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Angriest Acts: X Factor UK 'The Early Years'

by X Factor Global19.497.429 views

Angriest Acts: The Early Years Who remembers these classic auditions from The X Factor UK? X Factor Global brings together the very best acts from around the world, keeping you up to date and ensuring that you never miss a thing! Watch more X Factor UK: Subscribe to X Factor Global: Watch more X Factor Global videos:

  • The Maestro
    The Maestro1 year agoGood Singers: I don't know I'm not that good... Bad Singers: I have definitely got what it takes to win.
  • Harry B
    Harry B25 days agoNobody: Rachel:👁👄👁
  • Merna Magdy
    Merna Magdy1 months agoThe first one's hair is disgusting!!!
    SAVAGECOOKIE Games1 months ago1. Voice is TERRIBLE and so was that attitude! The only way I spell Rachel is D I V A. 2. She was absolutely insane! I can’t decide if she could be a fire starter or the person who puts out the fire due to the amount of water she threw at Louie! 3. She did very well on that song it’s just that the way she... presented it was.... as she would say..... different. Also she wasn’t as rude as the other two. She handled the situation pretty well. 4. To be honest i thought it was pretty decent in the beginning but it went downhill SUPER fast. In the words of Simon himself “Kelly you sang that in 7000 different keys”. Terrible Attitude and getting the Father involved.... yikes. 5. She was very sweet. Not a great voice but she seemed like a great person and took the criticism very very well. The grandmother totally gave Simon was he deserved lol. Also the shark sound effects were hilarious! Ps. If you read this whole thing, thanks for reading a random persons opinion 🥰 Have a wonderful day/night!
  • Madilyn Hochstetler
    Madilyn Hochstetler1 months agoRachael “ (bleep) (bleep) your all (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) bleep) (bleep) (bleep) your (bleep) and your (bleep) (bleep) and you know you are......(bleep) (bleep) (bleep) AND THAT is the end of the matter
  • Jamie Handt
    Jamie Handt2 year agowhy did that girl Rachel look like she bathed in grease
  • Jilliyn Rose Phelps
    Jilliyn Rose Phelps1 months agoWhy the first girls hair was so oily💀🤦‍♀️
  • Solving Mysteries
    Solving Mysteries1 months ago*Style has left the chat*
  • Charlotte Hemingway
    Charlotte Hemingway27 days agoRachel looks like a human ashtray.
  • Nell
    Nell1 months agoI feel bad for holly, they straight up went and insulted her, it wasn’t even any constructive criticism to help her improve, just Insulting something she can’t change just to make her feel worse, honestly how unprofessional from judges that were trained for this, she didn’t even deserve the insults because she wasn’t rude at all.
  • Helena Rotchev
    Helena Rotchev1 year agoThe first one had a little bit of hair in her grease...
  • Amy Attias
    Amy Attias13 days agoImagine if Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowel judged a show together
  • Roman Sanders
    Roman Sanders1 months agoIs it a bad thing I expected the second girl to melt when the water landed on her, or...............?
  • Mic Sokoli
    Mic Sokoli1 months agoI think simon is the most honest man when it comes to judging.
  • Lex Bell
    Lex Bell1 months agoI thought holly actually had a great attitude 🤷‍♀️
  • Jessica McGill
    Jessica McGill2 months ago“Can I have a microphone your holding a stick above my head”
  • Joanne Fahad Al Yami
    Joanne Fahad Al Yami8 days agoBad singers: I got a wonderful voice! Good singer: I don’t think I can sing...
  • Annamera 12345
    Annamera 123451 months agoHoly was not rude at all XDDD, She was so nice and respectful. Also why was she given 4 NO when her voice was so wonderful!!? I feel like it wasn't fair for the judges to give her 4 NOs just because her mouth is big 😭😭😭😭
  • Alice-Emilia Atkinson
