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  • Vikash Kumar Munda
    Vikash Kumar Munda3 months agoAccording to Law of Conservation of Slap, states that slap can neither be created nor destroyed; slap can only be transferred from one person to another
  • Ali Al-Mahdi
    Ali Al-Mahdi1 months agoLegend has it, that slap is still circulating throughout India, next time you go on holiday, make sure you wear a helmet, just in case, it's your turn!
  • Ambrosia !
    Ambrosia !8 months agoThe bride's face is like she doesn't want to get married to that man at all
  • AKniMaan
    AKniMaan1 months agoThe bride doesn't look at all happy to be married to that guy. It's just the groom who is rejoicing in excitement of getting laid for the first time in his life. lol
  • Helios7
    Helios77 months agoBride is only lifted by her brothers or family members. When she saw who lifted her, she got shocked and replied by slapping the unknown guy. Play Safe and rgds from
  • Jonathan Nebu
    Jonathan Nebu1 months agoHow can she slap?
  • Furious Eagle
    Furious Eagle8 months agoPiche wali Ladki ko maarne ki kya jaroorat thi.....
  • imna kichu
    imna kichu6 months agoMost of the indians are perverts Bitter truth
  • Niloy Roy
    Niloy Roy4 months agoI think actual fact the man touched her badly...
  • Dg Nanu
    Dg Nanu8 months agoThe lady (possibly wife) who got slapped by the man must have told him to pick up bride hence got a slap from the angry man(husband).
  • Divyaank choudhary
    Divyaank choudhary8 months ago0:53 .... Surprise motherfucker 😂😂😂!!!
  • Ashutosh Tiwary
    Ashutosh Tiwary8 months agoIf you all listen carefully she is more concerned about her dress And she doesn't want to be touched by any guy so that man maybe a relative but no stranger But him slapping his wife was really bad just see her she is more embarrassed because his husband got slapped and he slapped her 😕😕😔 Pata nhi aise logo ka Kya hoga
  • Screaming Tima
    Screaming Tima5 months agoAn arranged (forced) marriage! I never understood why love couldn’t just take its course instead of forcing two people to be together.
  • Road Runner LAVA
    Road Runner LAVA2 months ago0:34. bride is like Oh chutiyapa started .😂
  • Kiran Randhawa
    Kiran Randhawa13 days agoThe Indian version of a Mexican wave.
  • Vijender Singh
    Vijender Singh5 hours agoThat guy was taking advantage of that situation so she slapped him. You can see clearly what sort of a guy he is who slapped other women because the women who he was eve teased slapped him
  • abhineet gupta
    abhineet gupta5 months agothe poor girl in the back got slapped why,, ahahahaha idiots
  • Kunga Chokden
    Kunga Chokden8 months agoNot his fault the first time... But slapping that other woman is just unbearable for be....
  • Christopher W
    Christopher W1 months agoHOW CAN SHE SLAP?! no wait, wrong video.
  • Mahesh Mahindra
    Mahesh Mahindra8 months agoHa ha ha.....par usne dusre ladki ko kyno maara
  • Iván Martín Jiménez
    Iván Martín Jiménez7 days ago"Persons", "humans", "civilizated" they said jajajaja
  • Tarun Goud
    Tarun Goud8 months agoYes ambrosia i agreed she doesn't even smile in her face she was thinking to get rid of this marriage
  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez1 months agoWhat did the five fingers say to the face ? Slap!!
    VINAY REDDY vin7 months agoThen what is the position of bridegroom in the future 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Blown Moon
    Blown Moon1 months agoI would question why but, at the same time I feel as if I'm the type of guy to do this lol
  • Editor Enable
    Editor Enable1 months agowhen you asked for bobs and vagene and she didn't give you
  • Nicholas R.M.
    Nicholas R.M.14 days agoThis is the Indian version of the game "Tag"!
  • demhalaman
    demhalaman1 months agoPay it forward!
  • Priyanka Verma
    Priyanka Verma3 months agoLol. Both bride and groom are stupid one reacts extra and other even don't know how to react😂😂
  • Pranjal Sharma
    Pranjal Sharma1 months agojust slap anyone who picks up bride n groom.. completely unnecessary
  • Hari Singh
  • Angels of the Oblivion
    Angels of the Oblivion1 months agoI think the man who lifted the bride touched her private parts. So, she slapped him. Then he got embarassed and slapped his wife in rage. I was actually expecting that the groom would slap her right then and there coz it isn't really that big of a deal if husband slaps his wife in India. Lol Edit: btw I literally searched "Indians slapping" to find this video. Haha
  • Ramsha Mallick
    Ramsha Mallick8 months agoThe bride is brave😍 the jijuu was such a busterd person she really did the best🙋
  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali1 months agoloads of ppl sayin that he slapped the girl in glasses coz she told him to lift the bride i dont think she did 00:35 seems like he did it on his own accord i dont see the girl in glasses tellin him anythin hes a bit of a prick if he isnt da bride's brother n liftin her like that n then jus slappin the other poor girl that way
  • Rachel Doak
    Rachel Doak1 months agoThe poor groom was all smiley then suddenly like oh
  • Anjan Patowary
    Anjan Patowary5 months agoIt's normal when you don't want to marry but follow your parent's pressure.
  • Nanda Rao
    Nanda Rao1 months agoWhy does the man push the lady at 0:38 ?
  • Suraj Raju
    Suraj Raju1 months agoCourt Marriage best 101 hahaha
  • jagdish prasad
    jagdish prasad1 months agoThis person should not have slapped his wife back just because he was slapped by someone..really hurts. Some men still believe women are nothing but their property. I want all the girls to have a brother who could promise to stand by them in any situation. I would have knocked his teeth down his throat if she were my sister without even asking why he slapped her. Look, how embarrassed, humiliated she feels...women are not genetically stronger breed specially when it comes to men but I just wish every girl to be blessed with a caring brother just in case she does not get a sane husband she could still live with dignity. What makes me feel worse is that even after being slapped in front on everyone she would still go to his fucking husband. Guys, educate your daughters, make sure they are self dependent so that they are not humiliated in a man oriented society.
  • GlobGlob
    GlobGlob25 days agoTechnically no one was at fault.
  • Aimim fan
    Aimim fan5 months agoWatch carefully the Bride is not happy from the beginning, Looks like Zabardasti ki Shaadi and then she lost it when that man lifted her. She said Bad tameeze se Uthaya, Bechari Chasmewali to Thappad pada
  • trending videos
    trending videos14 days agoChut mai ungli karta hai randi ka bach bhenn chhoddo bhadve ki chamaro ki asli shadi 🙏🙏
  • Rammbock
    Rammbock1 months agoHe had a hard on (not shown in video)
    NAFIS FUAD18 days agoChain reaction of slapping
  • Natasha
    Natasha2 months agoShaadi mein yeh drama karna zaarori tha kya
  • RabbitHighOnHate
    RabbitHighOnHate1 months agoWhy does the audio sound like there are a dozen of drones flying by?
    LETSB HAPPY8 months agoI think he should of ask the bride before picking her up at random
  • Sultana Begum
    Sultana Begum8 months agoI think the man harassed the girl or touched her in a wrong way witch made her feel un confortable and slap the man
  • Pareltje Lief
    Pareltje Lief5 months agoSahie kiya thats not good touching a bride like that if I was her father I feeled shame
  • The Ripped Reaper
    The Ripped Reaper1 months agoShe probably felt his boner