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never gets easier, you just get better|Female Fitness Motivation|Sonia Isaza

by Hot Sport TV831.096 views

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  • Hot Sport TV
    Hot Sport TV5 months ago HI, follow my instagram - photos and videos with awesome fitness models from around the world. Thanks!
  • Dana Leslie
    Dana Leslie8 months agoAwesome I just started doing deadlifts a month ago and I can’t tell you how much I love doing it 💪
  • Rafael Antonio
    Rafael Antonio9 months agoBoa noite sonia isaza VC é uma mulher muito maravilhosa beijos no seu coração com muito amor e carinho minha paixão té adoro DE mais meu amor 😗😍❤💘💜💝💖
  • Titian Titiam
    Titian Titiam6 months agoQue berraquera que todos no seamos tan lindos y hermosos como Sonia... "Maldinga buena". ;)
  • alicia sheridan
    alicia sheridan7 months agoomg, her abs! ugh, I want muscles like hers!
  • Murdoch Barnett
    Murdoch Barnett5 months agoI really enjoy watching your videos it's very motivational
  • Mariana
    Mariana1 months agoMucho gluteo y poco desarrollo rm piernas 🤔
  • Aussie🤙🏾
    Aussie🤙🏾6 months agoWhat a stunner 😍
  • Black Flame
    Black Flame1 year agoWork hard have fun do it for love!!! Love you WE ALL love you!!!
  • Charles Gibson
    Charles Gibson5 months agoShe is GORGEOUS and STUNNING
  • Savaş Metin
    Savaş Metin1 months agoYes süpersin harikasın mükemmelsin bıravo bebeğim harikasın çok güzelsin bebeğim devamlı görmek istiyorum bu çalışmayla yes okey bıravo slm ✌️👍✌️👍👏👍✌️✌️👍👏👍✌️✌️
  • Arcanjo Muniz
    Arcanjo Muniz5 months agoTop top essa guerreira 💪😍
  • Jermaine Williams
    Jermaine Williams6 months agoSonia baby you know what's up honey$$$$.
  • Rosivaldo Araújo
    Rosivaldo Araújo1 year agogostosa demais!!!!!
  • aray leche
    aray leche1 months agoI really enjoy watching the butts, it's very motivational! LOL
  • Charles Kline
    Charles Kline4 months agoYou got love a woman that takes care of her body .
  • Vincent Alvarez
    Vincent Alvarez8 months agoThankfully we have social media models more nowadays than 20 years ago
  • Anthony Curry
    Anthony Curry3 months agoKeep up the good work sexy 😬😬😠😠😫😫😤😤😤😍😛😜😘💪💪💪
  • nelson reis reis
    nelson reis reis7 months agoThe perfect Ass that i see
  • Ricardo gouvea
    Ricardo gouvea4 months agoOlá Sônia isaza parabéns pelo sua dedicação nos treinos, você é simplesmente perfeita.
  • Axel Martell
    Axel Martell2 months ago100% motivational!!!!
  • Jose Nuno
    Jose Nuno5 months agoTotal package one of the best
  • 鈴木肇
    鈴木肇1 months agoいいおっぱいしてる。
  • Justin Snyder
    Justin Snyder1 year agoCan someone put some damn collars on the bar. Holy shit people. USE THEM ON EVERY WEIGHTED BAR
  • surbhi s
    surbhi s2 months agoNice's very motivational......
  • Michele Lopes
    Michele Lopes2 months agoLinda! Linda! Linda!
  • Naruto ggg
    Naruto ggg1 months agowe all know why we are here
  • adtvtx vafaee
    adtvtx vafaee8 months agoThe body is already beautiful. I never cared for the crib note tattoos.
  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones8 months agoGotta love the gym strippers
  • Russian Bot Ulf
    Russian Bot Ulf5 months agothat butt-cheeks make for great pillow to sleep on
  • Suada Chuna
    Suada Chuna7 months agothe best in Colombia!!!
  • Camila Chica.
    Camila Chica.2 months agopostizas
  • Pedrinho B
    Pedrinho B1 year agoFirst music?
  • Manu Rojas
    Manu Rojas5 months agoLike si te miraste completo el video
  • Shaun Woods
    Shaun Woods1 months agoDang i find hot fit women really Hot!
  • John Stewart
    John Stewart3 months agoi love all of these videos of all the sexy and gorgeous women because they always get the best shots of them
  • Bashir Brown
    Bashir Brown8 months agoPut5more pounds on each set
  • David Fernandez Sanchez
    David Fernandez Sanchez7 months agofake butt
  • DrownedInExile
    DrownedInExile7 months agoSong is "it's different" by Outlaw
  • Mayra Sepulveda
    Mayra Sepulveda3 months agoexcelente vídeo 👍💪😊
  • Adriano Belini
    Adriano Belini5 months agoBoa posição para malhar e se exercitando bem com alongamento
  • Tom zxzu
    Tom zxzu5 months agocan I marry her yoga pants?
  • Абдулшаид Алибеков
    Абдулшаид Алибеков3 months ago*Looking at her straight leg deadlift* "I broke my back... Spinal" (c) Mike Tyson
  • Rick Otero
    Rick Otero6 months agoI want you to want me, you are gorgeous.
  • Paulojúnior Juniorjunior
    Paulojúnior Juniorjunior3 months agobota u fio fas garupa
  • thespanish21god
    thespanish21god5 months agoOne of the GREATEST ASSES EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  • aray leche
    aray leche1 months agoWelcome to the Butt Gym!
  • SephoraZ
    SephoraZ4 months agoIs her butt real? Some comments said, that's fake. Could be fat transfer methods. Or just been trained for years? Who knows. She have gorgeous body! Love it!
  • Dalemieka Jeter
    Dalemieka Jeter5 months agoDam she killed it 👍👍
  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez7 months agoB U T FUL.....