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Funny Stupid People Fails Compilation || Try Not To Laugh #02

by VBLAST890.569 views

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  • Raptor draws
    Raptor draws1 year ago*has burning alcohol* What do I do?! *adds water to alcohol (like water and oil the alcohol still burns and the water does nothing)* What do I do? *pours burning liquid all over flammable table*
  • Aztec Patrick
    Aztec Patrick1 year agoWhy the hell does she need a box cutter?! 😂
  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt421 year agoI got a burning liquid, better spill it everywhere xD
  • Mr.Charles
    Mr.Charles1 year agoDid this woman just steal a box cutter? Wtf
  • Clay Scott
    Clay Scott11 months agoI could feel the brain cells dying as I watched
  • Angelica Jensen
    Angelica Jensen7 months ago3:00 puts his arm out to try to keep the car on its wheels😂
  • Stop messing with my account.
    Stop messing with my account.1 year agoThis makes me look smarter *By 1%*
  • AyZoid
    AyZoid11 months agoBox cutters are like 65cents on amazon and everywhere else wtf
  • Kaitlyn Panko
    Kaitlyn Panko6 months agoI absolutely love 5:30 😂
  • TJ Ford
    TJ Ford1 year agoLove it. Steal a 12 pack come back with same outfit.
  • Psychotic Hawaiian666
    Psychotic Hawaiian6661 year agoBox cutter bandit strikes again !
  • Jay Hickson
    Jay Hickson7 months ago6:54 what is he even trying to do with weed he is like 10
    BASSCODE PROJECT7 months agoDafuq is that cheesstick guy thinking... he's IQ score must be negative. damn
  • DiMenaF
    DiMenaF1 year agoWhy would she need to steal a cutter? Wtf haha
  • sam_frinax sam
    sam_frinax sam9 months agoI have seen many stupid peoples in my life but this video need prize of stupid peoples in the world
  • YL
    YL6 months ago5:42 the funniest shit ever
  • spydergs07
    spydergs071 year agoSteal a box cutter when you can go get one from Ace Hardware or Wal Mart for ...
  • Ubylmoen
    Ubylmoen1 year agoThe cheesestick one.... why did he do that.. what did he think was going to happen
  • Sam Carr
    Sam Carr1 year agomy brother needs to get on here
  • TAL 12
    TAL 129 days agoI've got the best GRASS in town bro for real 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    KRABBY PATTYS9 months agoWth why would you lite your hand on fire then look at camera like what happened people stupid these days
  • Heero yuy
    Heero yuy8 months agoyes b/c putting you hand out try and stop a 2 ton car is so smart
  • Skystreak, the Northstar Prime Pilot
    Skystreak, the Northstar Prime Pilot1 year agoLOL Edit: Lad, you didn't have to highlight and love it. Thanks anyways!
  • fαтxx σσм
    fαтxx σσм1 months ago5:54 uh huh yuppp better check its flexibility mhmmmmm perfect so ima go ahead and put alcohol and burn my hand :)
  • Bianca Pretorius
    Bianca Pretorius4 months ago5:31 is in South Africa
  • Isma'il Muslim
    Isma'il Muslim1 year agothe dumb lady who tried to climb the headlights will probably end up accidentally killing herself
  • david lo pan
    david lo pan2 months ago5:30 LMAO 😂😂
  • Dan Murray
    Dan Murray5 months ago5:46 Imma make you a grilled cheese...
  • 無臉男
    無臉男1 year agoOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!They really are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Mahmoud Ajjan
    Mahmoud Ajjan1 year agoFalling is the most thing that makes me laugh so hard
  • tsukichan4
    tsukichan412 days agoA locked bathroom stall? better crawl under it! WHAT?! THERES SOMEONE IN HERE?!
  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard1 year agoAnyone else assume the guy with cheese stick was putting lube on it to know? Lol
  • ZootWorld1
    ZootWorld11 months agoI love how boxcutters are featured in two of these clips.
  • Bonnabelle
    Bonnabelle7 months ago5:41 *clears throat* Guy in middle: that you? *looks up* *looks to the left* did you know? Let’s go.
  • TheWasted TheWicked
    TheWasted TheWicked6 months agoFlaming liquid. Tries to put out flaming liquid with MORE flammable liquid. When dat don’t work, just dump it on some cloth. 👍
  • Mouhammed Brik
    Mouhammed Brik17 days ago0:50 washing car while rain !!!😦😦
  • Theresa Apocalypse ♠️
    Theresa Apocalypse ♠️5 months agoTell us the reason WHY !!! why is he yelling btw :/
  • Tagada
    Tagada8 days ago6:00 mais il s'attendait a quoi ? Sa m'énerve ce genre de personne !
  • MrHorror1971
    MrHorror19711 year agoDumasaphobia i can't watch this
  • Tornados SCR
    Tornados SCR1 year agoIt's Wednesday my dudes
  • Πηνελόπη
    Πηνελόπη4 days ago6:23 oh man...😂
  • TechSys Engineer
    TechSys Engineer6 months agoShould be called "dindu nuffins"
  • Bluecave
    Bluecave7 months ago9:30 GTA VI new Store Robbing is intense!
  • Juan Manuel Cardona
    Juan Manuel Cardona9 days agothere goes my faith in humanity
  • Ste Menezes
    Ste Menezes1 months agoshe's stealing a box cutter, it's like omag
  • TAL 12
    TAL 129 days agoThat's her first time stealing I can tell.
  • Thord Baugsson
    Thord Baugsson13 days ago10 years for that stolen box cutter :D she was acting like stealing a gold bar
  • Andy Cheatle
    Andy Cheatle8 months agoLast clip - Security guard /12 pack thief - classic!
  • ramla osman
    ramla osman9 months agoThat guy on 3.29 laughter was good,🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Mohammad Mahdi Hashemi
    Mohammad Mahdi Hashemi1 months ago1:05 how tf could she do EVERY wrong moves posible? 😂😂😂