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TOP 50 FUNNIEST FAILS IN PUBG The 50 best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Funny Moments! PUBG Fails, WTF Funny Moments & Random Moments all in one video. • Submit your PUBG clips: • Subscribe for more PUBG Funny Moments: ► More Funny & Epic Moments: • BF1 Epic & Funny Moments #22: • GTA 5 Fails #37: • Rainbow Six Siege Fails #3: ► Featured Playlists: • Rainbow Six Siege: • Battlefield 1: • GTA 5 Fails: ✦ Submit your clips: ► FOLLOW US HERE: • Subscribe: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Google Plus: ► Gameplay by: Phrogs: ThePandaJPN: | mammuTziano: Dorlan: ItsTheKoolAidMan: McSlapChop: fuzzface49: the_tiger_boy: MikeNasty: Skruf2o: Nillaaa: Suspencee: ManOfTheMen: Cithals: cvsmilezzz321: MooseOnTheLoose: Cmdr. Zander: MECHATONIX: TheLegend21: Ragnarbeast: Bajsmannen: kadkata: subtleeaj: psp4804: Daropion: Saches: Suprapixel: Nekrawl: Steelkenny: REINERJANG: Roddan: NSBee: Flopi: Xa Pureblood: drunkbaby: Smienov: ThisGameIsRacist: FPS_Eager: TrueGent: pacificsoba: Taronar: EatOrDie: justORCA: Mythical_Hypna: henpenben: KingFishy: Egore: OzarkDave: Vansh: Oddion: If there are any mistakes with the credits, please contact me here: [email protected]

  • Red Arcade
    Red Arcade1 year agoThanks for watching everybody! Be sure to *leave a like* if you enjoyed :) Do you want to see more PUBG videos?
  • Zeus Tata
    Zeus Tata1 year agoI died at nice try
  • ToxicVenom_YT 11
    ToxicVenom_YT 116 months ago4:00-4:10 is it just me or is that satisfying 🤨
  • Raouf Gaming
    Raouf Gaming6 months agobetter than fortnite.
  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan18 days agoKids play pubg pc Legend's play pubg mobile
  • Eddy Lebrun
    Eddy Lebrun5 months ago7:47 Hitler plays PUBG
  • AdaM R
  • Bandit Witch
    Bandit Witch5 months ago14:06 I can't handle this!
  • Tomas Gaming
    Tomas Gaming6 months ago5:13 *that's why I keep automatic updates off...*
  • Gabriel's Random Videos
    Gabriel's Random Videos8 months ago0:35 It’s him the legend
  • Gamer Girl_ LISA_
    Gamer Girl_ LISA_2 months agoStuck motorcycs is my fav😂😂 they fly...cell happy... sudenly it's stuck XD😂😂
  • Complex Emotions
    Complex Emotions1 year ago"nice try" Better last words have never been spoken.
  • Sherihan TV
    Sherihan TV4 months ago14:40 hahahahahahhahahaha
  • Banana Ways
    Banana Ways2 months ago1:56 buggy was trolling
  • Megtheridon
    Megtheridon5 months ago3:56 I find that ofFENCEive
  • ElectricalPlayzYT
    ElectricalPlayzYT7 months ago9:46 *Welcome to Explosive Uber!*
  • Dino Kovačević
    Dino Kovačević1 year agoNice try Gets brutally murdered
  • Devin Blend
    Devin Blend6 months agoThe last one 😂😂
  • Prabhat kiran
    Prabhat kiran5 months agoBetter to call it BugG
  • Necroph
    Necroph7 months agothe clip at 6:03 is even better if you know swedish cause his name is bajsmannen, and bajsmannen is shitman directly translated from swedish :D
  • md shakib
    md shakib6 months ago2:20 Crazy Russian Hacker or Taras Kul😂
  • ArchFps
    ArchFps1 year agoLegends say that ryan has still never joined the discord
  • Scorpion YT
    Scorpion YT5 months ago*MOST WATCHED PUBG VIDEO ON YT* _BTW_ Like if laugh *=IMAO=*
  • pinba boy
    pinba boy7 days agoI start the video, and get a fortnite ad
  • Akhil Solanki
    Akhil Solanki4 months agoThe last one was epic.😂😂
  • Arka jyoti Pal
    Arka jyoti Pal2 months ago11:15 That 'airdrop on the roof' happened with me while at the Cosmodrome in Vikendi. I shot a Flaregun when I heard an airplane, and the airdrop just dropped on top of one of those dome-shaped buildings! We had no way to reach it! xD
  • Dimes 333
    Dimes 3338 months agoNice try 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • ハンサムな人々
    ハンサムな人々6 months ago3:58 that satisfying
  • We are living in the end times!
    We are living in the end times!4 months agoSome say Ryan still didnt get on discord....
  • Anime TV
    Anime TV23 days ago5:15 talk about the worst moment 😂🤦‍♀️
  • IAmFromMilkyBarGalaxy
    IAmFromMilkyBarGalaxy2 months ago*3:13* *|* When you put Liquor instead of fuel...
  • ExBuilds
    ExBuilds1 year agoRyan join the discord
  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever5 months agoRYANNNNNNNN!!!!
  • chill bruh
    chill bruh3 days ago14:12 Best one..
  • Almira Azharia
    Almira Azharia5 months ago12:37 best of the best
  • Xeno The Strange
    Xeno The Strange16 days agoTo turn off Windows updates, open services.msc, find Windows Update, open it and make it log on as ./guest and do nothing on fail.
  • Gabriel Yang
    Gabriel Yang1 year agoNice try... *gets shot*
  • Yushie Ananda
    Yushie Ananda5 months agoI Can't Believe This Buggy Man. Are You Serious Buggy ? 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Gamer Kick
    Gamer Kick2 months agoFriendly 🔥? Wat does that mean in today's version of PUBG?
  • KingOfHandsome
    KingOfHandsome2 months agoWhen everyone in the map runs at you hears how you can kill all of them 3:59
  • Idea2Innovation
    Idea2Innovation9 days agoLast clip is the funniest clip who agrees
  • Eat Or Die
    Eat Or Die1 year agoHey thats me @ 11:07
  • The Red Flash
    The Red Flash4 days ago11:19 if its in pubg mobile you just need to throw a grenade to make the air suply fall
  • RRA Gaming
    RRA Gaming23 days ago*Nice try* *Ded Lol that was funniest moment 😂🤣
  • Rahul 777
    Rahul 7776 months agoyou gave a heart to your own comment 👏👏
  • Rob Dark
    Rob Dark6 months ago"I'm trying to contact you on your pager but you're not responding.." 🤣🤣😂😂😵I'm dead
  • Patton3815
    Patton38151 year agoHim destroying the fences is very satisfying
  • joshBooom
    joshBooom6 months agoLol Ryan VS Wendy Who will get in the discord first??
  • Krieger Mpouras
    Krieger Mpouras1 months agoTPP players can' t aim for sure:(
  • DeadLock •
    DeadLock •7 months ago9:41 Oof😂