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WHAT COULD GO WRONG - World's FUNNIEST Compilation By Cat Tuber. Get ready to laugh like never before watching this video of ultimate funny fails compilation, this laugh challenge are so funny. Here are some of the funniest fails featuring all kind of ylyl fails, and other funny videos. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 👍 FOLLOW US: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ►Instagram: Check out our #new #funny #fails #compilation: WHAT COULD GO WRONG - World's FUNNIEST Compilation By CatTuber. This is simply too funny, almost nobody can watch this without laughing: Wanna see your funny video on our channel?! Send us the links by mail: [email protected] .😊 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The content in this compilation are licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. These videos are owned by our Productions Network. Please don't re-upload if you don't want to get any copyright issues. For further details, please contact us by email "[email protected]". Thank you!. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Outro Music: Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release] ➞ Facebook ➞ SoundCloud ➞ Twitter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hashtag #fails #funny #fail #compilation #laugh 👉🏿 Subscribers : Support our channel and become a patron and I will mention you in my next video: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cat Tuber is one of the worldwide leader in funny videos, pranks and fail videos and compilations. Everyday we publish the videos that focused on delivering the best funny videos; entertaining fails videos, try not to laugh, amazing funny kids fails & cute babies and much more. ★Watch, like, share and Comment your favorite vine part ★Please leave a like and subscribe to watch our next videos, also tell me what you think in the comments! HAVE A GREAT DAY MY DEAR FRIENDS.

  • Cat Tuber
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  • Ja Z
    Ja Z1 year ago0:44 Till this day, Silva can't ride in a convertible due to her father giving her PTSD
  • Dudz Gaming
    Dudz Gaming11 months agoShe learned how to walk that fast 3:14😂
  • AGainesThe BaptistTHB
    AGainesThe BaptistTHB1 year ago10:13 that scream stance lol
  • Morris Falker
    Morris Falker1 year ago10:30 her first lesson but no seatbelt.
  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer1 year agoHow any of these people didn't kill themselves, break their neck, or back is amazing.
  • Frank James
    Frank James1 year ago6:21... Dude had no reaction.
  • Brat #
    Brat #1 year ago6:22 girl is me , man is life
  • Weasel
    Weasel1 year ago0:56 Looks like she just couldn't wait to get her teeth into that cake :-/
  • Mizushima Fujin
    Mizushima Fujin1 year ago7:32 "Are you okay? Are you okay" *hugs* That was the sweetest thing!!! It's those 1 in 500 times when I felt like having kids!
  • James Brown
    James Brown1 year ago3:39 That dude's head is gone
  • Megan H
    Megan H11 months agoAnytime I see someone about to throw the plane thing I know some shits gonna go down haha
  • al videos
    al videos1 year ago8:40 she wished for shorter hair
  • PorkChopHunterExtra
    PorkChopHunterExtra11 months ago6:44 I think the cat is drunk xD
  • XLightingBlaze X
    XLightingBlaze X1 year ago1:57 Cat: Do you Pay Bill in the house. No then stop turing on the Damn water
  • Shady Anderson
    Shady Anderson1 year ago10:02. And the dog was thankfully spared. RIP chair.
  • LIQD
    LIQD9 months ago3:38 why did he jump.🤣
  • uNkLeRaRa4
    uNkLeRaRa41 year ago6:32 - wtf was that!? 😂
  • Vinoo Jacob George
    Vinoo Jacob George1 year ago8:36 Britney spears
  • Tokatt
    Tokatt1 year ago3:26 friendship just ended
  • Comrade Lukas
    Comrade Lukas11 months agoMost American sound: *hysterical scream*
  • Tìmé läpse
    Tìmé läpse1 year agothat guy at is wrong with her down there....
  • Imic Hilton
    Imic Hilton1 year ago3:27 I guess friendship ends after all...
  • BigKokonut SpookieDookie
    BigKokonut SpookieDookie1 year ago3:15 killed me lmao
  • Billy Hall
    Billy Hall1 year agoI usually may chuckle a little at these kinds of videos, but the little girl at 3:13 made me get hysterical!
  • Daddy Famlittle
    Daddy Famlittle1 year ago3:04 the cutest moment! 😁
  • goatbut29
    goatbut291 year agoHad to watch that little black girl with Elmo twice! She's so cute I just wanna scoop her up and hug her! How adorable!!!!
  • Kae Buraz
    Kae Buraz1 year ago09:15 she did it on purpose lol
  • Kay-Leigh Kasan
    Kay-Leigh Kasan1 year ago7:36 aww that girl was so sweet when she gave her a hug😍
  • Michael White
    Michael White8 months agoVengeance of Humpty Dumpty at 5:15
  • Yushamen Thari
    Yushamen Thari11 months ago8:24 ... god what a cute thing 😆😆
  • Kelsey Femi
    Kelsey Femi1 year ago"Why did it do that?!"..... because it's hair..... stupid
  • Bitchiko Tchelidze
    Bitchiko Tchelidze1 year agoWhat could go wrong when you have lizard on your lips ?
  • Caoimhe.Betty
    Caoimhe.Betty1 year ago1:26 my friends would NOT be saying “are you ok , are you ok” they would be laughing........
  • Bryan A.Cal
    Bryan A.Cal1 year ago1:11 when you bring a chick home from the bar and you find out its a man
  • Jenna Routhier
    Jenna Routhier1 year agoOMG IM IN THIS VIDEO😂😂😂watch at 5:57 im in the girl with a blonde ponytail wearing all gray
  • Steve Koozer
    Steve Koozer1 year ago10:12 lol!
  • Steve Koozer
    Steve Koozer1 year ago3:35 Ohhhhhhh shit!
  • Maddie Bergeron
    Maddie Bergeron1 year agoKAMIKAZE
  • Piper Mann
    Piper Mann1 year agoDem airplanes are evil
  • Jax
    Jax7 months agoThese videos make my life better
  • BZURC Channel
    BZURC Channel7 months agoThese are the funniest videos 😂
  • Randy Reyes
    Randy Reyes9 months ago“Woah this is funny...”
  • Okky Handayani
    Okky Handayani25 days ago10:13 I keep replaying this like mad lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • eman Navarro
    eman Navarro1 year agoThis was actually funny
    BO CHEN8 months ago7:43 when youre trying to shoot someone on pubg but they plow the car right throught you
  • عبد العزيز المسعودي القيسي
    عبد العزيز المسعودي القيسي10 months agoNice video 😀😁😁😘😍😍
  • David Maietta
    David Maietta1 days agoI love when the guy just stands there when the girl falls at red lobster
  • Hot Farts
    Hot Farts11 months ago3:38 - the concussion heard round the world.
  • Local Doggo
    Local Doggo1 year ago7:01 *OOF*