    Alice-Emilia Atkinson1 months agoI feel for holly I do, i wouldn't say she is completely talentless. Yes watching her sing is rather comical given how she moves her mouth and face. Though she can probably sing very well not that you can tell from the song choice she made as it just accentuated the negative qualities of her performance. I hope she took the comments even though I agree they were terribly harsh and perhaps looked into doing some further vocal and technique training to better everything going forward.
  • carlos fernandez
    carlos fernandez18 days agoThe third girl wasn't so bad it was her attitude Do not worry I will like my own comment
  • Travel Jade's World
    Travel Jade's World2 months agoRachel :'I was good, let's face it," Simon: NO Rachel : Eyes pop out of my Head!!!
  • Devmevlol
    Devmevlol1 months agoH O L I S T I C V O C A L C O A C H
  • smilejun
    smilejun1 months ago'where's your brain, in ur middle toe?'
  • Alfie toxic dick
    Alfie toxic dick1 months agoWhy the security guy look like a big worm
  • Jayde
    Jayde23 days ago5:53 she is telling one of the JUDGES TO GET OUT?!?!
  • jazzy joe
    jazzy joe1 year agoIs anyone else just scrolling through the comments while watching this video and seeing what everyone else thought of it or is it just me
  • Charlotte Wilson
    Charlotte Wilson1 months agoRachel has hair so greasy it compares to Snape.
  • JLJ Witch
    JLJ Witch1 months ago*tHeY cAnT bE wRoNgk. ThEy CaNt Be WRONGk*
  • Hulkavegur !
    Hulkavegur !18 days ago1:11 Do you think you're cabable of winning this contest? °_°... Yeah
  • Kaylin .Kealey
    Kaylin .Kealey1 months agoEdna watching Simon laugh at her daughter in law is a big mood
  • Victoria Winter
    Victoria Winter1 year ago"U threw water at a contestant" In a kids voice:"but she was going to do it to me"
  • John Kastanos
    John Kastanos1 months agoThe third girl really wasn’t that angry...
  • GIGI Xoxo
    GIGI Xoxo1 months agoHolly is very sweet I don’t know how she got on this list
  • Ella Jake
    Ella Jake19 days agoFirst girls hair tho.....its so greesy
  • Natalie Zaki
    Natalie Zaki11 days ago*you know they’re a bad singer when they compare themselves to:* *Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Selean Dion, etc.*
    YELLOW LAZULI2 months agoRachel: It was good, wasn’t it, let’s face it Simon: *No.* Rachel: 👁 👁 👄
  • Impulse Action
    Impulse Action1 months agoHolly's mouth is the perfect example why you dont suck too much..
  • Anastacia Louise
    Anastacia Louise1 months agoAlso Im not sure Holly should be amongst the angriest contestants she was very respectful just passionate but even as they were rude to her at times she remained calm and nice she never swore or disrespected them.
  • bidi
    bidi1 months ago0:31 Before: o.o 2:13 After: 0.0
  • Mcarthur Frsmcis
    Mcarthur Frsmcis1 months agoI am not a number, am a human being. So why are u here and what is ur name?
  • Gregory Dennard Jr
    Gregory Dennard Jr1 year agoMe: That was pretty good. Simon: Absolute rubbish Me: I agree you should give up singing.
  • Stipple Gal
    Stipple Gal1 days agoRachel:lets face it that was good.. Me: OH HELL NAAWWWW~~~
  • sally shiers
    sally shiers1 days ago4th woman, still waiting for her to be famous Never gonna happen sweetheart
  • Taylor Robinson
    Taylor Robinson18 days ago*It was like looking into a cave. I have never seen anything as big in my life.* Jesus Simon you can't just say that 🤣😂
  • brianna brady bardot
    brianna brady bardot1 days agoThe second girl didn’t sing that bad but was crazy
  • Alexis Jorgensen
    Alexis Jorgensen1 year agoLouis threw water at her because she's a witch and he wanted her to melt😂😂😂 Edit: how did this get so many likes!
  • Melanie Martinez Fangirlzz
    Melanie Martinez Fangirlzz1 days agoRachel oily hair Debbie stupid Holly not bad Others......
  • Sarah Chew
    Sarah Chew1 months agoHolly actually wasn’t too bad
  • I love Pineaplles
    I love Pineaplles1 months ago"I'm already a star sweetheart." What was your name again?
  • Ella Scuderi
    Ella Scuderi3 days agoLouis: Debra the reality is you’re not very good Debra: YOU CANT SING GET OUT 😂😂😂