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Apex Legends Pro Tips and Secrets

by jackfrags4.975.159 views

Apex Legends tips and secrets that help you win more games and take out more enemies. This game is easy to learn but hard to master because of its depth. This video will show you the tricks of the trade! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • PackerManForLife
    PackerManForLife1 months agoWhy do the free games end up coming out as a better product than the 60 dollar games?
  • Agent Pointdexter
    Agent Pointdexter1 months agoI still can't believe this is free to play
  • 320speed
    320speed24 days agoOne of the best things about this game is that it has *NO FALL DAMAGE* 🙌🏼
  • booptidyscoop
    booptidyscoop1 months ago*Fortnite secretly takes notes*
  • Wackoballoon
    Wackoballoon27 days agois it just me or does the music when you’re dropping get you more excited
  • Guaguadeath
    Guaguadeath1 months agoI love the fact that even while playing in a squad with randoms the contextual ping system in this game is so good. Like I don't really want to talk to random people but using the ping system is more than enough to convey exactly what you need to. I don't think I've ever seen a game that's done as good a job is this
  • Dan Morari
    Dan Morari27 days agoWhen landing, 2 seconds before landing go solo and land a little away from your jump master.
  • Orrus Fellin
    Orrus Fellin24 days agoSounds more like beginner tips rather than pros.
  • Matt Auge
    Matt Auge24 days agoBoth squad members can respawn a dead team mate even though only one picks up the chip..
  • Spud Matix
    Spud Matix24 days agoAnother tip: wen falling from a huge height, instead of just landing which kinda slows u down, do a slide and u will at least keep moving forward and also avoid getting shot... hope this helps
  • King.K The Best
    King.K The Best18 days agoThe fact that, unlike fortnite randoms, I can get a win with complete strangers without even communicating that much speaks for itself... How tf do I have this many likes lol?
  • no skill
    no skill1 months agoHow do I holster my weapon, on the solja boy console?😂edit: thank you for the likes I appreciate it
  • Gabriel Mcalpine
    Gabriel Mcalpine13 days agoI like how he tells you straight up that you can dislike the video if you want
  • Autunite
    Autunite1 months agoFun fact: this game runs in a modified Source engine. Yes, Valve's Source engine which Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, CS:GO, Garry's Mod and a hell of a lot other games use. Impressive work to make it this good looking.
  • Wasted
    Wasted2 days agoI learnt that this game is so much more skill based than fortnite xD
  • D1rty Lewis
    D1rty Lewis1 months agoAnother tip is when you land with either the ballon thing or from the drop ship, hold crouch before landing and you will slide very far
  • Plymouth Penney
    Plymouth Penney22 days agoAll the Lifeline mains stand up! 🏥💉
  • Aussie Zyco
    Aussie Zyco16 days agoRIP fall damage no one will miss you!
  • BAM Sankara
    BAM Sankara2 days agoSeems like a lot of people in thoses clips are using a no recoil stuff.. :')
  • ZHL242
    ZHL24227 days agoThat shot at 11:10 was disgusting
  • atul Singh
    atul Singh1 months agoI still can’t believe that it’s free to play.
  • Sonder Gamez
    Sonder Gamez23 days agoBest close range weapon combo: R-99 and Peacekeeper Unload a mag from the R-99 into the enemy, switch to Peacekeeper and that’s all she wrote.
  • Hoodie
    Hoodie1 months agoHelpful hint for the balloons: To get extra distance, look straight up and hold down freelook immediately when you're able to. The game will give you extra boosts of air after you're close to the ground, and you will go almost twice as far.
  • Louis-Félix Pagé
    Louis-Félix Pagé1 days agoThanks mate!! Your guide really helped me. By the way, who is your favorite character in the game ?
  • Timbow 137
    Timbow 1371 days ago2:20 no full auto in buildings....
  • jordan harding
    jordan harding1 months agoI've hated all BR's so far but I have to admit im enjoying this one.
