareze un bazuca.
  • mokusei kawai
    mokusei kawai5 days ago555+