  • Dale Davis
    Dale Davis10 days agoSadly??? I feel like jump packs would ruin this game
  • Funpowder
    Funpowder1 months agoTeam Bloodhound?
  • Sky Beats
    Sky Beats1 months agoFor me this is the best battle royal game ♥
  • Elvis oOo
    Elvis oOo4 days agoThe use of the jumpkicks is for getting in a room through a door blocked from an enemy inside. You can block doors-if you stand in front of them and someone wants to enter from the other side.
  • Haven Brush
    Haven Brush1 months agoThe contextual ping system in this game is so insanely good.
  • Dan//
    Dan//1 months agoThis game really reminds me of Borderlands.
  • ThatBlueScrew
    ThatBlueScrew1 months ago"not quiete sure how useful that is but it looks damn cool" i like your approach to this topic :D
  • Chris Seo
    Chris Seo26 days agoI hope there is a report system to report toxic players
  • Olivier Bouwknegt
    Olivier Bouwknegt1 months agoAlso, if you shoot a door with the Wingman (from any range), the door will instantly open. That way you can just shoot it, and like throw a grenade or fire some more shots from a distance.
  • Wheel333
    Wheel3331 months agoYoda "Really good for ambushing people these things are"
  • Noble Society
    Noble Society3 days agoHey keep the grind up! Post frequently & watch how big you grow in the future
  • NadeManiac
    NadeManiac17 days agoThank You So Much Sir For This Wonderful Tips N Tricks Video I Actually Got All The Tricks My Teammates Use And, I'm Going To Use Them As Soon As I Can, But I Want To Thank You For This Video! Huge Love & Like ❤ (Love From India) 🇮🇳
  • Rodrigo Hdz 117
    Rodrigo Hdz 1176 days ago4:19 I need a helmet I need a barrel mod I need optics I need a body shield I need a GIRLFRIEND :’(
  • [OG] Samurai
    [OG] Samurai18 days agoI tried these tips jumped in a game and won
  • Skleptic
    Skleptic1 months agoNow remember guys, when you find a Mozambique the best course of action is to pick up all the shotgun ammo near it, and avoid touching the Mozam altogether. If you do pick up the Mozam, you should throw it out of your inventory as fast as possible, because enemy players can smell your inferior armament from up to 15km away and will quickly close in to join the server-wide teabag party around you while you desperately chip little dents into their shields with your peashooter. One time I looked at a Mozambique for too long and just fell over, dead. My teammates came to grab my banner, but they saw the Mozambique and realized they were better off without a guy who would even consider picking up such a weapon. Then they teabagged me too. Long story short, don't pick up the Mozambique or everyone will laugh at you and you will lose all your friends before the ensuing teabag carnival forces you to make an attempt on your own life. Only, you can't kill yourself, because the only gun you have is the Mozam.
  • Paulo Melo
    Paulo Melo5 days agoIts quite complex for a new player...takes a lot to master all the equipment, habilities, practice, tactics, and its very heavily competitive
  • a name
    a name15 days agoThanks for telling em about these basic game mechanics
  • Hakan K.
    Hakan K.20 hours agowhat kinda aim was that.Congratzzz.
  • zloite bot
    zloite bot22 days agoR-99 + Peacekeeper❤️
    APEX PLAYS18 days agoOMG DUDE U ARE THE GUY THAT I USED TO WATCH FOR BATTLEFIELD...ok anyways, I have 1 view on my vid....its mine, that right there is the definition of depression🙁
  • Hey Vordex
    Hey Vordex1 months agoFantastic video! Thanks dude. =D
  • Julian
    Julian4 days agorename video to basic tips pls
  • Socio- Psychopath
    Socio- Psychopath14 days agoJust started playing this game today. So far so good
  • Wutman 07
    Wutman 071 months agoYou forgot to tell that if you kick a door 2 times it Will broke